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How To Get A Guy To Ask You Out Using These 7 Sneaky Methods

How To Get A Guy To Ask You Out Using These 7 Sneaky Methods

How to get a guy to ask you out?

Well, if you’re willing to put some effort into getting your desired guy’s attention and flirt your ass off, then you’re ready for the rest of this article.

With a little bit of luck (and plenty of effort) it’ll be a piece of cake getting that cute guy to ask you out and possibly get your fairy-tale ending.

But let’s not rush it.

From what I can gather, you either have a guy friend you’ve got the hots for or there’s a new guy you like around your block and you want him to ask you on your first date and then fall in love with you like no other, right?

First things first.

Whoever this guy is, you need him to open up and share some common interests with you first.

You also need to get him out of the friend zone (which you may have done accidentally) and establish strong eye contact with him. You want him to really see you!

Subtle hints are the best way to go, along with some sexy body language! Even if this is your best friend, you need to fire on all cylinders! Clearly he’s got you hooked, so the ball is in your court now.

It’s always the little things.

Aside from the obvious eye contact and subtle hints, you need him to notice you in a room full of beautiful women, right?

At the end of the day, that’s what we all want and ultimately deserve.

I’m totally willing to play matchmaker today and help you get that one guy you’ve been eyeing for ages, as long as you’re willing to keep working on it the next day and every day after.

If a long-term relationship is your end goal, you need the perfect way to make yourself desirable to him through all channels available to you.

It isn’t that difficult to ask a guy out.

What’s a real challenge is getting him to stick around by blowing his mind with what you have to offer.

Your goal is to be that cute couple everyone is talking about, but you’re not going to get there by pining after him and crying when it doesn’t work.

You’re going to achieve it through a serious amount of effort with the help of some sneaky methods!

Here’s where you start.

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How To Get A Guy To Ask You Out: 7 Proven Methods

If you’ve made sure that he’s noticed you and is aware of your existence; that’s a good first step.

Now comes the hard part. You want him to think that it was all his idea.

Your goal is to make yourself so appealing to him that it makes him wonder why the hell he hasn’t asked you out already.

And I’m going to explain just how to get there.

He won’t even know what hit him and before you know it, you’ll be on your first date, talking, laughing, and connecting – and you’ll know that it was all you!

Beautiful women can be found on any corner, but how will you catch his attention and keep it?

By following these foolproof methods of secret seduction:

1. Use your body language to your advantage

There are so many sneaky ways to use your body to help you get that guy you like!

Guys are drawn to our body movement, so when you keep that in mind at all times, it’ll make it easier to use it to your advantage.

You need to keep strong eye contact (but not all the time, you don’t want to scare him off).

So when you see him next, make sure to get his attention and send a strong message by looking him straight in the eye for a few straight seconds then just look away and casually smile at someone.

You can also lean in when you’re in close proximity so as to grab something behind him, but actually to let him smell your gorgeous new perfume.

One other cute thing you can do is play with your hair, but in a sexy way.

You don’t want him to think you’re fidgeting.

Let him see your body is open for any sort of communication, but don’t physically throw yourself at him. All in good measure.

The big thing here is to let him see you’re interested but in a non-threatening, mysterious kind of way.

2. Flirt your booty off

The best way to get a guy to ask you out is by putting yourself on his radar.

Guys find it hard to read our mixed signals, so you need him to know that you’re totally into him.

Flirt with him to make him see your openness and possibly open up on his own.

But don’t flirt with every other guy as well, unless your aim is to confuse him.

If this is the guy you like, then focus your flirtatious attention solely on him.

When you’re with him, use your soft, sexy voice (but don’t go out of your way to sound like a totally different person).

Subtly compliment him. Guys won’t admit it, but they love getting complimented.

Be just a little enticing, but don’t be too obvious. Show a little skin, just to make him crave you, but without seeing much at all.

A bit of leg or some cleavage (but not both).

Openly share some common interests in a way where you’re like ”Get out of here, you’re a gym rat as well??” and then punch him in the shoulder in a cute way that will definitely make him think.

You get the gist. Use your flirty ways as best as you can and just wait for that imminent first date!

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3. Express interest in him

If you want to know how to get a guy to ask you out, first you need to let him know you’re interested in him as a human being.

That’s honestly the easiest part! Most guys love talking about themselves, so you won’t have a problem getting him to open up. Here’s how you can make that work:

  • Use music as your number one option. Who doesn’t like music? Ask him about his favorite type of music and let him tell you some of his favorite artists. Perhaps you’ll find some similarities and it’ll lead to a great convo!
  • Ask about his interests. Is he a gym rat? Does he enjoy football or basketball? Does he volunteer at your local dog shelter? (This one gives me all of the feels!) Talk about what he likes to do at the end of the day and how he unwinds.
  • Show him you really want to know what he thinks about the latest controversy regarding any topic that’s been going around the news lately. The trick is not to pick something too out there so as not to cause unnecessary and premature conflict. You don’t want to end up arguing before you even get to your first date.

4. Drop subtle hints

Use what you already know about him to drop some subtle hints that you really want him to ask you out.

For example, you could mention a cool new restaurant you read about (nothing overly pricey) that you’ve been dying to try out!

If you’re both mad basketball fans, you can casually say how much fun it would be to go see the Lakers (or whichever team you love) at their next home game!

You want him to know that you’d most definitely say yes, and that will make it so much easier for him to get the courage to ask you out.

If you’re into Mexican food, ask him if he’s heard about the new Mexican place that just opened up a few blocks away, and trust me, that’ll lead him right where you want the conversation to go.

He needs to know that he’s not going to get rejected, and using your common interests is the perfect way to get him to ask you out somewhere you’d both absolutely love.

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5. Use your friends in a sneaky way

Your friends can come in really handy in this situation. You can use them (with their permission) to get things going and here’s how:

  • If you have some mutual friends and you all gather regularly for game night or something similar, get them all on board by telling them to group you and your crush together for any team-based games (even better if it’s in twos!)
  • Your friends can tease the guy you like about when on earth he’s going to get the courage to ask you out (it might be a bit awkward, but at least he’ll know that people see that there’s something between you two.)
  • Make your friend mention you in a conversation a few times in order to see his reaction! They can also drop subtle hints as well about what a cute couple you two would make. By observing his reaction, they’ll be able to see how he feels.

6. Let him know about your plans

I’m talking about your imminent plans, such as seeing a band this weekend or getting coffee in-between classes where he can join you.

The trick is to make it into a low-pressure casual hangout where he won’t feel any jitters but rather enjoy comfortable conversation with a cool chick he’s getting to know.

Go get coffee after class or really do go see a band you both like and simply bond based on your plans.

Bonus points if you’re into the same things!

Make sure he always knows where you’ll be (thanks to your mutual friends) and that he gets a chance to join you! If you’ve got some big plans for the following week or so, casually slip it in the convo.

Who knows what might end up happening.

If the guy’s into you at all, he’ll catch your drift and finally ask you out.

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7. Make sure he knows your days off

You want this guy to know when you’re free so that you avoid him finally asking you out on your one busy night of the week!

If you’re on a texting chain, you can use it to pretend-complain about your schedule, but what you’re really doing is letting him know about your days off!

You want this cute guy to know when you’ll be most likely to say yes because even if you said no purely due to scheduling issues, it would still hurt his ego.

So let him know about a free weekend that may be on the horizon for you or about your favorite bar that you love visiting every Friday night.

You get what I’m hinting at here, right? Knowing your schedule and your habits will ease him into asking you out.

Things You Should AVOID Doing

Okay, so now that we’ve covered what you should do, it’s time to cover some ground on the things you should avoid doing if you want this guy to ask you out and possibly fall in love with you!

If you want this to work, there are some ground rules on what NOT to do.

You definitely want to avoid sounding desperate, clingy, and overbearing.

You don’t want to push yourself on him because nobody likes that.

Especially if he’s been through a recent break-up. Give him time to breathe.

Taking it slow is what it’s all about and if you make sure to avoid these 4 things, your chances of him asking you out will increase.

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1. Do NOT friend-zone him

And vice versa. It’s vital that you’re both very clear about what your roles are.

Make sure he hasn’t put you in the friend zone by firmly letting him know that you’re not here to be his buddy.

You want more, but no pressure on how fast it develops. You can take your time, just as long as you eventually get there.

At the same time, make sure you haven’t friend-zoned him!

Guys who sense that they’re in your friend zone will get the hint and skedaddle.

So be clear about your intentions and make him see that you’re most definitely girlfriend material.

He needs to see you as a sexy, free-spirited woman. Not one of his crew.

2. Avoid being too pushy and obvious

There’s something really hot about being mysterious but not to the point of completely closing yourself off!

There’s a huge difference between throwing yourself on him and casually dropping hints about wanting him to ask you out.

Learn where the line is and walk it carefully.

Do NOT keep mentioning how free your weekends are and how lonely you’ve been lately.

Don’t keep pressuring him with constant eye contact (subtlety is key) and reluctance to leave his side without showering him with an abundance of compliments and sexy winks.

Be mysterious. Don’t let him know that you’re desperately just waiting for him to ask you out as if you’ve got no other plans in life.

That’s a bit off-putting.

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3. Don’t talk about superficial things

Find something meaningful that you can talk about.

Steer clear of all topics where you’re talking about looks, money, going out, and time spent getting yourself ready.

Sure you can mention some of these casually, but never let it be the main topic of discussion.

Guys don’t like superficial girls who are all about looks and wild nights out.

Connect on a deeper level. Talk about your interests, what your future plans are and how you plan to get there.

Music is also a big thing so you can connect on that level as well.

Be versatile. Talk about anything and everything.

Guys love girls that they feel comfortable discussing deeper things with. That is how you get a guy to ask you out.

4. Don’t just wait around for him to make up his mind

Don’t be that girl. You are better than just sitting around as if this guy is the only thing that exists in the world.

There are two possible ways this will end.

Either he’ll finally ask you out or you’ll be the one to ask him out.

Either way, it’s a perfectly good way to finally see where you stand.

If you’ve been dropping hints left and right and you still see him hesitating when it comes to asking you out, you can either decide to take initiative or move on from him.

You can be the judge of that. But whatever you do, don’t let him see how desperate you are for him to ask you out.

Either do it yourself or let him see what he’s missing.

Maybe he’s just slow on the uptake and you need to take the wheel or perhaps he’s just not that into you.

There’s only one way to find out. You can be direct and honest or you can decide to let him go.

You’re the only one who knows the right thing to do here.

What’s it going to be?

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