Sex is essential part of every relationship. Period. If you guys are together but not having sex it means you can’t share your intimacy. From my point of view this is not a good situation. I am not saying you should grab a guy and have sex with him on the first date but after some time passes it would be time for that BIG moment to happen. Let’s be honest – some guys are only about sex. They don’t care about feelings or emotions – their one and only mission is to get laid! But the question is: How can we actually find out that a guy just wants sex? Is there some magic or something to help us figure that out? I don’t think so.
The only thing you can do is to pay attention to what he does when you are being around. I bring you some of the most obvious signs your guy is Mr. Horny!

1. Every conversation you have ends up by talking about sex – Obviously he is only interested in sex since he can’t talk about anything else besides that. For some women it is very uncomfortable to be in a situation like this while some girls like when their guy talks dirty. Maybe this kind of behavior will be present only at the beginning of your relationship and that strong sexual feeling will fade away with time. The most important thing in all this is that you should tell him if you are not ready for sex. Never, ever do something you don’t want just to please others. Otherwise you will end up regretting!

2. He compliments your look – I know guys are visual human beings but if he only notices how you look that is not a good sign. A guy who gets excited when he sees a hot girl is not hubby material. If you are super smart and have your own ideas how things can function, he should respect that. I think guys can be attracted by looks but the character is what makes them stay with you. So girls, be smart but don’t forget to put your lipstick on!

3. He sends you provocative photos and texts – Hell yeah! This is obvious sign that he only wants to get laid. If he sends you a nude for good morning that is a red flag and you should run as fast as you can. A man like this will never settle down and his only concern is to have great time, no matter how you are going to feel about that!

4. He stays at home instead of going out – If he insists you two stay at your place instead of going out it means he already has some plans for that evening. And those plans include you – NAKED! The real truth is he doesn’t want to waste his time and money on you and on relationship that is not going to work. That’s why he rather stays at home so he can get laid and leave. And guess how you are going to feel after that? That’s right – like a piece of shit!

5. He gets mad if you refuse to have sex – Guys like this are hilarious! They act like crybabies if a girl doesn’t want to have sex with them. The point is you should never accept to have sex with him just because HE wants it. Both of you should crave for sex and then finally do your thing. This is the golden rule and never let anyone to convince you to the opposite!

6. Kiss – hug – BED – Yeah! This is an obvious sign he came to visit you. Even you are exhausted because of your work he will come and ask for some innocent cuddling. Trust me there isn’t anything innocent about that so tell him to back off. You need a guy who will be full of understanding for your work and bad days and not someone who won’t take care about the way you feel at the certain moment. If you see signals like this, do yourself a favor and run as fast as you can!

7. He hates foreplay – And you can see that by the way he acts. A little bit of cuddling, kissing, hugging and straight to bed. Do you really think a man like this will be a good husband and loving father? I thought so! Maybe he will find another woman when he gets tired of you and you risk to have a broken heart. Trust me darling, that is not something you want to go through! It won’t probably be easy to say “goodbye” but that’s something you need to do if you want to live a happy life!

8. He never spends a night with you – Ok, you did your thing and everything was perfect for both of you. Suddenly he says he has to go because he has an important meeting first thing in the morning. HELLO! If this is not an obvious sign he only wants sex I don’t know what is. Of course it can happen that he has some urgent things to deal with but if this happens constantly you can be positive he needs only one thing from you – sex! And believe me, you don’t want to stick to a guy like this your whole life. He won’t have understanding when you don’t feel like having sex and he will act as a spoiled boy!

These signs are some of the most common that happen in a so called relationships. It is everything but a relationship so if you see something like this happening to you, finish your glass of wine and leave. I know he is good looking, cute and adorable but what will happen when you two get old and he becomes an old man with wrinkles on his face? Maybe you will be attracted by his looks but you should be attracted by his personality as well. Because my dear, that is what counts the most in the end!