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If These 9 Things Don’t Go Smoothly Right From The Start, The Relationship Won’t Last

If These 9 Things Don’t Go Smoothly Right From The Start, The Relationship Won’t Last

We all know that relationships demand work. They won’t always be sugar and spice and everything nice. There are going to be inevitable bumps on the road.

However, there are things that have to go smoothly right from the start—simple things which modern dating has transformed into complicated.

If you look at the things listed below, you will realize that sometimes you can forecast the quality and the duration of your relationship depending on its beginning.

1. Staying in touch

The way your boyfriend keeps in touch with you tells you a lot. It seems pretty simple, but it’s usually the most complicated thing.

There is one simple truth about texting: if he is interested, no matter how busy he is or how bad at texting he thinks he is, he will text at least once a day.

It will be the first sign that he is interested and willing to make an effort to be with you. The odds are if you are always initiating texts and calls, you are far more interested than he is.

2. Social media communication

We share almost our entire lives on social media today, but somehow we have difficulties sharing face-to-face. So sometimes we get an impression that our partners would rather communicate via social media or instant messages rather than in person.

Face-to-face communication is important for a long-lasting relationship. We can’t solve our problems or communicate our feelings through text and emojis.

3. The amount of time you spend together

There are couples who like spending every waking hour together, and there are those who cherish their alone time more than anything. The important thing here is not to go to either extreme.

Couples who spend too much time together will eventually get sick of it. The ones that spend too little time together will start to feel lonely.

The key is in finding the balance between spending time together and making some time for yourself. If the extremes happen, that’s something to be alarmed about.

4. Date nights

Although you are already in a relationship, you still shouldn’t go without date nights—even if they include Netflix and chill or two glasses and a bottle of wine on your balcony.

If your partner is making it impossible to meet with you, saying that he is too busy and his calendar is full this week, he is full of it.

Even the busiest person in the world needs and can make some free time. The question is does he want to spend it with you?

5. Integration into each other’s lives

Single life and relationship life are totally different. So when transitioning from one to another, difficulties might arise.

It’s only natural to spend more time with friends and chase a broad spectrum of interests when you are single. And you shouldn’t give that up when you are in a relationship either.

However, you should reduce it. You have to make some time for that other important person in your life and not leave them waiting for forever until you give them the time of day.

6. Meeting each other’s friends

Even if it’s too early to meet each other’s families, meeting friends is a must. It’s one part of integration into each other’s lives.

If they start to act funny and make up excuses for why you haven’t met their friends yet, they are not that serious. If you are in an exclusive relationship and if he is really into you, you should know the people who are important to him.

7. Taking care of each other

Of course, we are more than capable of standing on our own two feet. But an indicator of a good relationship is having someone who will be there for emotional support.

If someone doesn’t show interest in you, your life and your wellbeing not only is he self-centered, but he is also not there to stay for the long run.

8. Accepting each other for who you really are

If two people are compatible, they will be able to accept their faults as well as their strong points. They won’t try to change one another or hope for some major changes in the future.
On the other hand, two incompatible people will strive for change so much that they will fight about every little thing. The differences between them will tear them apart eventually.

Nobody’s perfect, but if you can’t deal with each other’s imperfections, you are not in the right relationship.

9. Trusting each other completely

We all know that trust is the foundation of any relationship. Without it, no relationship ever lasts. One of the first and most common indicators of a lack of trust is jealousy.

Constantly doubting, asking questions, wondering about their whereabouts, checking their phones is no way to sustain a relationship.

Jealousy slowly suffocates a relationship. It becomes harder and harder to handle. So if there is no trust, don’t even bother staying together.