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I Still Hope It Will Be Me And You In The End

I Still Hope It Will Be Me And You In The End

I still believe you are my soulmate. I still believe you and I have unfinished business. I still believe there’s more to our story.

True love has a habit of returning. Our love isn’t perfect, but it’s true.

When I first met you, I felt something. I felt something I had never felt before. The way I felt when I was next to you was incredible.

You are my person.

Nothing can compare to the way you look at me. You see me. You get me. You know me.

You loved all my little quirks. You knew my faults and loved me more for them. Every part of me was an open book to you. You read my mind and entered my soul.

It seemed impossible that something could come between us. But life has a way of knocking us off balance.

You take one wrong turn and end up somewhere completely unexpected.

The way we left things wasn’t great, but you need to know I still think of you. Every little thing reminds me of you.

I know it sounds like a cliche, but I see your face everywhere I go.

Living without you, life feels wrong. It seems like nothing I do is enough. Nothing makes me feel complete.

That’s because you’re the only one who can do that – complete me.

It breaks my heart to think there is no way for us to be together. There’s this aura of your presence everywhere I go and I’ve never really started feeling apart from you.

In the eyes of the rest of the world I have moved on from you. I’ve forgotten and started to live my life without you.

But know this: That will never, ever be true. The day I’m over you, over us, will never come.

Sometimes it makes me crazy. I research stories of people who have broken up but ended up together in the end. I secretly hope that’s our story.

I hope that, one day, we will have the guts and energy it takes to resolve all our issues.

I don’t want us to start over, I want to continue where we left off. I want us to accept what happened and acknowledge there will be more hard times in the future.

I want this to give us the strength to deal with our problems once we are back together – if that day ever comes.

If by chance, by luck, or by choice we never get back together, I will forever be grateful to have known you and loved you. No one can ever take that away from me.

Nothing can erase the feeling of pure happiness and bliss I felt when I realized you were the one for me, and I had you for myself – even if it was just for a while.

If destiny hasn’t chosen us to have our happily ever after, I will remember you every day.

I will pray for you and treasure you inside of me, like a special gem whose worth cannot be guessed by looking at it – it doesn’t shine the brightest but contains within it the most precious strength and beauty.

You will be my lucky charm and my dreamcatcher. I feel we are so intertwined that we’re impossible to break, no matter what happens in our lives.

I will continue living my life hiding everything you are in the deepest well of my soul.

But if the universe decides the two of us shouldn’t be apart, I’ll make sure we do things so much better this time around. Only one thing will matter – our love.

I’ll make sure neither of us is scared to love the other.

We don’t know what will happen but one thing is certain: We need to make it worth it.

Every fight, all the pain we’ve caused each other, has to have been for something.

If we don’t end up back together, use everything you’ve learned to make a better life for yourself.

If there’s no chance for US to be happy, maybe you can be happy, and perhaps I can be happy on some level too.

I want to hold your hand at 80 and say “We made it.” But in case we don’t find our way back to each other, know this: Until my last day, I will love you.