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8 Signs He Is Definitely CRAZY About You

8 Signs He Is Definitely CRAZY About You

It would be great to enter a man’s head and to find out if he likes you, right? But, that is not possible, so you will have to rely on an old-fashioned way—reading between the lines.

If you feel that there is something more than a friendship between the two of you but you are not sure if he likes you, here are some common signs that will show you his real emotions. So, stay tuned!

He texts you just to check on you

– Just imagine that you are at work, in the middle of something, and you receive a text.

While opening it, you probably think that your boss needs something again but when you see his name, you put a smile on your face.

That is a sign that he thinks about you, even if he is busy at work. Also, this is a proven sign that he is not going anywhere, at least for now!

He introduces you to his parents

– His parents are his role models and if he wants to introduce you to them, it is a sign that he respects you.

He would never bring home someone who is not wife material to meet his mom and dad.

Only a special girl like you deserves that. Girl, you are in, and you are not going to be kicked out anytime soon!

He asks for your opinion

– If he has a problem, he will come to you to get a piece of advice.

He thinks that you are clever enough to help him solve his problem.

He trusts you and listens to what you have to say. He sees you as his best friend and has no problems opening up in front of you. And he calls you ‘babe’.

He is excited when you are around

– He just can’t hide his happiness when you are around. You are the most important person in his life, making every day easier for him to get through.

He feels happy when you are nearby and doesn’t have any problem showing that in front of others.

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He asks you to move in

– No matter if the two of you spend more time at his place or at your place, inviting you to move in is definitely a big deal.

He is ready for you to occupy one living space and to make some order in his man cave.

This is a sign that he likes you more than his own free time and that he wouldn’t mind if you are with him all the time.

6. He talks about future plans

– He talks about your future together without hesitation. He knows that you are worth the wait and he will do anything to win you over.

Just the fact that he wants to spend his future days with you is a proven sign that he has some strong feelings.

Now, it is up to you if you are going to accept or decline his offer!

He has fun with you

– He likes your jokes and laughs the loudest to them. He shows in front of everyone that he enjoys your company and that it makes him happy and cheerful.

If a guy does this, you can be sure that the two of you will have many fun moments in your future life, so don’t wait—grab him before someone else does!

8. He puts a ring on it

– Grand Finale—He puts a ring on it!

Do I really need to mention that he loves you and that he wants to spend the rest of his life with you? I thought so!

A man who does this is sure in his love for you and he will do anything to show it. So, you better cherish him because he is a keeper!

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