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How To Tell If Other People Find You Attractive

How To Tell If Other People Find You Attractive

Am I wearing too much make-up? Does this dress make me look fat? Am I too thin?

What kind of an outfit should I be wearing to hide (something) I don’t want others to notice? Am I attractive?

These are the questions that almost every woman is dealing with in their everyday life. This has become the brutal reality of the 21st century.

I call it brutal reality because the media has greatly influenced this phenomenon of feeling like we have to be perfect in order to be attractive.

That is why we (and especially women) feel like we need to have perfect hair, nails, outfits, etc., and constantly work on ourself in order to feel good and be attractive to ourself and others.

All these perfect models promoted by the media (as well as other things) invoke insecurities in women and this can be really frustrating when it comes to real life, where perfection is simply unreachable.

Unfortunately, we forget that we are beautiful and attractive as we are and that is why we start questioning it and asking for validation from others.

Nevertheless, this is perfectly normal because it is in our nature to feel a little bit insecure about ourself and that is not such a bad thing after all.

Feeling insecure motivates you to constantly work on yourself and greatly improve your love life, social life and so on.

But there is one thing you need to understand and that is feeling attractive is within yourself and if you feel good in your skin, others will find you attractive as well.

Most of the time, you forget this and instead think that others will not find you attractive because of your outfit or something else less important.

And that is why you start living in the delusion that other people think of you what you imagine that they are thinking.

You become too harsh on yourself and that prevents you from enjoying life in full. You think you are far from attractive when others actually find you really hot.

10 signs that you are wanted and desired more than you think you are

You are kind

Kindness is really rare these days. It’s something we shouldn’t take for granted because kind people are becoming extinct with modern cruelty.

Being kind means being nice to everyone and treating everyone with the same amount of respect.

It means respecting yourself and respecting others equally.

Kindness is definitely the most attractive trait one could possess and if you find yourself to be kind, know that others greatly appreciate you for that.

Even though they might not say it to you, know that it’s true.

Your kindness is like a beautiful, rare light in the darkness and you should never think that others do not notice it.

If you’re kind to people, animals, the environment and the things that surround you, you’re making the world a better place and others will find that quality attractive.

Don’t ever think that if you’re being too polite, people will think that you are weak.

Bad people and greedy people are the weak ones. Kindness is the opposite of it and you should be proud of yourself for that.

You’re a catch

Being a catch is ultimately attractive. But, most of the time, people confuse being a catch with having a lot of potential daters and never being single.
They don’t know that there are two sides to being a catch. Being a catch means never being single and always having others pursuing you and courting you.

But being a catch also means being forever single because other people might find you too intimidating.

Especially if you’re not afraid to say what you mean and you’re not afraid to show your confidence, others will find you too intimidating and they will be afraid to approach you.

And then you start thinking that you’re not attractive and you find yourself asking your friend the inevitable question: Am I attractive?

But the reality is the total opposite. This has nothing to do with not being attractive.

On the contrary, it means you’re too attractive, which intimidates them and prevents them from reaching you.

If that is the case, you should not be frustrated over this because if they are afraid of approaching you, it means they don’t even deserve you.

Wait for someone who will show you real confidence and who will not be afraid to stand by your side.

You ooze confidence

There’s nothing more powerful and attractive than a woman oozing confidence. If you’re not afraid to be who you are, other people will notice it.

When you are confident , you have this light shining out of you and it is really hard not to pay attention to it.

Confidence includes walking with grace, being kind and having distinctive manners, loving your life and respecting others.

All of these will be shown in your daily life and others will simply be unable to resist it.

Your confidence may sometimes appear too intimidating to others and that is why they might think you get a lot of compliments and you’re always dating someone.

When people think you get a lot of compliments, they choose not to compliment you or they will compliment you and say that you’ve probably heard that a hundred times so far.

And that is why you start questioning your own attraction but in reality, things are so much different from what you’ve been assuming.

You own your sexuality

Another attractive quality is enjoying sex and not being ashamed of your sexuality.

If you’re confident of your sexuality, others will find you extremely attractive and they will want to be a part of your life.

You never ask your partner to turn off the lights when you’re making love to them because you are confident in what you are bringing to the table.

You enjoy sex with every fiber of your being and you don’t let others impose their opinions on you about this.

You often find people staring at you

Sometimes you may find other people staring at you, which immediately makes you think that you have something on your face.

People always think that they have something on their face or their outfit and that is the only reason for others staring at them.

But this is not true. Most of the time, people will stare at something they find amusing or attractive.

They will stare at you because they simply cannot get enough of you and wherever they look, they have this constant urge to go back to staring at you.

And this will make you uneasy because your insecurities are telling you that they are staring for the wrong reasons.

But in reality, they are actually staring because they find you attractive to look at.

Also, if you find other people staring at you every time you go somewhere, don’t think that you’re in the wrong room.

Know that you are capturing their hearts and eyes with your overall appearance.

You are a good listener

Being a good listener means you’re interested in what is going on in other people’s lives.

It means you’re not egocentric and only interested in yourself and talking about your life. Being a good listener is a top attractive quality one can have.

Has anyone ever told you that they feel like they can tell you anything?

If yes, you should feel flattered because it means they find you reliable and they enjoy talking to you.

But if no one has said that but you notice that people like to talk to you or when they have a problem, they go to you for advice, it means they think you are a great listener.

It means you are highly attractive and you appreciate others.

You appreciate hearing what is going on in their lives and you’re always there to help them cope with their difficulties.

You enjoy life

There’s nothing sexier than someone who knows how to enjoy life. Enjoying life means being positive about things even when they are not so bright.

It means always finding something good in a sea of bad.

If you enjoy the little things that life offers you and you rarely find yourself complaining to others about how you hate your life, you’re one of those who knows how to truly enjoy every moment of their precious life and you should never bother asking yourself again: Am I attractive?

Enjoying life means being attractive and being attractive means attracting others to your life.

No one can resist someone who knows how to chill the fuck out, even when it seems impossible to do so. It is a divine trait and if you possess it too, congratulations!

You do everything with passion

There is something about passionate people who do everything with care and inspiration.

If you’re one of them, believe me, you’re far more attractive than you think you are.

Being passionate means not being satisfied with mediocrity.

It means always searching for something new, wild and unexplored. And when you find it, you invest yourself to the extent of not sleeping or eating properly.

And that is when you know that passion has been your guide all this time.

Doing everything with passion means kissing with passion, making love with passion, cooking with passion, singing, writing, drawing, and talking with passion.

It means you enjoy everything you do and you give 100% of yourself to what makes you happy.

You know you’re passionate when you have that fire in your eyes forcing you to do things you’d never thought of doing or saying.

And that fire is really contagious to other people. They can either join in or not but they will never be able to ignore it.

You laugh a lot and make others laugh

Laughing is a cure. It is a cure for your soul and other people’s souls as well. It helps you to go through all of those hard moments in your life and it helps you to share joy with others.

If you often find yourself laughing, it means you’re attractive. It is as simple as that. People who laugh often are pure gold and they work like a magnet to attract others.

If you laugh at other people’s jokes or you’re not afraid to laugh at yourself, you’re having the time of your life and you’re not afraid to show it to others.

And that is really hot. If you’re also making others laugh at your jokes or funny things going in your life, it means you’re sharing your joy with them and they will be attracted to all of this positivity you are giving them.

Your smile is making the world a better place so you can be sure that others are noticing it.

When you smile, you appear ten times more attractive and you should never forget that or underestimate the power of a good laugh.

You are ambitious

Ambitious people have one thing in common and that is success. You cannot be successful if you’re not ambitious and that is just how it works.

And being ambitious is sexy. Being successful is even sexier.

It means you know what you want and you know how to get it. And that is what distinguishes you from other less successful people.

Your ambitious nature is killer and you should never question being attractive.

You’re more than attractive to others so make sure that you remind yourself of this a few times a day until you absorb it entirely.

Being ambitious is also linked with confidence and if you possess these two qualities, believe me, you are a real gem.