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How To Kiss Each Zodiac Sign? (Kissing Style According To Astrology)

How To Kiss Each Zodiac Sign? (Kissing Style According To Astrology)


Aries is extreme in any way possible including kissing. They will rock your world and give you the best kiss you’ve ever had.

They might start with soft kissing, then use a bit of a tongue and finish it with a playful bite.

They love everything but boring kisses. You need to be adventurous and try different things. Throw in some neck kissing while you’re at it—they are going to love it.


They are extremely passionate and a perfect match for any kisser. They will mimic your style of kissing and be your perfect match. You’ve never had a better kisser than Taurus.

Also, they are driven by their senses so before you kiss, they will take a deep breath and enjoy your scent, gently stroke your lips and do pretty much anything to arouse you completely before they go into the action.

Try to make some noise while you’re kissing a Taurus because it’s something that will definitely turn them on.


They are extremely emotional and their kisses are tender but with a bit of a twist. They will kiss you softly and emotionally with a playful bite or two.

They aren’t wild, but they will build tension slowly and bring you to the great finale. And if you really want to impress a Cancer, throw him a romantic setting with a candlelit dinner and you’ll sweep him off his feet.


They are known for their kisses to be short and sweet. They’ll take you from gentle kissing to French in no time, leaving you wanting more.

Their signature style is to hold your head in their hands while they are kissing you and touch your forehead with theirs so they can make eye contact right after they are finished. This cannot simply leave you indifferent.


They will build tension slowly by starting from your neck or even lower and working their way up to your mouth.

To them, it’s all about the hunt, so like true hunters, they will work you up until you’re completely defenseless and then, they will attack.

They also enjoy when their partners play hard to get and don’t submit to the pleasure right away. It’s like they are hunting.

They have to work for it, but the result shows it was totally worth it.


You may think that Virgos are uptight when it comes to kissing like they are in everything else, but you’re in for a surprise.

They can be so sensual and make you feel things you never felt before.

But, on the other hand, their Virgo obsession with cleanliness keeps them from deep Frenching because there is not enough mouthwash in the world to keep them clean.

But, they will make it up to you by kissing you anywhere else you want. So, turn on your imagination.


They are crazy good kissers, but practice has a lot to do with it. Their lips are soft like peaches and their kisses are unforgettable.

Their kisses are soft and shy—the ones that make you feel butterflies in your stomach.

The one thing they like during kissing is physical contact. They like you to touch them and stroke them while they are turning your world upside down.


This is the sign which breaks all the rules. If there is a line, a Scorpio will cross it. Expect anything but normal.

They will try all sorts of kissing styles—of course, the ones that not too many people know how to do and they may even throw in something they have come up with recently.

One way or the other, you in for a great and memorable surprise.


Let’s say Sags know just the right amount of everything when kissing is at stake. They will never do too little and never go too far.

That’s the beauty of their kisses—they are just right.

They will find those spots that make you crazy and lick them and kiss them until you can’t take it anymore.

They are no strangers to using tongue and when they use it they know how to, but they never overdo it.


As in real life, Capricorns are go-getters in kissing. They will always go one step further until they come to the line.

Then, they’ll stop and it will be perfect. They are prone to biting but not the way Aries do it.

They do it more softly and gently. Also, they will avoid all the places you don’t like as long as you tell them.

They are very confident while they kiss you and it leaves an impression that they know what they are doing. And the truth is, they do.


They are very instinctive, so the moment they start kissing you, they will know exactly what you like and what you don’t.

This gives them a huge advantage and that’s why they are awesome kissers.

They never stick to just one style of kissing and it makes them exciting and unpredictable. They like to mix things up and surprise you.


The deepest and most emotional kissers of the Zodiac are Pisces. They are different as always from anyone else.

They turn kissing into an art in which they are the pros. They use kissing to connect deeply with the person they are with and they give it their all.

You’ve never been kissed the right way if you haven’t been kissed by a Pisces.

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