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I Don’t Need A Superman, All I Need Is A Good, Loyal And Consistent Man

I Don’t Need A Superman, All I Need Is A Good, Loyal And Consistent Man

Why are relationships so complicated? Why is it so hard to find someone who’ll see the real you and still choose to love you?

I truly don’t ask for too much. All I want is to find someone who’ll love me no matter what. Someone who could reciprocate my feelings.

Someone who’ll see all my weaknesses, all my imperfections, and flaws and still choose to love me every single day despite all of that.

I always tried to be the perfect girlfriend. One who never asked any questions and always understood everything.

One who was always ready to forgive and move on easily. One who loved without any limits or conditions.

I even settled for less than I deserved so many times, convincing myself that it’d get better with time or sometimes even that I didn’t deserve more.

I’m done with that. I decided to change my tune. I had a deep and honest conversation with myself. I decided to put a stop to that kind of thinking because it was hurting me.

Also because I know I deserve it. I deserve a man who’ll prove that not all men are the same. I deserve a good and loyal man.

I deserve a man who’ll make me a priority all the time. A man who’ll love and cherish my family and friends as his own. Someone who’ll buy me flowers or say how much he loves me for no reason.

Someone whose only goal will be to make me happy all the time.

The kind of guy who never looks at other women while he’s dating me. One who tells me that I’m the only woman in his life and his dreams. A man for whom one woman is enough.

You know the one who stands behind his own words and always keeps his promises? A guy who isn’t afraid to commit to me only, for the rest of his life.

I don’t need some expensive gifts every day. I don’t need someone who’ll solve all my problems for me.

I’m not looking for someone too special, someone who’ll have some special skills or be special in some way. For God’s sake, I didn’t ask for a superman. All I want is someone who’ll love me in a special way.

I only need true and pure love. I want to be spoiled with love a little bit. I want a man who’ll tell me that he loves me the most and really mean it.

Well, I know that searching for love shouldn’t be our only goal in life and I know how important it is to create a relationship with yourself first.

But it took me a long while before I turned that theory into practice.

The moment I decided to stop settling with less than I deserved was the moment I started building a healthier relationship with myself. That’s when I realized how important self-love is.

I finally saw my own worth and started appreciating myself more. I found so many ways to make myself happy. Most importantly, I learned to love myself.

That doesn’t mean I don’t want someone special in my life, it just means that I am special too.

That’s why I decided that I’m going to wait. I’m sure that my soulmate is out there somewhere. I’m sure that there are still good and consistent men out there. I’m going to wait for him to find me.

If you are asking how I’ll know that I finally met my soulmate, the answer is simple. He will be everything I never had before.

He won’t play games like my exes did. He will immediately prove he is a good guy, that I’m the only woman in his
mind and heart and that he isn’t going to give up until I’m completely his.

You see… I’m not asking for anything out of this world but a good, loyal and consistent man. It’s just what I deserve and I’m not settling for less.