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If He Doesn’t Make You Feel These 10 Things, He’s Not The One

If He Doesn’t Make You Feel These 10 Things, He’s Not The One

There are thousands of articles you can find on the subject of real love. It should be like this, it should be like that and it definitely shouldn’t be like that. It’s really hard to know whether it’s real or not if you’re looking for the answer on the Internet.

But there’s one way you can know for sure and that’s if you pay attention to your feelings. The way he makes you feel says a lot about his and your feelings and how much of a match made in heaven you two actually are.

1. Excited about life

Every day you spend by his side is another chance for an adventure. Every second you spend together is another second of great memories. And even when you hit rough patches in life, even when you’re knocked down and it seems like there’s no hope anymore, it still makes sense because you are together.

Fights are what bring you closer, distance is what keeps you at peace. Just the fact that you know he’s going to be there tomorrow, next to you, makes you excited about waking up.

2. Lucky

You know that feeling when you look at him in awe and you wonder how on earth you ever got so lucky? That’s a feeling of true love. They don’t need to be handsome like Chris Hemsworth, good-looking or rich.

It’s the fact that the love you feel for him makes you feel like you’re the luckiest woman on the planet that makes it magic, the feeling that there is some force out there that showered you with grace and love.

3. Accepted

Loving yourself and accepting all of you is hard, especially if you’ve been through some really shitty relationships with toxic people. But with him, you don’t see your flaws, you don’t feel bad in your own skin, because he kisses every single inch of your body.

He loves you for your brilliant mind, your bravery and strength. He loves you for your flaws, not in spite of them. And that’s what this all is about, knowing that someone is not perfect and still loving them like they are.

4. Hopeful

Life’s a bitch. When you think you have it all, it reminds you that you don’t. When you think that you finally have a chance for happiness, life slaps you straight in the face and reminds you that you’re not the one in charge.

And when you’ve been beaten down countless times, it’s hard to remain calm and keep hopeful. But there’s something about his presence that gives you a reason to fight, that gives you the strength to keep going and to never give up.

5. Brave

He should have your back when you’re facing challenges in life. And the thing is, he’s not the one who needs to carry you over the water but he’s the one who will hold your hand while doing so.

He’s not the one who will do all of your work for you but he will be there to support you and encourage you while you’re doing it. If he’s not interested in doing so, if he’s not interested in bringing out the best in you, he’s not the one you want to spend your life with.

6. Curious

The worst thing anyone can do to you is kill your curiosity and energy. Wait for the man who keeps your spark alive and with whom every day is an adventure, a man who will spark your curiosity instead of putting you into a routine and killing any excitement you have.

Life is all about movement, adventures and finding new things to be fascinated by. And when the thing that keeps you moving and fascinates you at the same time is your significant other, that’s a sign of true love.

7. Worried

And not just any kind of worry but that kind when you truly love someone and you want them to be safe, warm and well. When you love someone and you worry if they had enough sleep, if they are too tired or have too much pressure at work. That’s the kind of worry you need to feel in relationship with your ‘the One’.

The kind of worry you have that’s screaming your relationship is unhealthy is the one where you’re constantly worried if maybe you’re not enough, if maybe he’s cheating or he is going to leave. You don’t need that kind of pressure in your life and keep in mind that you deserve to be happy as well.

8. Safe

This is probably one of the most important feelings you need to have in a relationship. There is one thing that’s always certain about life and that’s the fact that it’s uncertain.

Having someone by your side who will make you feel safe, who will guard your gentle heart with his and who will not be afraid to give his own heart to you to keep safe, that’s what true love is about.

When you know that you have someone by your side who will always have your back, you are not afraid of life. You are not afraid of tomorrow, because they will be by your side.

9. Loved

You can feel safe, you can feel brave, you can feel pretty much everything, but if you don’t feel loved, there’s no use in any of it. If you don’t see the love in his eyes when he looks at you, is it really worth the fight?

10. Happy

We are at the very end of the list and you see this. Happy. Everyone keeps talking about it, it’s important, it’s the meaning of life, it’s this and it’s that. And yet, everyone seems so unhappy. Being happy is not about having that Instagrammable life, it’s not about having the best clothes or the hottest partner. It’s about going to bed at night and being at peace with yourself and with him.

It’s about knowing that there is something in your life worth fighting for, knowing that you have a purpose and you have a goal to achieve. It’s about looking back and seeing how much you’ve been through and how much you accomplished. It’s about being happy with yourself. The rest will follow.