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If She Walks Away, It’s Because You Left Her No Other Choice

If She Walks Away, It’s Because You Left Her No Other Choice

You know her too well and you know she isn’t the type of person who gives up on anything that easily. She doesn’t turn her back on anything for no good reason.

She is a believer and she is a person who somehow always keeps finding hope in places where no one else would ever think of looking.

She is a fighter.

She fights for the things and people she thinks are worth it to her last breath. She never rests and she doesn’t settle no matter what others tell her.

It’s because she just isn’t that type of person. When she puts her mind and heart on something, she goes to the very end. And it’s the same with you.

You know how much she wants you and how hard she’d fight for you. She’d fight anyone who’d tell her a single bad word about you.

Anyone who’d tell her you’re not good she’d convince them of the opposite. And she’d never let anyone throw dirt on you no matter what.

Regardless of the things you do to her, she’d never let anyone make you look bad. Nobody has the right to do that.

You mean the world to her.

The thing is you probably don’t deserve all the things she does for you.

You don’t deserve her constant fight, you don’t deserve her endless efforts and you don’t deserve to have her next to you because you don’t appreciate her.

There is probably someone who’d be the most grateful man in this world to have her next to him but she doesn’t want anyone else.

She can’t picture herself next to some other man. Because it’s you she wants. It’s you she knows and it’s you—it has always been you.

You will have a spot in her heart forever.

No matter how things turn out between you two, no matter if she’s still with you in the next few years or not, no matter if you find someone else or if she realizes she’s capable of loving someone else other than you, you’ll always have a special place in her heart.

Plenty have tried to convince her that she deserves better than you and perhaps she’d be able to wrap her mind around it, but her heart doesn’t want to listen.

Her heart wants you and her heart will probably always want only you.

So if you ever see her giving up on you, know it isn’t because she wants to, but because she feels like she has no other choice.

If she sees that she doesn’t mean to you as much as you mean to her, it will break her.

Knowing that she is the one who loves more or that she will never get as much as she gives will stab her heart like the sharpest dagger.

You know why? Because she is always the one who cares more. She’s always the one to love more and she’s always the one who tries the hardest.

And for once, she hoped to find someone who’ll do the same for her. She hoped you will be that someone. So if she sees her hopes were in vain again, she won’t be able to bear it.

If she feels alone when she’s with you, she’ll choose to walk away.

What’s the point of being with someone if you’re going to feel alone? The moment she feels like this with you, she’ll know what to do.

Because being with someone and feeling alone is a clear promise that at the end, she’ll be the one to get broken. Why would she willingly allow something like that to happen to her?

No sane person would, so if you ever make her feel like she doesn’t have you or that she can’t count on you when there isn’t a single thing she wouldn’t do for you, she will realize it’s time for her to walk away.

She will see that she has nothing to look for with you.

If you make her feel like she doesn’t matter, she won’t see the point in fighting for you.

She is a fighter, but she isn’t stupid. She can only fight for someone for a certain amount of time before she realizes she’s fighting in vain.

If she needs to fight for your love, if she needs to fight for your time or for you to notice her, then she’s fighting for someone who clearly doesn’t deserve her.

She’s fighting for someone who either doesn’t value or love her. And no matter how much she might want you, she’ll rather leave than stay and fight for the things you should give her on your own.

Staying would make no sense. There is no point in fighting for someone who doesn’t see her.

If it crosses her mind that you’d be happier without her than with her, she’ll choose to make you happy.

If you tell her she’s hard to love, that she’s too needy or that she’s choking you with all her emotions, she won’t try to convince you of the opposite.

She can fight the whole world for you, but she can’t fight you for you.

The minute she notices you are bugged by her presence or that the happiness you feel comes from her absence, she will choose to make you happy, and she’ll do that by leaving.

See, no matter how much she loves you or how much she needs you, she won’t try to tie you down. She won’t force you to choose her and she won’t beg you for anything.

She will fight as long as you give her something to fight for. But she’ll also know when to stop giving all of her to someone who isn’t giving her anything in return.

And if she walks away, know that she walked away because you left her no other choice.