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If You Feel Directionless, Talk To God

If You Feel Directionless, Talk To God

Growing up, I never understood when people gave unsolicited advice to one another. It always felt like blind leading the blind.

Think about it. Every one of us has a completely different experience in life: our minds, our hearts, childhoods, parents, tastes, they are all different and inimitable.

While we can look up to someone and learn from other people, we still can’t be sure that’s the right way for us to do something and live our lives.

The only thing that we can truly rely on is ourselves and the one who speaks through and inside of us. I’m talking about God.

It’s hard to tell why, but the presence of God seems to be loudest when we’re the emptiest.

It’s like a soul alarm turning on when it detects a lack of fullness and faith.

The loudness of God isn’t really loud in a literal sense, it’s more precise to say it’s omnipresent.

Everywhere you go and everything you do, it will follow you. God talks to us in the most unexpected ways.

He leaves us little signs and reminders that are hard to miss, yet sometimes people are very stubborn.

God can talk through missed opportunities and canceled plans;  He can talk through unanswered messages, chance encounters, a word of a stranger, or a misheard lyric.

If you ask Him for help, be sure you’ll get it. However, be sure to open your eyes and your heart too.

What does that mean? It means seeing beyond what’s obvious. For example, instead of thinking your failed relationship is a tragedy, you can notice how much stronger and more observant you’ve become because of it.

Bad things will always happen, but they don’t have to stay bad and make you bad.

The bad things are catalysts that allow you to see and value the good.

So, if you feel directionless, talk to God. If you feel confused, talk to God. If you feel like a failure, talk to God.

Talk to God and He will show you the way. God wants to help and He waits for your questions and prayer. He’s not intrusive.

Open your heart and listen to your soul. Have faith and don’t give up. Changes take time. Life is unpredictable, but God is unmoved.

Things can’t get perfect overnight; it’s just not how it works. However, it’s possible and it happens all the time.

We like to call them miracles. They act as reassurance and God’s way of telling us we’re good as we are, enough as we are.

If you feel directionless, ask for directions. Don’t look for shortcuts. Don’t jump over the fence, that’s how you get lost and hurt yourself.

Ask for directions and don’t be scared of long, empty roads. The long road means getting comfortable with yourself.

The long road means testing your limits and seeing your strength, will, and power. It’s long, but it’s safe and clear.

I know it can be scary to embark on a journey where the only person you can count is yourself and the love of God, but it’s worth it.

Everything you were not ready for will be accepted with your newly found faith and trust. Everything you fear will be helpless before love.

God is a tremendous source of serenity, reassurance, love, and purpose. Through God, we understand our purpose.

Through knowing our purpose, we make the right choices. And with the right choices comes the right partner, the right job and friends.

Having all of that make our lives beautiful and joyful, and our souls overflowing with love – just the way God intended it to be.