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7 Signs You Suffer From Energy Blocks And How To Release Them!

7 Signs You Suffer From Energy Blocks And How To Release Them!

What Exactly Are Energy Blocks?

Energy blocks are more common and present in everyone’s daily life than you’re aware of.

It is all those tasks you promised to fulfill but never did. It is those mental blocks that you are guilty of imposing on yourself, therefore not letting go of the negative energy and freeing yourself.

So how do you get yourself unstuck?

Oftentimes, humans are too harsh on themselves with regards to putting too much on their plate and exhausting their physical body and emotional energy when unable to fulfill those tasks.

You may think it’s procrastination or that your negative thinking is deserved as you haven’t been as successful as you had envisioned.

But the fact of the matter is, your energy levels (and your entire energy system ) are dependent on self-love and clear energy blocks .

Your personal growth is highly dependent on your clear energy flow but if your energy field is tainted, there are extremely effective, yet simple steps you can take to self-improvement.

Do you wish to work on your well-being ? Are you craving personal development and do you want to learn to let go of negative vibes on your way to energy healing ?

Keep reading in order to restore your flow of energy and bring back the balance to your life.

Unexpected depression

People suffering from clinical depression with damaged mental health exhibit a constant onset of negative emotions and jadedness, which differs substantially from energy blocks .

Energy blocks catch you by surprise.

They simply appear out of nowhere and completely eviscerate every shred of your positive energy and plant emotional blocks in your mind.

This turns your entire being upside down and makes you think you are suffering from a mental illness while actually, you are a victim of an emotional block .


Feeling tired or exhausted is in no way the same as suffering from severe fatigue.

The lethargy it causes cripples your mind and soul and renders your body almost impossible to move.

In this stage, you are much more likely to sleep for much longer than you’re used to and experience feelings of procrastination .

Excessive worry

Do you ever get the feeling like you cannot get out of this endless cycle of worrying?

It overwhelms you and even though everything is fine, you can’t shake the feeling of impending danger.

This could suggest that your energy blocks are causing your well-being to deteriorate to the point of deluding your mind into worrying about stuff you shouldn’t be dreading.

This is also a sign that your mental health is in need of being restored and nurtured, which is why it is crucial you take the necessary steps to clear your crown chakra and release those emotional blocks that are stifling your personal growth .

Severe anger

Have you experienced a total loss of self-control recently?

Have you gone ballistic for no apparent reason and took out that anger and frustration on an innocent individual?

Losing your temper is a likely sign of an energy block .

It is one thing to get mad or irritated but this causes you to not recognize yourself afterward.

Your emotional outburst scared everyone around you (including yourself) and your physical body felt beyond exhausted from all the negative emotions that left your body.


One major thing that hinders your personal growth on your journey to self-improvement is resentment.

It manifests in you not being able to let go of your frustrations with someone and refusing to forgive.

Do you experience a sense of bitterness that consumes you?

Do you feel incapable of forgiveness toward a person who has wronged you? Harboring negative emotions diminishes your mental health and disturbs your positive energy flow , which causes you to suffer from serious emotional blocks .

This feeling of bitterness bothers you much more than the person who caused you actual pain and that is a clear sign of an energy block .

Unhealthy spending

Instead of paying the bills and buying groceries for the house, you indulge in an excessive extravaganza at the mall that rids you of a substantial amount of money.

You keep shopping, hoping it will help you feel better and somehow more fulfilled.

The thing is, when the negative vibes consume your being, you immediately get the urge to spend money, feeling it will restore your flow of energy .

But once you realize what you have done, the negative energy only spreads and causes your emotional block to grow.

Decreased need for sustenance

Energy blocks often result in your decreased need to eat. Your appetite has diminished and your willingness to take care of yourself is now at zero.

When the pathway to positive energy is closed, the block you experience plays mind games with you and causes you to deprive yourself of food.

It is a form of self-punishment that you impose on yourself due to your energy system being at an all-time low.

Unless you take steps to better your energy field and feed your body that is yearning for food, your energy flow will keep blocking your mind and stop you from nurturing your well-being .

How To Release Your Energy Blocks

Set strong intentions of how you wish to release your emotional blocks and clear your pathway to personal development .

Stand firmly by your affirmations as you are the only one who knows what your mind and soul respond to best.

White sage works in miraculous ways. The first thing you should do is burn the sage and following that (after it has cooled), circle the chakra points on your body with the smoke.

Afterward, go around your house and enter every room with the intention to clear all the leftover negative energy and release it from your household and from your mind.

Make amends with the fact that you are not in control of every aspect of your life. Learn the power of letting go.

If necessary, create a healthy mantra in order to help yourself realize all the benefits you will be blessed with by releasing your mind of unnecessary worries.

Detach from your dysfunctional loved ones .

This is the most challenging task of them all but in order to truly release all the negativity from your life and make room for positive reinforcement, you have to cut ties with negative people.

Re-examine your life and ask yourself in which areas you wish to achieve more and where you are perfectly content with your level of success and personal growth .

Then work on the aspects you wish to enhance and enrich and keep doing what you’ve been doing in the areas that make you happy and at peace.