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To The Guy Who Loves Me At My Most Unlovable, Thank You

To The Guy Who Loves Me At My Most Unlovable, Thank You

To the one who is there for me when my knees give up and my body starts to shake, thank you. Thank you for catching me every time I fall.

Thank you for being my support and everything that I’m not.

Thank you for giving me the foundation on which I stand. Thank you for picking me up when I fall on my face in the dirt.

Thank you for giving me the strength not to hide from the rest of the world. Thank you for showing me there is still someone out there who loves me no matter what.

Thank you for loving me when no one else does.

Thank you for knowing I feel too much. Thank you for protecting my soft heart which I try to hide behind my tough exterior.

Only you know the truth about me and who I really am. That is why you are here by my side every time all of them leave me.

Thank you for holding me in your arms every time I don’t have the strength to stand up.

Thank you for helping me heal the bleeding wounds on my soft and sensitive heart.

Thank you for nurturing me when everyone forsakes me. Thank you for understanding who I really am and for not telling me that I have to grow up and be stronger.

Thank you for loving the real me and thank you for not trying to change me.

Thank you for not expecting me to be like everyone else. I know you understand that I’m different and I know you will never try to fit me into a box.

I know you will never hold me down but give me wings and let me fly because you know I belong up there—along with you.

Thank you for loving me on my worst days.

I know that everyone is entitled to have a bad day. I know it’s perfectly fine to be angry and sad. I know others lash out at people they love.

I know I do that to you because of the issues I haven’t yet unwrapped and I won’t for some time. I’m still too scared to.

Thank you for being aware of that. Thank you for being someone I can rely on in my worst and messiest moments.

Thank you for giving me space when I need it. You never pressure me into talking when you see I don’t feel like it.

You always just ask if you can help and if I turn you down, you retreat and leave me alone.

I know that must hurt you every time. I’m truly sorry but you know I’m not doing that on purpose. I’m not doing that to hurt you.

I can help myself. I can’t force myself to change and become something that I’m not.

I’m sorry for breaking your heart by being who I am. I’m sorry you have to take it every time. I’m sorry for being unlovable.

My love, thank you for staying even after you’ve seen through my cracks and faced my fears along with me. That didn’t scare you off, the darkest part of myself didn’t scare you off.

All I have to say to this is that I love you and I’m thankful I have you in my life because if it weren’t for you, I would be just a crying face in the crowd that no one would notice.

Thank you for loving me at my most unlovable.