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The Ultimate Guide On How To Be More Feminine And Attractive

The Ultimate Guide On How To Be More Feminine And Attractive

How to be more feminine and more attractive by accentuating your feminine traits and tapping into your feminine self

When we think of a feminine woman, we may immediately imagine a beautiful woman walking down the street, in a dress with floral patterns, with lavishing, long hair in high heels and wearing red lipstick that screams passion. 

We imagine a woman with good posture who oozes with self-confidence, who smiles graciously while her body language is telling the world that she’s in love with herself, life and everything around her.

And we’re perfectly aware of the fact that no woman or man can stay indifferent to such a woman.

Her feminine energy is so powerful that it can be the cause of a traffic jam.

Her appearance simply cannot go unnoticed, no matter how busy you are at that moment.

And then we ask ourselves, how in the world does she manage to do that?

How can she look so mesmerizing without even trying? 

And the answer is not her choice of the most expensive mascara, shiny lip gloss, hourglass body shape or her hairstyle.

All of this helps her accentuate her feminine side but the root of her attractive, feminine energy comes from within her and it’s called inner femininity.

Femininity means feeling good in your skin, feeling confident, being brave, being independent, having a sense of humor, having a big, selfless heart and praising your natural beauty.

Femininity is a combination of both your exterior and interior, while everything stems from the interior!

For example, wearing a floral dress will help you look more feminine but this doesn’t necessarily mean that you’ll also feel that way on the inside.

It’s important to nourish both aspects of your feminine side because that’s the only way to learn how to be more feminine and attractive in the long run! 

And here is the ultimate guide that will help you tap into your feminine side and teach you how to embrace and accentuate both your feminine interior and exterior!

The ultimate guide consists of two parts.

The first part is about embracing and accentuating your feminine exterior and the second part is about embracing and accentuating your feminine interior, which requires more dedication than just buying a floral dress or a pair of feminine trousers. 

While the first part is about embracing your real, natural beauty and taking care of your body, the second part is about loving yourself and the people around you and learning to be in touch with your inner femininity. 

Once you master it, you will become a feminine goddess just like the woman we talked about in the beginning.

You will become the woman that no one will be able to stay indifferent to.

So, let’s get started!


Taking care of your feminine exterior means learning how to boost your appearance, accentuate your girly features and look more attractive in your everyday life (and especially around men).

And this is how you’ll do it:

1. Wear colors with powerful, feminine appeal

While I wouldn’t say that there are strictly male and female colors, there are some colors that make you look more masculine or more feminine.

And, of course, in order to be more feminine, you need to wear colors with feminine appeal.

No, this doesn’t mean that you need to limit yourself to wearing only shades of peach and pink (I added the word powerful before feminine for a reason).

Some of the most powerful, feminine colors are purple, red or emerald green.

The color red is known to be the color of passion and it’s the biggest trigger of attractiveness and seduction. 

Purple and emerald green are luxurious colors that are closely connected with aristocracy.

But if you feel more comfortable wearing only shades of peach and pink, feel free to do so because as long as the color of your choice makes you feel good in your skin, you cannot go wrong with it.

2. Take care of hygiene

Taking care of yourself includes taking special care of both your body and mind.

So, being more feminine means taking care of hygiene by regularly taking a shower, taking care of your nails and taking care of your skin. 

While the first two are pretty much self-explanatory, we will mainly focus on the skin, since it’s the largest organ of the body.

Many women think that spending tons of your time at a solarium to get that perfect tan is the only way to look more attractive to men. 

It’s not. There’s no need to spend loads of your time at a solarium because men really don’t give a damn about the color of your skin.

They give a damn about whether it’s smooth, nourished and taken care of.

And no, this doesn’t mean that you need to spend lots of money on the most expensive products to get flawless skin, as is custom in today’s society. 

You can get perfect skin by applying natural products like coconut oil right after a shower, which has become my routine and I swear to God, it’s my greatest discovery!

So, being feminine it’s not only about decorating your exterior; it’s also about nourishing it with natural products that will both boost your well-being and levels of attractiveness.

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3. Dress like a lady

If you want to learn how to be more feminine, then you’ll have to learn how to dress more femininely.

So, stay away from baggy clothes and instead wear dresses, fitted T-shirts and sexy lingerie, brighten your wardrobe with accessories like silk scarves and elegant clothes that say you’re a woman and not a tomboy (even though a tomboy outfit can sometimes look elegant as well).

Now, dressing like a lady doesn’t mean buying only things that are trending.

It means having your own style with which you exhibit your unique attitude and personality.

It means choosing items that will perfectly flatter your figure and accentuate the best parts of your body.

Dressing like a lady means not giving a damn about what other people will think as long as you feel comfortable in your outfit and as long as it looks awesome on you.

And you can achieve the desired effect of attractiveness and femininity with a T-shirt or dress that doesn’t cost a fortune. 

The same thing goes for relationship advice.

Usually, the best relationship advice is free of charge and it comes from your close friends.

4. Wear perfume like a lady

Perfumes are really powerful fragrances that can instantly make you feel better in your skin and turn you into a goddess on the street.

There’s nothing more attractive than a woman who knows how to pick the right perfume and who knows how to apply it.

If you want to be more feminine, you need to learn to wear perfume like a lady.

And that means applying a few drops and not gallons of it just because you can’t decipher whether you already applied enough.

Many perfumes need some time to activate just like your stomach needs some time to realize that it’s full while you’re eating.

You don’t want your perfume to be the most dominant aspect of you.

You want it to be your companion, to embrace your body and personality and not to overshadow them.

You want it to be your powerful, feminine weapon.

5. Take care of your hair

Your hair is one of the first things that people notice about you but this shouldn’t be something that bothers you unless we’re talking about attracting the men around you.

Men are really crazy about a woman’s hair because it’s appealing to the eyes and because of biological reasons, meaning the healthier the hair, the healthier the woman, which equals healthy offspring.

All in all, your hair is one of your best friends when it comes to accentuating your feminine exterior.

You can take care of your hair by making sure that it’s healthy, conditioned and clean.

There’s really no need to use all those modern tools for straightening or curling your hair because by using them, you’ll do more damage to your hair than good.

Also, men love natural women which means they love to see natural, nourished hair on a woman, so there’s really no need to go to any extremes.

Pay attention not to wash your hair every day so that you preserve its natural oils, drink plenty of water and eat healthy food.

All of this will improve your hair and your overall health as well.

6. Hit the gym regularly

Hitting the gym regularly is one of the best decisions I’ve ever made in my life because it has improved my life in every aspect and it made me feel more feminine as well! 

Exercising will help you get rid of all of the toxins that have accumulated in your body, you will boost your happy chemicals like endorphins and your body will have a flattering feminine figure.

Trust me, there’s nothing more feminine than a woman who takes good care of her body and mind, a woman who can nail every outfit without much effort because everything she puts on herself will look ten times more attractive.

There’s nothing more feminine than a woman who is both a lady with an attitude and a warrior in the gym!

7. Enhance your natural beauty

Constantly putting tons of make-up on your face will only hide your natural beauty and damage your skin over time.

And most importantly, it’s not feminine at all. What’s more feminine is accentuating your natural beauty!

That includes applying some mascara and eyeliner, adding blush to your cheeks, applying natural powder with vitamins for your skin type (if you really need to use it), wearing a little bit of lipstick or lip gloss and similar.

Remember that you want to enhance your natural beauty and not cover it with heavy make-up. 

Again, men love women who are natural, so you shouldn’t think that not putting tons of make-up on your face will make you less attractive.

On the contrary, embracing your natural beauty will make you ten times more feminine and attractive!

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As already said, accentuating your feminine exterior will not take much time to master but a feminine interior will require your full-time devotion because it’s more of a lifestyle than something that can be applied just when you want it.

Femininity consists of many aspects like independence, self-respect and constantly working on yourself.

Striving to become the best version of yourself will make you more feminine and this is how you’ll do it:

1. Be open to meaningful conversations

Gone are the days when women were in the shadow of men and when they weren’t really appreciated for their intellectual capabilities.

Modern femininity brought us the opportunity to show all of our skills, to share our opinions, to respect other people’s opinions and to demand the same from them. And it would be a shame if we didn’t use them.

If you want to learn how to be more feminine, you need to learn to be open to meaningful conversations, where you’ll freely and passionately share your life experiences and points of view.

Trust me, there’s not a man on earth who doesn’t like a woman who has her own opinions about everything. 

If you’re capable and open to having a meaningful conversation, it means you’re a real lady with style and intellectual capacity.

2. Nourish your sense of humor

Many people think that humor is reserved only for guys because telling jokes is a masculine trait to have. Well, this is not true at all.

Having a sense of humor has nothing to do with masculinity or masculine energy because it’s universal!

Laughing is a universal sign that you’re having a good time, that you’re enjoying life and that you’re feeling content with yourself.

Nourishing your unique sense of humor helps you become more in touch with your feminine side because positive emotions are what help you tap into your inner femininity.

3. Maintain eye contact

They say that the eyes are the windows to our soul and they say it for a reason.

Our eyes can tell us a lot about our personality, our intentions and our overall attitude. 

For example, if we avoid maintaining eye contact like the plague, it means we have eye contact anxiety, which is something that needs to be overcome.

Also, if we stare at people for too long, we might send the message that we don’t really know what we’re doing.

Learning to maintain proper eye contact means showing other people that you’re confident in your own skin and that you’re interested in what they have to say.

Carefully listening to other people is also one of the aspects of your feminine interior and that’s why you need to pay special attention to nurturing it.

Also, maintaining eye contact with other people will help you create a powerful connection with them regardless of whether they’re a waitress in your favorite restaurant, your boss, your boyfriend, your friend or similar.

It will help you become more feminine, more confident and more attractive. 

4. Nourish your passion(s)

A woman without a passion is like a flower without any smell.

Passion is the essence of life and the essence of your femininity!

Knowing what you like, spending time exploring new things and enjoying focusing on what brings you joy means living a fulfilling life to the fullest. 

There’s nothing sexier or more attractive than a woman who speaks about things she likes with a fiery passion and that shiny spark in her eyes.

So, if you want to learn to be more feminine, think about the things you enjoy doing in life and strive to do them more often.

Do you have a passion for cooking, singing, dancing, drawing, gaming or something else?

Ask yourself what it is that you do that makes you happiest when you’re doing it and you’ll get your answer.

Once you discover your thing, it’s important to nourish it because the more you do what makes you happy, the happier you’ll become.

And the happier you are, the more feminine you are! 

5. Set some standards and goals

Being feminine also means having standards and not dancing to other people’s tunes.

Once you set your standards, it’s important to stick to them no matter what.

If you’re honest with other people, it’s natural that you expect them to be honest with you as well.

And if they’re not, you have every right to let them know that you’re not really okay with such behavior.

Another part of your feminine side is focusing on your goals instead of just living from day to day.

Just like your passions, your goals are things that push you forward, that give you strength to keep fighting and that help you become a better person.

A woman with goals in her life is automatically ten times more attractive.

A woman who knows what she wants and who knows how to fight for what she wants is ten times more attractive than a woman who is just playing a damsel in distress and expects others to spoil her and bring her everything on a plate.

Don’t be that woman. Set your goals and standards in accordance with your capabilities and abilities and your femininity will come to light!

6. Work on understanding your emotions

Instead of being needy or constantly pessimistic, choose to look on the bright side and be optimistic.

It’s important to work on understanding your emotions and yourself in general.

A woman who is not in touch with herself, who is constantly grumpy about everything and dissatisfied, has lower vibrations, which exhibit negative energy.

But a woman who knows how to cope with everything life gives her and always finds something positive in every situation is a woman who has higher vibrations, which means an abundance of positive energy.

And every man out there is attracted to such a woman! A woman with a positive attitude oozes with magnet-like charisma and feminine energy that no one can stay indifferent to.

So, instead of worrying about whether your nails or hair look perfect, you should always prioritize working on your inner femininity because this is the core to understanding your emotions, dreams and inner self.

7. Love yourself!

In a world of artificially beautiful people and fake ideals, it’s really hard to love yourself the way you are but that’s exactly what you need to do if you want to become more feminine.

Forget about everything served up by the media, about all of those perfect sizes, perfect make-up or perfect everything because perfect doesn’t exist!

Being more feminine is not about becoming a Victoria’s Secret model.

It’s about nourishing your own qualities and doing the best you can to improve every aspect of your life, personality and physical appearance.

Being more feminine is about deciding to love yourself the way you are and accepting the things you cannot change!

Being more feminine is deciding to let go of all the negativity and fake ideals served up by the media and social networks (especially Instagram) where they’re constantly convincing you that you need that one thing in order to be more beautiful and to feel more feminine.

You don’t. The only thing you need is learning to love all of yourself, your flaws, your extra pounds and your stretch marks and being willing to work on yourself to become the best version of yourself and not the best version of twisted ideals imposed by the media.

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8. Enjoy life

Nourish your friendships, be more sociable, seek advice from your close friends, share your thoughts and secrets, write poems, make a list of the things you love about yourself and the things you wish to improve, drink your favorite beverages, read your favorite books. 

Admire beautiful sunsets, stargaze, go for a long walk, listen to your favorite music, learn to play an instrument, try that new recipe you recently found, meditate, sing and share your joy and happiness. 

Enjoy every day as if it’s your last, enjoy every moment spent under the sun and embrace every second spent with your favorite people.

And you will succeed in it.

You will become more feminine, more confident and happier!

You will learn to live your life to the fullest which is a characteristic of only a few brave people.

You will learn how to embrace your feminine energy and attract anyone you want!

You will become a true goddess.

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