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How To Have Sex More Often

How To Have Sex More Often

Are you satisfied with your sex life? Do you think you should have sex more often? If yes, what prevents you from having that?

Jobs, schedules, a modern lifestyle and some other factors greatly influence the quality of our sex life. It doesn’t matter whether you’re single, married or simply living with a partner—sex is essential for your well-being and you can never have too much of it.

So, here are some tips to help you crank those numbers up. Buckle up and let’s get started!

1. Have a nice, productive conversation with your partner

Try to remember the last time you almost engaged in the activity in order to find out why you didn’t proceed to do it. This might give you a better insight for future engagements. Do not point fingers at each other. Just try to have a nice, adult conversation and feel free to express yourself. Perhaps this one conversation might lead to something more productive (if you know what I mean).

2. Think about your medical history and overall health status

You’d be surprised by the impact that medical issues may have on your sex life. Some people have naturally decreased hormones that affect their sex drive. If you have such an inconvenience, you should consult your doctor, Google it or ask some close friends for advice.

3.  “I have a headache.”

Just the idea of you thinking that you’re sick or have a headache makes you less willing to engage in steamy activities:

Michael: Ooh, you smell so good babe.

Stacy: Oh, please, give me a break. Look at me. I’m disgusting. I’m covered in paper tissues. My nose is running, my hair is a mess…

Michael: Well, OK.. I guess… If you say so, baby.

We can see that Stacy doesn’t feel good about herself because she is sick. She thinks she looks horrible but as we can see, Michael is still interested. If Stacy agrees to have sex with Michael, she will feel better in the end and the symptoms will eventually decrease. The same goes for headaches.

4. Call of the wild

Here’s an interesting one. The concept is simple. Devise a mating call that when one partner imitates it (a certain animal) the other follows them with their own response that implies yes or no. For example, monkeys have a specific mating call. You can implement this sound. It’s funny, amazing and it gets the job done. It’s much simpler and it’s more entertaining to make this sound than just say: Let’s fuck!

But don’t get me wrong. If the situation is just right, the words I want to fuck you right now is all that it takes.

5. Surprise one another

Don’t expect your partner to initiate it every time. You can also contribute by surprising him with new lingerie or by just appearing out of nowhere, naked and giggling, and run to the bedroom. Trust me, he will follow. Also, you can spice up your sex life with some new positions with your partner. You would be surprised how one new position can uplift your desire for future climaxes.

You can also make naughty coupons like ‘no panties day’ or just the number 69 on a piece of paper should be enough. Be creative!

6. Pick a date and time

If all else fails, bring out an old-fashioned calendar, circle a date and write down the time. This might sound disturbing because it ain’t spontaneous and it feels like a chore but this anticipation is what makes you bubble down there, between your legs.

7. I need more!

You must instill it in your brain that sex is very important for both sides. It helps you get through the day stress-free and you can think clearly and everything that you do after, you will do in a cheerful manner. Things that might have stressed you out before the activity will decrease to a minimum after the activity. With this idea in your head, you guys will be more inclined to engage more often.

So, just go out there and have some fun. Have the ride of your life!