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I Knew You Were A Bad Idea From The Moment I Met You But I Couldn’t Help Myself

I Knew You Were A Bad Idea From The Moment I Met You But I Couldn’t Help Myself

You had me at “Hello”. To be precise, you had me as soon as our eyes locked. It was your eyes, your heavenly deep blue eyes that made me fall for you. 

It was also your smile, your charm, your perfect hair… Seriously, how could I resist you? How could anyone resist you?

Before I knew what was happening, the never-ending battle between my mind and my heart started.

I could almost hear my heart whispering that you were the one, while my brain was screaming how it was a bad idea, and that falling for you would be one terrible mistake.

It was all so intense. I knew what I had to do, but I couldn’t help myself. I couldn’t ignore my feelings. I finally understood the power of love at first sight.

Unfortunately for me, my heart was winning. I chose to listen to my heart and I muted my mind. My heart was already doomed. It was set to be broken right from the start.

I understand that there is a good reason why we should listen to our minds over our hearts. It’s there to protect our hearts. 

I wish that I had learned that sooner. It would’ve saved me all this pain. But at least I know it now and I’ve promised myself I’ll never make such a bad choice again.

I still don’t know what the deal with you was. From that first glance until it was all over I was under your spell. I forgot all about what I wanted and who I was and I focused solely on you.

I went against my better judgment and ignored all the red flags. I was hooked on you and there was nothing I could do about it.

Really, what’s the deal with good girls and bad boys? Okay, I get that opposites attract but why do we fall for bad boys so often?

You were so unpredictable, I never knew what you were going to do next. Every day with you was a new adventure. You gave me an adrenaline rush every single day.

You were so exciting and different from all the other men in my life. Trying to keep up with you was fun at the beginning. 

But then I realized that I need something else. Someone more serious. Someone who knows what he wants from life and who isn’t afraid to settle down one day.

Someone the complete opposite of you. I knew you liked who you were, and that you wouldn’t change. That’s why I never asked you to. It would have been wrong.

I could never control you and it made me want you even more. You always did everything the way you wanted to. You were the true alpha male.

I admit it, you were my biggest mistake. But, you’re also my most beautiful and favorite mistake. I felt so alive when I was with you and you’re definitely someone I’ll never forget.

I think you cared for me, too – more than you would ever admit. You are too afraid of commitment, though, and too used to your bad boy ways to do anything about it.

Our breakup is killing me right now, but I have to be honest and say that you’ve changed my life. You taught me that I have to appreciate life more. I’ll forever be thankful for that.

Yes, I knew from the beginning that I shouldn’t fall for you, but it doesn’t help to ease the pain. It hurts like hell but I know that I have to let you go.

It’s okay, I also know that healing a broken heart takes time. There is a battle going on between my mind and my heart again.

This time, my mind is winning. I’m going to be fine, it’s just that my heart needs some more time to accept what my mind already knows, and that is to save myself by letting you go.