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How To Tell If You’re Dating A Self-Respecting Man

How To Tell If You’re Dating A Self-Respecting Man

Self-respect is (in the majority of cases) directly linked with women. Women are often bombarded with how they should work on their self-esteem, self-respect and similar.

But what about men?

Are men some kind of extinct animals so that they don’t need to bother to work on themselves as hard as women do? The answer is (of course) no. On the contrary, this shouldn’t be a matter of choice.

Women should DEMAND to exclusively date only men who love and respect themselves because if he respects himself, he will be able to respect you as well. And this is how you’ll know whether the guy you’re dating is a self-respecting man or just someone who is not worth your time.

1. He’s kind to others (regardless of their status)

A self-respecting man is always kind to other people, regardless of whether they are taxi drivers, bartenders or lawyers. He will never try to put them down so that he can feel better about himself.

He’s always ready to help others who are in need and he doesn’t do it so that he can brag about his generosity to others. He helps others because he feels it is the right thing to do and bragging about it is simply out of the question.

2. He is humble

When he talks about his past, or his friends or family, he is genuinely humble. He doesn’t boast about his success and achievements because he knows that being humble is his biggest achievement after all.

He never talks about his exes, friends or family just to make himself a victim. He talks about past events rationally and with a lot of respect, regardless of the situation.

3. He acknowledges his mistakes

Even if he’s made some mistakes in his past, a self-respecting man will acknowledge that instead of selling lies to you. Only great men can admit their mistakes openly and seek forgiveness.

That way, you can be sure that he will never do anything bad to you on purpose. And even if he does make a mistake, he will make sure to acknowledge it and to never repeat it again.

Honesty is his number one priority and that is why he will never treat you like someone who is unworthy of his respect or appreciation. Instead, he will make an effort to prove to you that he is worth your every second spent with him.

4. He is open to improvement

He is constantly working on himself because he cannot satisfy himself with mediocrity. Improvement is a part of his life agenda and he is utterly devoted to making changes and finding a way to make things function properly.

He is not the kind of guy who waits for others to do all the work. Instead, he is always ready to even go out of his way if needed, to achieve everything he’s imagined achieving.

Determination is his middle name and nothing will stop him from fighting for something he believes in with all of his heart. And the same can be applied to dating and relationships as well.

5. He takes good care of himself

He is always neatly dressed, he takes good care of his hygiene and he takes good care of his health as well. And this is all visible in the way he oozes positivity and charm.

A self-respecting man will always be noticed, even in the biggest crowd. He doesn’t take his physical appearance or health for granted. He appreciates what Mother Nature has given him and he nurtures it.

He’s grateful for everything he has and it is seen in his posture, the way he walks, talks and so on. He appreciates everything he has and takes good care of it.

6. He’s responsible

He is responsible regarding his job, duties, paying bills, schedules, etc. And he always makes sure to show up on time. A man who respects himself never lets others wait for him because he respects their time as well.

He never complains about something he needs to do because he knows it is his duty and finding excuses to avoid finishing something is just a waste of time. If he says that he will be somewhere at a specific time, he will make damn sure to do so.

And they are the main differences between a self-respecting man and someone who is not worth your time. Self-respecting men don’t make excuses—they make an effort.