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5 Signs His “I’m Sorry” Is Just A Manipulation Tactic

5 Signs His “I’m Sorry” Is Just A Manipulation Tactic

A sincere apology is like magic glue, it can repair every broken relationship, while a fake apology will just make more cracks where trust will leak easily.

We’ve come to the point where apologies almost seem like a formality. People are not always honest and neither are apologies.

There is nothing wrong with apologies, but they must be followed by actions. Actions that’ll be proof that he truly means he is sorry.

Words are only the first step to the real apology. After all, actions speak louder than words.

You must listen to the apology carefully to determine whether it is sincere or not. Also, pay attention to their body language while they are apologizing.

Some men will be honest, but some will say it out of habit or just to make you forget about their mistake, or even to make themselves feel better.

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The most important thing for you to understand is that an apology doesn’t mean he cares!

He should seek no excuses. He is a grown man. He must stand behind his words and actions.

Maybe he can’t affect what he did, but he can affect what he is going to do about it. He should be grateful for your forgiveness – and never forget it.

It’s good to believe in second chances, but think about it: Does he deserve it? He can change and repair what he did. But if he does it again, it means he took your forgiveness lightly.

It’ll be like you gave him an extra bullet because he missed you the first time. He’ll think you’ll be there forever to give him second chances.

If you are thinking about whether he deserves a second chance or not, maybe the signs below will be just what you need to make that decision.

1. He is overly kind and charming

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There’s nothing wrong with being kind and charming, but if he is being EXTRA kind and charming while apologizing, in most cases, it’s not sincere.

He does that because he wants your forgiveness ASAP. That’s how he tries to seduce you and make you forget about his mistake.

Men always think that all women are the same, that we always fall for some romantic gesture.

He will emphasize how it was his mistake and, while doing so, flatter you in every way possible.

You’ll feel like you are the most beautiful and beloved woman in the world.

It’ll seem like the only fair thing to do is to forgive him. And that will be his only goal: to make you forget about everything like it never happened.

But the worst part is that as soon as he gets what we want, he’ll do it again. And again. Do not let yourself be fooled by a person like that.

2. He gets upset when you can’t forgive him immediately

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This means that he is used to apologizing to you and the fact you forget and forgive him immediately.

He is not even thinking about how he should fight for your forgiveness, because he’s never done so before.

Your reaction to his apologies surprised him and that is a whole new situation for him.

Maybe he will try to blame you for that mistake, hoping that you’ll fall for it. And then he will wait for YOU to apologize.

Men like this are highly intelligent and you better be cautious when dealing with them.

3. He threatens self-harm if you don’t forgive him

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You two were emotional partners. Naturally, he’ll know your personality and your weak spots. If you are too emotional and sensitive, then this will be his tactic to get what he wants.

He knows that you’d never let him harm himself because you’d never forgive yourself if you did.

He will show/send you some “evidence” on how he is planning to do himself harm. Don’t pay too much attention to that.

He is not mentally unstable, just very, very foxy. Don’t become his prey because his threat is just that – a threat.

4. He tries hard to justify himself

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You found out about his mistake and you’re ready to tell him. But as soon as you do, he apologizes and states dozens of reasons for his actions.

The thing is, he is not stopping. He’s presenting his defense like he is on trial or something.

That means that he was planning it ahead and just waiting for the moment you find out.

And he is doing all this just to confuse you. You won’t be able to think clearly about it because of his well prepared defense. But please, be one of those strict judges and take the final judgment in your favor.

5. He wants a pay-to-play apology

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Your partner is aware of his mistake, but he doesn’t want to apologize without getting anything in return.

He will try to get something from you because he now knows how important an apology is to you.

He will try to use this again in his favor by asking you to do something that you don’t want to, only to hear him say “I am sorry.”

Only a very arrogant and inconsiderate man is capable of this. A man who is so sure of your love and thinks that you’ll do whatever it takes just to stay with him. Please prove him wrong.

It’s never enough just to say those three words. He needs to try to make it right and never repeat it.

The worst kinds of men are those manipulative ones.

They make you feel that they are superior in your relationship. And it shouldn’t be like that.

You must know how precious you are. You deserve more than that from a man. Give yourself a chance to be loved the way you deserve to be loved.

5 Signs His “I'm Sorry” Is Just A Manipulation Tactic