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If He Does These 5 Things, You Need To Raise Your Standards

If He Does These 5 Things, You Need To Raise Your Standards

It is quite common that we fail to realistically see our relationship and the person next to us when we fall for them like crazy.

Although there are some things you need to compromise on in your relationship, there are also some you should never allow yourself to put up with, no matter how deep your love for a guy is.

But sometimes, you simply forget about these things and you allow yourself to lower your standards and to settle for less for a guy who doesn’t deserve it.

Here are 5 of your boyfriend’s behavior patterns that you shouldn’t tolerate and which show you it’s about time you raise your standards.

He compares you to other girls

If you are in a stable relationship with someone, you two should make each other feel special.

That means that your boyfriend needs to treat you as unique and that you need to be the only girl in his life.

On the other hand, if he makes you feel like you are not enough for him and if he compares you to other girls, well, it is obvious that you have a problem.

I am not talking about cheating here only, because that is something that shouldn’t even be discussed and that should always be off limits.

I’m not even saying that you should forbid him from talking to any other female besides you or to look at you only.

As much as we hate to admit it, a man can find another girl attractive even if he loves you deeply.

But this doesn’t mean it is OK for him to text other girls, to flirt with them or to stare at them while you are sitting next to him.

Remember—if he is the right guy, he will always make you feel like you are the only girl in the room.

He doesn’t answer your texts or calls

Even when we are in a relationship, we all need some time without our partner and some alone time.

Just because this guy is your boyfriend, it doesn’t mean you and him should spend every moment apart texting each other or talking on the phone.

But one of the times that you should raise your standards is when you are putting up with him ignoring your texts or calls most of the day.

When you call or text him, he never answers instantly and that shows the harsh truth that he doesn’t think of you as often as you think of him.

Besides, it makes you feel like you are the only one going after him and you feel desperate by constantly texting him and waiting anxiously for him to respond and those are the things you shouldn’t feel in a healthy relationship.

He is always too busy for you

When you are in a relationship, it doesn’t mean that you and your boyfriend are not allowed to have a life outside of it.

You were both individuals before this relationship who have their families and friends and this should stay this way during the relationship.

But it also doesn’t mean that it is OK for your boyfriend never to dedicate any of his time to you. I

f this guy is always too busy to be with you or just to talk to you, it is clear that his feelings for you are not too strong and that you should raise your standards.

He doesn’t respect you

Respect is definitely one of the foundations of every healthy relationship and disrespect should be an important deal-breaker for everyone.

Sadly, many women think their man can love them without giving them their complete respect, which is far from OK.

Therefore, if your partner disrespects you in any way, you should definitely reconsider your relationship with him and it shows you it’s time for you to raise your standards when it comes to dating.

This means that you shouldn’t put up with him manipulating you, abusing you in any way, belittling you or trying to put you beneath him.

The two of you are equal partners and he needs to treat you that way only. Everything else is unacceptable because you know your worth and he should know it too.

You are aware that he is only using you for sex

There is nothing wrong with the fact that your relationship with someone is based only on sex, as long as both of the partners are aware of that arrangement and as long as this is what you both want.

But it is a completely different situation if you are the one who is fooled into thinking you are in a real relationship, while he only wants sex.

If this is a situation in your relationship and you are aware of it, you need to raise your standards because this guy is clearly taking advantage of you.

He is never around when you need him and he doesn’t give you any real attention but he only calls you at night to hang out at your place or his.

It is clear what his intentions are and it’s clear that the two of you don’t want the same things.

Therefore, it’s time to raise your standards without hoping that you’ll make him reconsider his behavior toward you and to walk away from someone who clearly doesn’t deserve you.