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If He Gave A Shit About You, You Wouldn’t Be Confused

If He Gave A Shit About You, You Wouldn’t Be Confused

From the moment you met this guy, you never knew where you stood with him. He never wanted to label things and you were never sure what you represented to him. There were moments when he treated you like the love of his life, moments when he acted like the two of you were nothing more than good friends and sometimes he treated you like you meant nothing to him.

All of this time, you’ve been trying to read him through and through. You’ve been trying to make him take off his mask and you’ve been trying to figure him out but you have never managed to do that. You keep wondering what is the meaning of all of the mixed signals he’s been sending you but you simply feel like you can’t get to him, like you can’t reach him.

At first, you thought that he was just pretending to be this tough guy without any emotions. You wondered if he had been hurt in the past and if some woman brought him pain which caused him to behave like this. You thought he was afraid of commitment and that you just needed to be patient enough so that he would show you his true self. You thought he was afraid of opening up until he had become certain of your feelings for him. So you did everything in your power to prove your love to him. You did everything you could to show him that you were someone he could rely on and that you were worthy of his trust because you wanted for that man hidden inside of him to finally show up.

But none of this was enough. You could never get him to treat you the way you’d been treating him and you could never make him put any effort into his relationship with you.

There were times when you tried to walk away from him because you knew that was the only smart thing to do. But something always kept dragging you back to him. You would always hold on to the nice memories, to every moment when he acted like he loved you and to every time he behaved like he couldn’t live without you. Each time you were ready to live with him, you would remember all of this and you would think it was worth giving him another chance. You kept convincing yourself that he really did love you but that he had some issues that prevented him from showing it to you in the right way.

Well, let me tell you that these were all lies you kept telling yourself because you wanted them to be true. These were all excuses and now it’s finally time you stop justifying this man. I know that this is the last thing you want to hear but the only truth is that this man never cared for you enough to make you his girlfriend and to show you that you were his priority. I am sorry to be the one to break it to you but this guy never gave a shit about you and he never will, despite all of your hopes and efforts.

And this is something you need to accept before it’s too late. I know you love him deeply and you want him to feel the same way about you but that isn’t going to happen. And his behavior shows you this.

Because he would never treat you this way if he loved you. He would never leave you hanging and he would never allow you to doubt his emotions or to doubt your relationship. If this guy really loved you, he would show it to you. He wouldn’t have trouble expressing his feelings and he wouldn’t have any problem demonstrating his love for you.

No matter what he tried to make you believe, when a man truly loves you, he’ll make it clear. He won’t send you mixed signals and you will always know where you stand with him.

Everything else is bullshit. Everything else is his ego, his desire to be loved by someone, his emotional manipulation and him taking advantage of the fact that you love him.

It is anything but love and it’s something you need to accept, no matter how hard it is.