Wondering how to make him addicted to you? No worries – today you’ll learn to become the goddess who will make him (and any man out there) stick to you like glue!

There are millions of ways to make a man want you, billions of pieces of advice, and most of them should’ve been left in the 19th century where they belong.

Changing yourself (drastically) in any way to make a man addicted to you is everything we’ve been fighting against for a long time, right girls?

So, what is the secret ingredient that has the power of making a man addicted to you, worship you, and never stop thinking about you?

The secret is in being your true self, being an independent woman oozing with self-confidence, and not giving a damn about what other people think!

If you want him to think about only you, you need to make him miss you, appreciate you, and value you. That is how you will make him totally addicted to you!

To help you with all this, here are ten proven ways to make him addicted to you, which definitely don’t include you playing damsel in distress or making him a sandwich and politely nodding while he talks.

(I wish I could say that I’m joking, but that is an actual piece of advice I found on the internet.)


Communicate with him

couple talking outside of cafe         

If I’ve learned anything during my humble years and romantic endeavours, it’s this: Communication is the key to every healthy relationship (and basically to a healthy everything).

When there is no communication, there is no honesty, there is no sharing the important parts of your life with your guy, and therefore, there is no connection.

And of course, there is no knowledge of how you two are actually doing, because you are solving all of the issues in your own head, and the same goes for him.

When you’re living in two separate worlds, it’s hard to reach that level of commitment that’s crucial for making him addicted to you and vice versa.

It’s important to communicate, to encourage him to talk to you about his hobbies and all those little things happening in his life. Also, it’s crucial to be a good listener too!

This way, you create a safe place for him to open up to you and you learn how to trust each other and be each other’s best friend, which is incredibly important for your relationship to grow.

When you keep things to yourself and communicate mostly via text messages, you create a huge gap that ruins your connection.

But when you know that your partner is there for you – that your partner will always be there to listen to your troubles, share the silence and give you advice – life doesn’t seem that scary at all.

So, the first thing you need to do to make him addicted to you is to be his friend, and then the lover, girlfriend, wife (or whatever else).

Accept his flaws and support him

woman comforting worried man

Being accepted for who we are, understood (even when we say something utterly stupid), and appreciated no matter what are basic human needs.

They are things we all crave, no matter how confident and badass we are (or pretend to be)!

We just need someone who sees all of our flaws and loves us for us – and HE needs that as well!

We all need someone who knows that we’re no superhero, but still sees us as such. So, just like you’d love to be accepted, accept him too.

Love him for his flaws and quirks, not despite them, and keep in mind that no one is perfect. The only thing that matters is how you two fit together!

Which brings us to the importance of support. Life is tough, and I mean bitch-like tough.

One moment you’re doing well and the very next you the ground gives under your feet, and you don’t know what to do next (be it in your love life, job, family, or something else).

In moments like that, it’s important to know that there’s someone who’s got our back – someone who’s our number one fan. And you should be that for each other.

If you want to make your guy fall for you hard, you need to encourage him when he steps out of his comfort zone and be there to comfort him when things don’t go as planned. (Trust me, if anything will strengthen your relationship, it’s this.)

Live your life to the fullest

Woman is sitting near her bike in the park

Instead of solely pursuing romance and true love, or re-reading dating advice on the internet and in magazines, don’t be afraid to take some time for yourself as well.

Having dreams to follow and things you are passionate about is what makes you extraordinary and really exciting to be with!

He will fall madly in love with you when he sees that you’re free as a bird – that you’re not afraid to follow your heart and live your life to the fullest!

Trust me, no guy (regardless of his zodiac sign, personality, and preference) would ever be able to stay indifferent to such a powerful woman – a woman who knows how to enjoy life and appreciate every second of every moment!

Keep in mind that there’s no point in giving it all away just because you’re in a relationship.

With time, he’ll start feeling guilty that you’ve given up on your dreams for him and you’ll inevitably start feeling unhappy for not doing all the things you used to dream of doing.

Don’t be afraid to have a life outside of your relationship. You’ll be surprised how much a little bit of distance can help in keeping a relationship happy (and making him addicted to you in the process)!

Spice it up!

passionate couple kissing on couch

Spice it up under the sheets, outside the bedroom, with hot texting. Flirt with him, use the power of body language, do whatever and wherever you feel like it, as long as it keeps things interesting. Why?

Because many couples fall into a routine and start doing things automatically. (Just imagine kissing the love of your life on autopilot, as that’s what it seems like.)

The last thing you need in your life is ”being stuck in a rut” zone, when all you really want is to make him addicted to you and bring out the best in your relationship.

Just like falling in love, making him addicted to you is a process that requires constant nourishment and devotion.

You can suggest some new, HOT positions in the bedroom, surprise him with a couple of sexts or maybe some quick action in the morning before work.

The most important thing is that you feel comfortable while doing it because there is no point in spicing up your life if you’re not 100% into it.

He’ll feel it and it won’t be as exciting as it normally would be. So, do this only when you’re ready and you feel it’s time.

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Don’t be afraid to be emotional

happy couple hugging outside

Piling up your emotions is never a good thing, especially if you’re keeping them locked up deep inside.

They need to get out eventually, otherwise, you will drown in them and snap.

Luckily, you have someone special you can talk to, someone who’ll be happy to help you with whatever troubles you.

Show him that you trust him and you appreciate his help. Even if he doesn’t have good advice like your lady friends, he still has a shoulder you can cry on and an ear to listen.

He’ll be honored you decided to show your vulnerable side to him and you’ll in turn get the relief you need.

And don’t be afraid to express how much you love him and appreciate him being in your life. Gratitude is one of the strongest ways to make him addicted to you!

Men need to know that their efforts are not in vain and you’re the only one who can assure him of that, so don’t keep it to yourself when he does something that sweeps you off of your feet.

Show him how surprised you are and grateful you are for it, and he’ll make sure to keep doing more of it in the future!

Be confident

group of female friends drinking beer outside

Confidence is what makes any man fall head over heels for you and the same goes for your man!

Don’t be afraid to rock heels and dresses, to listen to rock bands that no one’s listening to, to sit like Al Bundy with a bottle of beer on the couch in that popular series Married with Children, or to do whatever you want – as long as it’s legit and it makes you feel good!

Try out new things, do spa weekends, go wine tasting with your friends, find some weird hobbies, sing, draw, express yourself. Stay genuine in whatever you do.

Do whatever it is that makes your confidence go through the roof and trust me, he will become addicted to you in no time!

The thing is, men instantly feel better when they can show off their partner. (Now, don’t you dare think that this has something to do with your looks only!)

So what if you are not as perfect as those models in magazines? They’re photoshopped anyway and they’re just not real.

The only thing that’s real in this life is confidence, your personality, and your natural beauty, so don’t you dare go bothering with stupid things like perfect makeup or hair.

Instead pursuing fake ideals, rock your own perfection and embrace it! Because there’s nothing more attractive than a woman who is confident and loves herself, who respects herself and then others, who values her own opinions and isn’t afraid to share it with other people – a woman who is genuine to the core.

Keep it adventurous

couple feeding flamingo birds at zoo

This one is my favorites. Make a list of all the things you want to try and the ones your partner does (as he’s mentioned them to you for sure).

Once the list is done, start planning on turning them into a reality. You can even create a bucket list of all the things you want to do by the end of the year.

Make it adventurous and pumped up with adrenaline, like skydiving and bungee jumping.

You can even go hiking, to an amusement park, or to the zoo if it’s something you haven’t done in a long time.

The point is that you do these things together and that they make you feel good and connected while doing them.

Embrace your inner child and do all the things you once dreamed of. Even if it’s crazy, like driving around in a firefighter’s truck, taking a stroll in pajamas in the middle of the night, or pretending that you’re strangers in your own city, as long as you’re having the time of your life together and making memories, trust me, you’re doing it right!

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Make him a part of your life – not your whole life

happy woman sitting on the beach

When we’re in the honeymoon phase, we just can’t get enough of each other and that’s completely normal.

But once the honeymoon phase is over, being together all the time and making him your life is neither normal nor healthy.

Make him part of your life but not your entire life!

Keep on pursuing your dreams and following your passions and ask him to come along with you and for him to be your company on the way. You two are best friends, lovers, and soulmates.

But this doesn’t mean that the rest of the world stops existing just because you two fell in love with each other.

Enjoy your life to the fullest and enjoy it both with him and your friends and family.

Enjoy it with yourself first, because alone time is incredibly important for you to be happy and healthy as well.

You can’t pour from an empty cup, so take care of yourself first. Don’t be afraid or ashamed to spoil yourself with long bubble baths, drinking of your favorite cocktails, re-reading your favorite books, or watching your favorite TV show alone or with your best friends. You deserve to be happy and nurtured from the inside out too!

Respect him and demand respect in return

young couple eye contact outside

Respect and loyalty are one of the most important parts of every (potential) relationship.

Since loyalty comes from respecting each other, that means that respect is the ultimate ingredient for a happy and successful relationship, alongside love.

So, if you want to make him yours, you need to respect his boundaries and his time, the same as you’d want him to respect yours.

If he says that he’s going out with his friends, encourage him to do so. Show him that he has your trust.

Respect his wishes values and dreams, just as you’d want yours to be respected in return.

For relationships to succeed, there are many sacrifices and compromises to be made.

But someone sacrificing their free time, dreams, and wishes to make the other person happy is a one-way ticket to disaster.

Giving up on one’s beliefs is even worse – which leads us to the last point of this article.

Be yourself and encourage him to be himself too

young couple sitting on grass in nature

Be yourself. Let him be himself. Like I’ve said many times, no one is perfect.

So, there’s no need for you to give up on parts of yourself that make you who you are or even ask him to do it if you are not interested in doing the same.

The whole idea of a relationship is doing things together, growing up and growing old together, changing and evolving together.

You’ll not be the same person you were last year and he won’t either.

But as long as you are being yourself, as long as you two are talking about issues and the stuff that’s going on in your lives, you’ll be okay.

Don’t be afraid to show him your vulnerable side, as well as your badass and fierce side. He fell in love with you, the whole YOU. Not just the pretty parts.

Keep that in mind and you will succeed in making him addicted to you in no time!

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In conclusion:

The secret ingredient is giving him everything bit by bit and waiting for him to earn your trust – to win you with effort and sweet gestures, instead of making him your priority immediately.

The secret ingredient that will make him addicted to you is living your own life to the fullest but also being there for him, accepting him, supporting him, and spicing things up from time to time.

It’s never forgetting to take care of yourself, nourish your friendships, and take some alone time.

Trust me, no man out there will ever be able to resist such a woman! The moment you show him that you don’t need him and that you’re perfectly capable of being on your own, he’ll become addicted to you!

He’ll want to be a part of your life and everything you do because he will crave your presence, your aura, your everything so badly!

10 Proven Ways To Make Him Addicted To You