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How To Make Him Addicted To You According To His Zodiac Sign

How To Make Him Addicted To You According To His Zodiac Sign

1. Aries

If you want to make him addicted, you just need to be as wild as you can. You have to always be on the move because that is what an Aries man likes the most in his partner.

He can’t stand to be in a boring relationship, so the best way to keep him interested is to try new things and have fun with him.

Also, don’t forget to keep your positive mood on because he likes cheerful and fun women. He will get addicted to you in no time if you convince him that you are the best option for him.

And you will manage that by being the funniest and craziest version of yourself.

2.  Taurus

What this man likes the most is when a woman feels a bit of shyness when she is with him. That is what makes her highly desirable and appealing.

If a Taurus wants to kiss his partner in public and she tells him to wait until they are alone, it will make him love her even more.

He will know she is a high-value woman and that she would make a good mother and wife.

He simply wants a woman who knows how to act when they are in public and when they are hidden from the curious looks.

So, if you want to catch a Taurus man’s heart, you just need to show him that you don’t want to expose your intimacy just like that and that you prefer to show him how much you love him when you are alone.

3. Gemini   

What you need to show to your Gemini man is that you will never settle for less than you deserve.

It means that you won’t put up with some kind of an almost-love, but that you will want the same fire you had so many years ago when you first started dating.

Show him that years don’t mean anything and that no matter how much time you spend together, he still needs to make some effort for you.

Make him addicted to you by showing him that you are a strong and independent woman and that he will lose you if he doesn’t take good care of you.

That is the only right path to his heart. By doing this, he will never think about another woman and his heart will always belong to you.

4. Cancer

If you want to make this man addicted to you, you need to show him that he is the most important man in your life.

Show him that you see a best friend in him, your guardian angel, and a person who will protect you from all the bad things that can happen.

Show him that you need him and that he is the one you can rely on in your worst moments.

When he feels needed, he will do all in his power to win you over and his love toward you won’t change no matter how much time passes.

He doesn’t want you to be the damsel in distress, but simply to let him take care of you. That means so much to him because he feels manlier.

5. Leo

If you really want to make this man addicted to you, you will have to work your ass off to get there.

You see, a Leo man is known as the king of the jungle and he just wants to date girls who are excellent in all they do.

So, if you want to make him be your boyfriend you will have to be the best version of yourself.

You will have to show him that you are serious and that you really love him. To make a long story short, he wants you to put him first.

That means that his happiness should be more important to you than your own.

Now, the question is: are you willing to go that far for a man who may turn out to be nothing more than a player?

6. Virgo

To make a Virgo man addicted to you, you just need to be a good person.

Virgos can always see if you are good and honest and they will be able to have a long-term relationship only with that kind of women.

They could never be with a party girl who lives on the edge. Instead, they choose a traditional and kind girl who they will gladly meet with their parents.

So, if you recognize yourself in these lines, chances are that a Virgo man can easily get addicted and attached to you.

You should know that Virgos make one of the most faithful and loyal partners, so you won’t have any problems with them.

In fact, if you make them fall for you, they will be attached to you and never wish for someone else.

7. Libra

You will easily get this man only for yourself if you show him that you are strong enough to take care of him.

If you show him that you are independent and that you don’t need him to complete you, he will fall head over heels for you.

It is known that Libras like alpha women who are not afraid to do this that others might be afraid of.

He simply needs someone who will sometimes decide instead of him because he doesn’t know what the best is for him.

He needs a mother figure more than a wife, so it is up to you if you can function with that kind of man.

Just know that he is not lazy to take care of himself, but he sometimes doesn’t believe he is capable and smart enough to make the right decision.

8. Scorpio

Make a Scorpio man addicted to you by doing small things for him. Bring him a cup of coffee when you see he is tired or offer to give him a massage.

He doesn’t want anything big from you, just small things to let him know that you’re thinking of him.

To him, small things matter the most, so he will probably be happier when you bring him a cup of tea when he is sick than to buy him a brand new Porsche for his birthday.

A guy like this is known as family-oriented and traditional, so, in case you win his heart, he will transform your life into the most beautiful love story.

He will never let anything bad happen to you and will know what kind of a woman he has beside him.

This is a kind of a man who will give you so much, even if you offer him so little.

9. Sagittarius

If you want to make a Sag addicted to you, you will just have to be yourself. That means no pretending, no drama, and no lies.

Just be yourself because he can only fall in love with the real you.

Let him see you as you are, vulnerable, broken, yet at the same time extremely strong with a great will to fight and to move on.

If you show him who you really are, he will fall head over heels in love with you and never look at another woman.

What you need to avoid in a relationship with him is to tell him even white lies, because these can hurt him so much.

Always be honest, no matter how bad the truth may be, and have open communication. Only in that way can your relationship get over all the rough patches.

10. Capricorn

The only way to make a Capricorn man addicted to you is to give him credits for all the nice things he has done for you.

Show him that you appreciate every single effort he makes to improve your relationship.

Don’t forget to tell him you love him every day because he is pretty emotional and things like that can make his day.

Show him that you are the person he can always rely on and you will never let him go. He needs to feel safe in a relationship and know that all his effort is not in vain.

Just like he helps you and supports you, he wants you to do the same for him. He doesn’t just need a lover, but also a best friend he will be able to open up to.

If you think you can be someone he can always rely on, then you should definitely give it a shot with a Capricorn man.

11. Aquarius

This man will fall only for the one who supports his career goals.

If you know how to praise him well for all of his business achievements, then you are the real deal for an Aquarius man.

You see, this man has worked his ass off to get where he is now and he wants his partner to know that.

That’s why it is very important to him to have a person who will push him to be the best version of himself, instead of telling him that all his achievements are not a big deal.

He needs a good woman who will support him and love him unconditionally.

Only with a woman like that can he be the best version of himself. And when he gets there, when he feels completely happy, you will be happy, too.  

12. Pisces

You can make this man addicted to you if you show interest in his family.

He is very traditional and he loves the idea that his romantic partner has a good relationship with his parents and siblings.

So, if you want to make a Pisces man yours, all you need is to become his family’s best friend.

I suggest you to not do it just to make him yours because it will be hard later. If you see that you and his family are not on the same level, just be honest about that.

You can pretend that you like them for a short time, but it won’t function in the long run, that’s for sure.

But, on the other hand, you can turn out to have a wonderful relationship with his family and in that case, half of the job is already done.