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If He’s Taking You For Granted, Show Him He’s Losing You

If He’s Taking You For Granted, Show Him He’s Losing You

Do you feel that you and your man have lost your old spark? Do you feel that no matter what you do, you can’t make him love you the way he loved you before? And you just wonder for how long that circus will last. You wonder if he will tell you one day that he doesn’t want to be with you, that he wants to try with someone else. And whatever you do, you can’t shake the stress away.

You can’t stop thinking about that and when you are with him, you don’t feel comfortable, even if he tells you fun things and talks about the future. You feel like you worry too much and you don’t want your relationship to be like that.

You are so confused and disoriented and you don’t know how to help yourself. You feel like you are going crazy and you are losing ground. Everything is falling apart and you can’t do anything about it!

Stop. Take a deep breath. Relax.

Bear in mind that things like this happen in all relationships and that you are just panicking because you don’t want to lose him. Even if he is not trying so hard, you want to try one more time to save what can be saved. You don’t want to quit on something that you were building for years and that’s why you act like that.

But, no matter how much I would want to tell you it is a good outlook on life, it isn’t. You need to behave like you don’t care. Why don’t you make him worry about losing you? Why don’t you do something that will make him react to you? Because you are a good woman, every man would be proud to have you.

So why doesn’t he feel that way? I suppose he spends too much time with you and he is taking you for granted. I guess he thinks that you are good and that you will always stay near him. But that is not the way love functions and he obviously doesn’t know that.

He needs to get his shit together if he wants to be with you, so don’t let him get away with that so easily. Let him see what he will lose if you leave. Make him kill to be with you. I know you can do it. Every woman can do it. Because if you don’t respect yourself, he surely won’t do that.

Maybe you have put him on a pedestal in your life, maybe he was always your first choice, but now it is time to put yourself first. It is time to pamper yourself and to finally accept that no man will destroy your life if you don’t let him.

Show him that he will lose you if he keeps behaving like that. Show him that you also have other options and that you can walk away, too. Because a real man would always treat his woman with love and respect and it seems that he is thinking about his needs only, forgetting about yours.

And that is not the way a man in love should act. He should pay attention to you and you are not supposed to beg for it. You should get it all or nothing at all, so be harsh on him because he made you feel this way. Don’t be available every time he calls or texts you.

Let him think about it a little bit. Make him put some effort because you were the only one making some effort all this time. Do things that you like and don’t include him in your plans. When he sees that you are having fun without him, he will see that you are pretty good on your own. And then he will start thinking about you. He will ask himself how and when you became such an independent and strong woman. He will think about you more than before but that is your ultimate goal, isn’t it?

Do things that he was doing to you all this time. Flirt with other men in front of him. Act distant like you have more important things to do or just pamper yourself. Add some new sex moves and surprise him in the bedroom, so he becomes aware of the wild woman you are in bed.

All these things are simple to do but you need to act normal and cool while you are doing them. He shouldn’t feel your nervousness or hesitation. Be confident and act like you can have any other man if he leaves. That will make him think about your life together. It will make him never be late again. It will make him pamper you and put you first like you always deserved.

Maybe you think that by doing things like this, you will actually take advantage of the man you are with but that is not the truth. This is not taking advantage of him. This is his wakeup call because you don’t deserve a man who can’t decide what he wants.

You deserve someone who will be sure about his love for you. You deserve someone who will choose you every day or just leave. You deserve a man whose love feels like home.