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Note To Self: I Won’t Let You Down

Note To Self: I Won’t Let You Down

How many times have you had to suppress your feelings so you can help your significant other?

How many times have you tried to help them solve their problems, while you were dealing with worse things?

Maybe YOU were the one who was falling apart at that moment, but you didn’t want to burden anyone with your problems.

depressed woman sitting on bed

Or maybe you did tell someone but they didn’t do anything to help you. They let you down, even though you’d never failed them.

Stop feeling like a burden. You always have someone to lean on.

You always have yourself. You are certainly the only person that will never let you down.

You just have to learn how to love yourself more. You don’t have to create a “new self”, just a better self.

happy woman in blue dress

Don’t wait to do it. Do it now. Decide that you won’t live by compromising or sacrificing yourself.

Especially if it is going to endanger your own happiness. Don’t push your own needs aside.

Make a bucket list right now. The moment you start to write this list, it will make you feel better about your life.

You will be excited about planning new things and challenges.

You’ll be excited to cross some things or some PEOPLE off your list.

You can do it. And you will be successful, I promise!

woman in white pullover writing notes

The most important decision should be to treat yourself the way you deserve to be treated.

This should be on the top of your bucket list. Believe me, it’s not selfishness, it is bravery.

Live a healthier life, a more fulfilling life. Make beneficial changes.

You are a priority. Everyone else may come and go from your life, but you can’t.

You are stuck with yourself for the rest of your life, so try to be somebody that you’ll enjoy being around.

girl in white dress walking down the street

Toss away all that is toxic. Try to add something better to your life rather than holding on to everything that is not good for you.

Try to make things better instead of throwing them out of your life.

People will always treat and respect you the way you allow them to. If you show any insecurities, people will use them as a weapon against you.

Your defense mechanisms should set limits and distance yourself when necessary.

girl with dog sitting near lake

Think back to that ex who was your everything. But still, he let you down? You felt like the whole world had let you down.

Don’t worry. You still have someone that will never do that to you. You have yourself.

And no matter how hard things become, you’ll never let yourself down.

And you know what? Mr Right would never do that.

He would never leave. He wouldn’t turn his back when you need him most.

beautiful model posing in the sun

He would reach out to you and he wouldn’t let you fall. And if you were already down, he would help you to get up again.

His love MUST BE unconditional! He can not let you go or let you down.

Don’t be surprised by other people’s actions. Don’t allow yourself to be disappointed by anyone’s words or actions.

You don’t owe anything to anyone in this world. Just to yourself.

You have the right to look back. You have the right to change your mind. You have the right to think of yourself first.

girl in the town holding phone

Don’t you dare think you’re less important than anyone else. You have to know that you matter.

You matter to those who love you. You are important to yourself because you need to love yourself the most.

You deserve that love. You deserve that deep and real love. Infinite love. The kind of love that will never fade away.

Okay. I admit. Life is hard and there will be days, weeks, months when you don’t feel like you have enough fuel in the tank to push onwards and upwards.

When you would like to have someone on the other side of the bed, just to tell you that you are not alone and that he is there for you.

And he will come. The other side of the bed will be taken by someone who deserves it.

By someone who will never let you down. Still, please, make yourself a promise that you won’t let yourself down…ever.

Note To Self: I Won’t Let You Down