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I Missed Who I Was Before You And I’m Glad She’s Coming Back

I Missed Who I Was Before You And I’m Glad She’s Coming Back

You came and wrecked up my life. In the end, I was left with nothing – no one I could go to, not even myself.

I lost myself because of you. You got me so wrapped up in your toxic net and I didn’t even notice.

Every time I would put you before me, I would lose a piece of myself.

Every time I decided that your needs were more important than mine, I would let myself down.

Love is about caring, but what to do when it turns into endless giving? Where’s the limit?

By the end of it, I was so drained. There was nothing left in me, just an empty shell. I forgot who I was.

This sudden realization left me thinking I’d never be able to recover. You never seemed to notice I changed; that wasn’t a concern of yours.

As long as there was something for you, your attention was on yourself only. But that changed when there was nothing left to give.

All of a sudden, I was useless and replaceable to you, and put aside. You made me feel worthless because I let you decide my worth.

That’s the lesson that came with a price. I learned I should never, ever let someone decide my worth. 

When you start seeing yourself through the eyes of those who don’t value you, you start doubting yourself.

You should always make sure you know your worth even if they don’t.

Unfortunately, at the time I didn’t know that, so I was left broken and without a clue to who I was.

I knew that once I was determined, happy, and full of life. I was spontaneous, always ready to change things up.

What happened to that girl? My heart got me in trouble. They don’t say love is blind for no reason.

Why I couldn’t see you were so controlling is beyond me. I was so naive thinking you were the one for me.

You didn’t love me at all. You were using me. It’s so painful to admit, but it is what it is.

No more lies and no more withholding truths from others and especially from myself.

The only thing I know now is that I want myself back no matter what. I’m done being a victim and letting others decide my fate.  It’s time to turn over a new leaf.

I want my passion back. I want to wake up and know exactly what I need to do. And if I can’t find myself, I will create myself!

I’m learning to let myself feel all the things I once suppressed. They all make me who I am.

Suppressing only causes more harm and keeps me from expressing my true self.

And if you’re not your true self, then who are you? I refuse to be played and put down. I’m enough just the way I am.  No man can tell me otherwise, not anymore.

No one can make you feel inferior without your consent. From now on, I stop telling myself no.

I stop surrounding myself with people who bring me down. I quit doubting my abilities, talking to myself negatively, and putting myself last.

Instead, I start letting myself be free and bold. I start building my path to happiness.

All the things that once bothered me, I welcome back. I’m giving myself a chance to be who I’m destined to be.

I’m letting myself see my full potential. I missed myself and she’s coming back, only this time she knows her worth.

She knows what love’s really about and isn’t losing herself in the process. She doesn’t need to change for anyone.

She knows what she deserves and once it comes to her, she will recognize it.

Somewhere out there is a man who will treat her right and encourage her to be who she is.

A man who knows that love is about a mutual exchange of value, understanding, and respect, and how to appreciate his partner for everything she is.

Until then, she’s got herself – a beautiful and compassionate woman who chooses to love life despite everything.

And that’s more than enough. I learned my lesson and I’m grateful to finally see things as they are.

There will always be someone who doesn’t see your worth – just don’t let it be you.