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How The Narcissist Tricks People Into Believing He’s The Good Guy

How The Narcissist Tricks People Into Believing He’s The Good Guy

By now, we’re all familiar with the drill. I’m sure you know how the narcissist’s world works and how they prey on those who are most likely to be swayed and destroyed. 

First comes the selection process. The narcissist picks a target.

That person is usually somebody with beautiful qualities such as kindness, empathy, the ability to forgive and an abundance of understanding (which ends up being the most fatal one of all).

They don’t just pick a person on a whim. There is lots of preparation and thought that go into it.

The target has to be perfect in order for his job to be done to absolute perfection.

He needs you to think everything is happening spontaneously and slowly. He needs you to be blown away by him, hence his many deceptive masks.

You never really know who you’re dealing with because he changes his mask with each new stage of your ‘relationship’.

And by the time you figure out how you fell into a bottomless pit of manipulation, evil tactics and betrayal, his job is done and he’s onto the next one.

You were used and you didn’t even realize what was happening until it was done.

But the most peculiar thing of them all is this: How the hell does he manage to treat you so badly and come off as the good guy?

How does he get people to like him so much, while secretly draining you of everything that makes you want to live?

Can he REALLY be that good at his craft?

This is what I’m here to get to the bottom of.

Keep reading because it may shine some light on how the narcissist manages to fool everyone around him (except you) into believing him to be the sweet guy next door.

1. He is skilled at keeping up fake appearances

Your narcissist will have zero issues with yelling at you in private, humiliating you and using you, then leave the house in five minutes with a smile on his face, offering to help his elderly neighbor with her groceries.

That’s what’s so scary about them. They have the perfect mask for when they need to be perceived as the good guy by others.

The narcissist doesn’t have any problems covertly mistreating you and then publicly offering a helping hand to a perfect stranger.

That’s his most dominant personality trait—duplicity.

You’ll be shocked seeing him in public because the person YOU know is anything but that. And the worst part? No one will ever know.

2. He treats others nicely because he might need to use them in the future

You never know when someone might come in handy; that’s the narcissist’s mantra.

He never shows his real face to people because he deviously figures he might actually need something from them later.

So he behaves like an angel on earth whose sole mission is to right every wrong on the planet.

And you (his victim) are the only one who knows his hidden dark side that he saves just for you.

You wish you could warn people about him but how exactly could you?

He controls your every move and if he finds out you did something like that behind his back, he’d make sure to punish you like hell. So you just suffer in silence and pray it all ends soon.

3. His deceiving charm disarms people immediately

You can say what you want about the narcissist but damn it, he’s nothing if not charming.

That is simply an innate skill that he was undeservingly born with (or learned at an early age) and it comes in extremely handy.

It doesn’t take a lot for him to disarm the most suspicious person.

You might have your suspicions at first and you might even think to confront him but be sure that he will reassure you and erase all your doubts scarily fast.

You’ll find yourself buying his lies and eating out of his hand within minutes.

He’ll make you think you were insane to have such trust issues with him. After all, he is a fine, young gentleman with perfect manners and an outgoing personality.

What’s not to like? (Other than absolutely everything).

4. He always has a plan in place to act like the innocent victim

Narcissists ALWAYS come prepared. There is always a plan B and a mighty solid one.

He knows that he’s always at risk of being exposed and he is prepared to defend himself should such a thing happen because he has many narcissistic abuse tactics up his sleeve. 

It would be foolish to think that uncovering his lies would be as easy as one would hope. He knows how to blame his target.

He is perfect at using the victim card. He knows just how to assure people that it’s not him—it’s you.

Trust me, I’ve been there.

It’s baffling how quick they are on their feet and how (despite your genuine intentions and zero guilt) they always make you the fall guy for their every misdeed.

It’s infuriating and disappointing and completely destroys your psyche. I’ve experienced this so many times first-hand.

And the most painful part of it all is that they actually believe their lies and enjoy putting you on blast.

Their evil ALWAYS prevails and there is rarely anything one can do to stop them. It’s mind-blowingly atrocious.