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If He Does These 6 Things, He Doesn’t Want To Date You – He Just Wants To Keep You Interested

If He Does These 6 Things, He Doesn’t Want To Date You – He Just Wants To Keep You Interested

There is this guy you like very much. And you know he likes you back. But you keep getting mixed signals from him and you don’t know what to think. Does he plan on having a real relationship with you or is he just stringing you along? Here are 6 ways to tell.

1. He calls you only late at night

One of the first things that can show you a guy’s true intentions is the time when he calls you or texts you. If a guy only calls you late at night or when he is drunk, you may think that this is the time when he’s the most sincere and you may be glad he thinks of you in these moments. But the harsh truth is that you are probably not right. This guy only calls you and thinks of you when he has obviously run out of all other options. He never calls you during the day to see what you’ve been up to or to ask how your day has been and that is a clear sign he just wants to keep you interested.

2. You know nothing about his dating life

When you come to think about it, you don’t know much about this guy’s relationship status. You assume that he doesn’t have a steady girlfriend but he never told you this straightforwardly. And even if he did, you can’t be sure about this. The fact is that you don’t know if this guy is seeing other girls and if he’s on the dating market and whenever you try to talk to him about this, he gives you some vague responses and doesn’t want to be clear about it. If this is the case, it is likely that you are just one of many options for this guy, while he is obviously your priority and that is a situation you don’t want to be in.

3. He doesn’t show interest in you in front of other people

If a guy only shows you his caring side when the two of you are alone, it is possible that he is an insecure guy with a fragile ego and that he thinks he will be ridiculed by others if he shows his affection for you. But it is also possible that he doesn’t plan on having anything serious with you, so he doesn’t want the people around him to connect the two of you. He never holds your hand or kisses you in public but he is all over you when you two are alone. If this guy acts in one way when the two of you are alone and completely different when you are in the company of others and you have a feeling that he is hiding you from everyone, it is obvious that he doesn’t have any intention of being in a relationship with you.

4. He doesn’t miss you

You can’t help but feel that this guy never misses you and you think that you are out of his mind the moment you are out of his sight. There are days when he constantly calls you and when he is always around you and then suddenly he disappears and he is nowhere to be found. This is an obvious sign that this guy can spend his days without even thinking of you and this is everything you need to know to get to the bottom of his intentions for you. You never feel like he misses you and you know his life would be completely the same with or without you in it.

5. He never takes you out on dates

When you think about your relationship with this guy, you come to the conclusion that he has never actually taken you out on a proper date. Whenever he wants to see you, he calls you to hang out at his or your place. He never asks you to go out to the movies or to have dinner together and that is a clear sign that he only wants sex from you.

6. He never labels things

One of the signs that a guy doesn’t want to date you and that he is just trying to keep you interested is that he never labels this thing that is going on between the two of you. Whenever you want to have a serious conversation about your future, he does everything in his power to avoid it. He refuses to call you his girlfriend and he doesn’t want to talk about his plans and intentions with you. He tells you that he wants to take things slowly, that he isn’t ready to commit and that he just wants to go with the flow and see where life takes you. But the truth is probably different. It is likely that he is just buying himself some more time to keep you around and that he doesn’t have any intention of changing anything between you two.