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How High Your Sex Drive is According To Your Zodiac Sign

How High Your Sex Drive is According To Your Zodiac Sign


Sags are definitely the hottest sign of the zodiac. They are definitely the rulers of booty calls and one-night stands.

They can get down with you anytime and anywhere; the time or place absolutely doesn’t matter to them.

If their sex drive jumps high, and it will, they have to go with it and fulfill their needs.

Having sex doesn’t even have to be emotional for them. Physical lust is more than enough.


They use sex for calming their nerves; it relaxes them and makes them happy.

They are extremely hot and others can feel and see their sexual energy, which is all over the place.

You don’t have to try so hard to seduce a Scorpio, especially if they like you. One touch on the thigh or an accidental scratch and they are yours.


They have the need to look for new challenges and adventures, which explains their short-lasting relationships.

Although their relationships might be short, they are extremely passionate.

You will never forget spending the night in an Aries’ bed. When the temptation strikes, they never hold themselves back. That’s why they like to have sex in all kinds of places.


Although Capricorns don’t consider sex a priority, when they feel the need that they can’t resist, it turns out they are excellent lovers. They can have an orgasm and be ready for another one in just a few minutes.

So, if you want to have sex with a Capricorn, you better bring your A-game and remember to stay hydrated because having sex with a Capricorn is a game lasting a whole afternoon.


They don’t have sex all the time. They want to find someone special with whom they can connect with on a deeper level. But that doesn’t mean their sex drive is non-existent.

Don’t be fooled by their sensitivity. A Pisces may not practice sex, but they sure watch a lot of porn.

On the plus side, they have so much experience and they know exactly where to touch themselves for the ultimate pleasure.


Leos are turned on by the beauty of the human body. They are extremely passionate and visual. But when they are single, their sex drive is not through the roof.

They feel it, but not as much as when they are in a relationship with someone who suits them physically and mentally.

When they finally find that person, their sex drive gets freakishly high and they want to have sex every second of the day.


Geminis are so into fantasies. Their intellect is what makes their libido rise but in situations when they are not fantasizing, their sex drive is either freakishly high or non-existent.

It all depends on their mood and the stress level at that time. If the stress level is not so high, they will only think about sex. And if the stress level is high, sex will be the last thing on their mind.


Librans never feel more alive than when they are having sex. They get attached to the person they are in bed with very easily and you can exclude casual sex with them.

They despise infidelity and even if they see someone physically attractive they won’t feel the need to jump into bed with them.

Sometimes they just want to feast their eyes upon the beauty that is in front of them.


They can be very self-observant and they almost always put their own needs first.

The same thing applies to their sex life. If you don’t try to initiate having sex, they won’t bother either.

And also if you make an effort and try to seduce them, they will accept and go with the flow, but doing something by themselves is usually not an option.


You never know with Virgos. They have periods when their sex drive is sky-high and then all of a sudden it’s nowhere to be found. They enjoy sex, but they don’t want to overdo it.

Having sex every once in a while is perfectly fine if you ask them. They are not greedy in that respect and they’ll be satisfied with anything they get.


They are more sensual than sexual and their strongest weapon is foreplay. The tension they build with their partner can be even better than sex itself.

And if they have to choose, they would rather have a sensual massage or a foot rub than making love.

Actually, it’s not their fault they are not crazy about sex because they haven’t had good experiences in the past.


They are very sensitive and they don’t associate sex with feelings and emotions. If you ask them, these are two completely different things. In bed, they want to be guided by their feelings and not a raw sexual urge.

Holding hands, kissing or deep intellectual conversation gives them much more pleasure than sex itself.