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Therapist Explains What Women Consider As Green Flags In Every Man’s Home

Therapist Explains What Women Consider As Green Flags In Every Man’s Home

I was planning our wedding in my head until I went to his place one night.

It’s not an exaggeration to say I was shocked! Immediately at the door, I was greeted by his shoes which were everywhere but in the cabinet!

This man’s home looked like nobody lived in it for years! Trash everywhere, piles of dirty dishes in the sink and mess all over the place.

Dear men, we don’t expect your home to be spotless, ours isn’t either. But not living in a dumpster is definitely a good start! Of course, to be considered a real catch in women’s eyes, you will need more than just a clean living space. 

So, what tells a woman you’re a ‘green flag guy’ when she comes to your place?

Therapist Jeff Guenther decided to help his male audience and shared valuable tips. He asked women to reveal what they consider those green flags to be and shared them on TikTok.

It’s not surprising that women had a lot to say, so he made a video composed of the top comments they left. Even Jeff thinks these things are really easy to implement and could be added to your home in no time. 

Quick and easy improvements she’ll love

Many things could improve your living space so much. This one can be done in two minutes – blanket on the couch. Women are often cold so this is a perfect solution for that. Also, you could use this as an opportunity to cuddle while keeping your queen warm.

To make this atmosphere even better, keep a candle or two around. They look and smell nice, women love them, and you’ll be considered a romantic soul! What’s better than that?

Cuddling and candles might lead you to the bedroom, so make sure you have everything ready there, like nice sheets on the bed! Jeff says that black or navy sheets are not very appealing to ladies, so you can easily stand out among others by just incorporating a bit of color in your home.

These are the bathroom essentials

When it comes to the bathroom, we’re starting strong with a bidet. Although this wouldn’t come to your mind at first, bidet is actually a pretty useful thing to have with or without women at your home.

Unlike the bidet, some things shouldn’t be found in the bathroom like hair on the vanity. We can be guilty of this as well so we understand. However, try to keep the bathroom clean and without your beard trimmings everywhere, at least before having guests!

These are not the only essentials women want in the bathroom, period products like pads and tampons are also nice to have around. You don’t know what to buy? Then ask your girlfriends what they use and buy it all, Jeff advises.

The next thing on the list is even silly to mention, but Jeff says:

“Hand soap and hand towel in the bathroom. How’s this not already a staple in everyone’s bathroom? On behalf of all men, I apologize. Do better!”

While we’re already there, a trash can in the bathroom is also a must! I mean, do we even need to explain this one?

Top three green flags

When you decide to decorate your shelves with candles, here’s one more thing you can add there – interesting books, preferably with female authors! But doing this only for the sake of getting laid, will not get you far away. We want to see you actually read those books!

Now, although you maybe didn’t plan to become a cat dad, this might be a good time to visit an animal shelter. Men who love animals and take good care of them are the instant green flag. You might wonder, why specifically a cat?

Well, it’s easy to love a dog who happily greets you at the door every day, loving a cat that’s grumpy 90% of the time is a skill. If you can care well for an animal that barely loves anyone, we’ll probably be happy with you as well.

The number one thing on the list is having plants! Jeff ended the video by saying:

“No surprise to me at all but plants that are alive, preferably plants that are not only alive but are thriving. If the plants are happy to be there, then so are the women.”

Women in the comments agreed with everything said but also mentioned that the standards for men are too low. One woman commented:

“BAR. SOOO. LOW. If any of my female friends couldn’t check all these boxes, I would question their sanity. But collectively most cis, hetero dudes have kept the bar so low that these are green flags.”

So guys, don’t let your home look like it’s abandoned. We don’t ask for much! Invest in a couple of things and keep it clean, we’ll appreciate it more than you know!