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The Harsh Truth Is You Can’t Hurt Me Anymore

The Harsh Truth Is You Can’t Hurt Me Anymore

Even if it is 3 A.M., you are sitting in your room, thinking of me. You simply can’t accept the fact that I don’t give a damn about you anymore.

You can’t sleep because you lost everything that was worthwhile in your life. It’s too late to think about it now. I will never come back to you.

So, don’t cry over spilled milk. Things weren’t always like this. You know, I loved you once. You were the world to me.

You were everything I had ever wanted but unfortunately, you didn’t know to cherish that. I still remember how you enjoyed my pain.

You thought I deserved that pain because I knew how to enjoy life.

For some reason you loved to see tears in my eyes. Maybe it made you feel like you have everything under control. “You know, I make her cry, and she will crawl back to me!”

And that worked for so many times. Every time you called me “slut”, “stupid” or “negative”.

Every time you hurt me, I would turn the other cheek. For more slaps to come. For that feeling of ignorance.

You didn’t care when I cried and looked at the wall the whole day. You thought that is normal, like you were not interested in me.

I hate you for all those moments you put me through.

I don’t care if you had a rough past so you destroy other people’s lives to feel better.

The fact is that you destroy lives, and you can’t change. It is not my life mission to save you from your past. It is something you need to do alone.

I just blame you for fooling me all this time. I thought you loved me but the only thing you felt was indifference. Totally opposite of love.

Do you really think you can make a true love story with this kind of behavior? Do you think there is someone crazy enough to put up with that bullshit? I don’t think so.

I just know I want to be far away from you. I don’t even want to see you in the street. Because if I see you, I will immediately cross it.

You know that saying: “Fool me once, shame on you. Fool me twice, shame on me!” And that’s how things work now. I know you manipulated me, punished me, abused me, and tortured me.

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But you didn’t know that I am strong enough to carry that burden. I finally survived, and now I can live my life to the fullest.

Unlike you, I am capable of change and that’s an opportunity I cannot pass up.

The reason why you can’t hurt me anymore is that I am not the same person. I am not that quiet and kind girl anymore. I don’t want to be like that anymore.

I tried, God knows I did. But it didn’t work. People took advantage of me, including you.

Now I am totally different woman—strong, independent and the one who knows what she wants from her life. So, don’t try to win me over.

Your sweet words don’t have any effect on my heart anymore. I am done trying to make you love me. I deserve more than an ‘almost’ relationship.

And you? You deserve shit! You deserve someone with all your characteristics to make you feel bad and powerless.

Maybe then you will understand all my tears. And you will cry. You will beg me to come back to you. But I will trample your heart like you did to me.

This is a lesson you need to learn so you never think of doing all that shit to another girl.

In the end, just remember that you should be careful when dealing with a mad woman. You never know what she is thinking of while looking at you with that puppy look.

She can take out your heart in the blink of an eye. I know that, because I did it to you.

And I will never regret that.