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Good Wives Ranked From Best To Worst (According To Zodiac Signs)

Good Wives Ranked From Best To Worst (According To Zodiac Signs)


Cancer women are very emotional and dedicated. They wear their hearts on their sleeves.

Unfortunately, being emotionally exposed like that usually leads them to heartbreak.

But despite the fact that they are very easy to hurt, Cancer is the classic example of a woman who is the right choice for a stable and long-term relationship.

They love the idea of marriage and union; it’s something that gives their life meaning.

They are extremely caring and they will go the extra mile to suit their husband and kids, just because they want to and because they have a lot of love to give.

They are pure-hearted and they will never lie. So when a Cancer tells you something, you can be sure that she is being honest. She is the perfect woman to give your trust to.

If you happen to be lucky enough to score a Cancer woman for life, you will not be disappointed because she will make your life better than it has ever been.

She will enrich your life with pure and selfless love. That’s why Cancer women are ranked as the best wives of the zodiac.


Pisces women are so trustworthy.

They will never let anyone down, even if that person did nothing to deserve their trust and love. They will give you a second chance, always.

At first, they may seem a bit shy, but as soon as they let you in, you are going to discover a whole new world of love and affection.

Don’t be a fool to take advantage of that.

Due to their creativity, they are very intelligent, and they have that lovely side you won’t ever be able to forget.

They like to lead sophisticated lives and enjoy fine food and good music.

They can be a little moody but their goodness and loyalty make up for that. And if you consider how much good she has in her heart, you’ll forgive her for her changing moods.


Librans are very emotional and they are the kindest sign of the zodiac. They always strive to be positive and happy but that doesn’t stop them from dealing with any confrontations in a marriage.

A Libran won’t be able to sleep calmly until she resolves any arguments with her partner and that’s why she will insist on solving any problems as soon as possible.

Along with this, they are thinkers who inspire their partners to achieve their goals. It’s what makes their partners want to be better people

They will never get something from their partners through cunning plans—only with kindness, which is their loveliest trait. They are great lovers and masters of romance.


Once she finds someone to love, a Taurus woman is very dedicated to that person. Nothing will matter more than the person they love.

They will devote their lives to their better half and they will go the extra mile to suit them just because they love them.

These women are very intelligent and they want more to a relationship than just physical stuff.

Due to the fact that they are intelligent, if you want to get a Taurus woman’s attention, you’ll have to engage and challenge her mind along with her body and that is not an easy task to achieve.

You have to be her perfect match intellectually and emotionally.

The bottom line is, they are very loyal once you get through to them, which is not easy, and they are very protective of their family—especially when it comes to their children.


These women are very impulsive because they cannot handle boredom. If they get the feeling that they are stuck in a rut, they will do something about it right away.

So if you want to marry an Aquarian woman, you have to be careful not to let your relationship stagnate or she’ll leave you. Because if she sees she’s not getting anywhere, she will leave and find something more exciting to do.

In addition to this, Aquarians are very smart and they want their partner to match them. So if you are able to keep up with their excitement and intelligence, marry one of them and you won’t regret it!


These women are real go-getters. When they set their minds to something, they will achieve it—one way or another.

They are absolute queens when it comes to multitasking—taking care of the children, the house, their job, and, most importantly, leading a happy married life.

If you want to marry this kind of woman, you have to know that you need to be very organized.

They can’t stand laziness or people who keep promising things and do nothing about it. Anything less than perfect organization and the achieving of your goals is a deal-breaker.


Gemini women are so tricky.

One moment they will be the best wife you could wish for, with their loving words and caring deeds, then the next, they can totally change their minds—just like that, in a split second.

If you want to marry a twin sign, you have to know that there are two sides of her you’ll have to live with. It’s easy to live with the affectionate and loving side, but what about when the other side comes to light?

Do you think you are ready for that?


Scorpio women are not the worst choice to spend the rest of your life with. They have the tendency to bring out the best in you, but in a special way that doesn’t appeal to everyone.

It’s the fact that they have very high standards; f you are unable to follow her and achieve the goals she sets up so high, you won’t make it with her.

That’s why only the strongest are able to ‘tame’ a Scorpio.


Virgos are freakishly organized and they think they know exactly what is wrong and what is right. To be able to live with a Virgo woman, you’ll have to accept the fact that everything will have to go her way.

But on the other hand, if you humor her, you will experience unbelievable love and treatment you’ve never had before because deep down she will understand what you put up with her for her and she will return the favor.

Nevertheless, if your marriage lasts, you’ll get used to her pattern of behavior.

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If you score a Leo, you’ve hit the jackpot! But here’s a warning—if she doesn’t get what she wants, someone is going to get hurt. And I mean seriously hurt. She won’t sulk—she will rage!

So think twice before getting involved with Leo women. However, one more thing that needs to be said is that once you have Leo’s heart, you will experience unconditional love.

When they love, they love forever. She will not mind sharing the spotlight with you.

Just don’t stick around when she gets angry—run away until she cools off.


Aries women are very competent and they are wonderful and glorious.

There is no doubt that you will instantly fall in love with this kind of woman.

She is very loyal in a marriage, but she expects something in return. If you don’t give her what she wants, she will leave and find someone who will—and believe me, there are plenty of them out there who are dying to take your place.

Do not disappoint an Aries woman because she will tear you to shreds.


If you want to be confused and unaware of what is happening, marry a Sagittarius woman.

These women are very passionate and they can’t stay in one place for too long as they can’t stand boredom or stagnation. As soon as they feel they are being held down, they will run and never come back.

Accept them for who they are and never try to tame them because you will fail and regret it.

They desire freedom more than commitment and that is something you cannot change. The only solution is for you to be as free-spirited as they are.

If you are up to behaving and seeing the world as they see it, you will have one perfect marriage. If you think she’s worth it, definitely do it!

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  1. GADS says:

    Right on Mohini. Why do we bother commenting on articles written from the perspective of one person out of 6.5 billion. I looked at this list and I had to laugh. It really mostly depends on a woman’s moon and Mars sign. I’m so sick of idiots that write strictly from a Sun sign perspective. This person is obviously not an astrologer

  2. mohini priya says:

    When I searched for best girlfriend based on zodiac signs, Sagittarius was ranked no. 1 and in the case of wife, she is on the last position. I don’t get that if a person can love someone selflessly, be loyal and makes all effort to bring the best out in someone, then how does her fun loving, independent and adventurous side makes her less of a marriage material? I am myself a Sagittarian and even I love my freedom but neither I am afraid of commitment neither I would escape from my responsibilities just because I fear losing my freedom or I can’t stand boredom. My partner means alot more than my freedom and same is with other people of this sign as far as I have seen.
    I think Sagittarians should be given a better rank.