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How To Believe In True Love Again When You’ve Been Hurt Too Many Times

How To Believe In True Love Again When You’ve Been Hurt Too Many Times

It’s hard to believe in true love when all you have experienced was small loves devoid of real trust and respect for each other. It’s hard to believe in true love again when your heart has been broken too many times.

But, if we change our perspective on this, we will see that it is still there, waiting for you to discover it. Don’t think that true love has vanished with your one, two or three mistakes. No. It’s all in your mind.

If you choose to believe that true love is still here somewhere, it will be. But, if you choose to believe differently, it will be hard to convince your heart that not all hope is lost.

In order to start believing in the power of true love again, you need to change your perspective on how you’re seeing things around you, and this is how you’ll do it.

1. Understand your past

In order to start believing in the beauty of true love again, you need to think of your past and find those things and moments that hurt you. I know it’s hard to go through all of this again, but you need to understand your past so that you can free your mind of any burden from your past.

If you’re constantly thinking of the things that hurt you before, you will be unable to open your heart for true love to enter. Negative thoughts are extremely powerful and you should be careful about what you’re letting to enter your mind.

2. Believe that you deserve to be loved selflessly and you deserve to be treated like queen/king

Another thing that you need to do is to remind yourself that you are worthy of love. Your past mistakes don’t determine your will or who you really are. You deserve to be loved passionately and to be treated with appreciation and respect.

You should never think differently because if you believe that you deserve to experience true love, then your heart will believe it, too. If someone has treated you poorly, this doesn’t mean that every single one is going to do the same to you.

No. Getting hurt happens to everyone and that is not the reason to stop believing in the things you used to believe before. That is not the reason to close your heart and think that you’re not worthy of experiencing the blessings of true love.

3. Recognize love in everything you do

If you’re unable to recognize love in everything you do, it will be hard for you to get the feeling of true love. There are many types of love and if you pay attention more closely, you will see it yourself.

Love is watching your favorite TV shows, love is cooking your favorite food, love is feeding and cuddling with your pet, love is doing things that make you happy. And once you recognize all of these small loves, you will be one step to the big one.

If you start believing in the love that is visible, that surrounds you and follows you whatever you’re doing, you will start believing in the love that is not here, yet. But, one day it will be. Just don’t close yourself and dwell in the negativity of your thoughts because that is the main destructor of believing.

4. Change your perspective (don’t think that no one will ever love you)

If you keep repeating to yourself that no one will ever love you and that you will never experience this grand love everyone is talking about, the chances are that you won’t. But, only because you believe it is so.

Love yourself and true love will find you. Don’t be so cruel on yourself because everything you think about yourself will reflect in your reality. Change your perspective on love. Don’t see love as something unattainable because it is not.

5. Don’t be afraid to open yourself to someone new

I understand that you’ve been hurt before and now it’s really hard for you to open yourself to someone new. Or if you succeed in it, the chances are that you’re going to pull away after some time because you’re afraid of getting hurt again. And that’s completely understandable.

But, you need to know that you’ll never have a chance of believing in true love, let alone experiencing it if you keep being close to new things and new people. Always be opened because love is all about giving chances, respecting, adapting, compromising and believing in each other.

So, even if it seems that the person you’re seeing is probably not the love of your life, you cannot make conclusions too early because you’ll ruin every single chance of believing in love again and believing that you’ve found your potential true love.