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If You Love Her – Be There For Her

If You Love Her – Be There For Her

If you love her, don’t just say it. Words are important… but ultimately hold no bearing if not backed up by actions.

If you really love her, you can’t just say it and never show it. She needs to see that your words aren’t just empty, and she needs to see you prove it to her, again and again.

Show her that you are a man of your word. Show her that you are not like all those other guys she had before.

Show her that you’re not just saying what you want her to hear. Show her that when you profess her your love, you feel it in every bone and in every fiber of your being.

You know, she is getting kind of sick of hearing those magical three words, and believing them like the hopeless romantic that she is, only to have them bite her in the a** after being so open and trustworthy.

She is getting sick of being told one thing and having to question it throughout the entire relationship.

Saying that you love her is easy, but being there for her when she really needs you is when you show her that those words bear actual meaning.

That you truly cannot see your life without her and appreciate her worth. She needs to be told that every once in a while.

She needs you to be true to your word . She needs to see that the effort she puts into your relationship is valued, otherwise she will slowly start giving up.

She doesn’t see the point in continuing to water your relationship if you are going to let it die.

Don’t make her give up on you.

Don’t you dare tell her you love her and then leave her when it gets messy and complicated.

When life happens and you have shit to worry about. Don’t let all the burdens fall on her shoulders. She needs you to show her that you love her now more than ever.

Don’t expect her to get you out of life’s hardships on her own and then decide to join her when the coast is clear again.

That’s not love. That’s convenience . Know the difference, and never let her down.

If you love her, ask her how she is. Don’t assume that she’s okay just because she is quiet.

This is when she needs you the most . Ask her, and don’t let her fool you into thinking she’s okay. She’s not always going to be fine, and she is going to need you to see it and come to her rescue.

Know how to read her. She’s going to need you to , from time to time.

Talk to her about the uncomfortable stuff. It’s not all rainbows and butterflies.

Things will get difficult, and you will need to figure things out together. Don’t bail on her when it stops being fun.

In order to enjoy life together, you have to weather the storms together.

Be consistent. Don’t shower her with affection one day and then disappear the other.

You need to be reliable for her. Just like she is for you.

Granted, not every day is going to be a picnic, but every day is a new opportunity to show her that you are committed to her and that whatever you may be going through, you will not let it overshadow your mutual love for one another.

You are stronger than anything that might come your way.

Most importantly, show her you love her when she stops loving herself.

There are going to be times when she won’t know how to love herself anymore. She will be so hard on herself and let life get to her. She will probably try to chase you away as well.

Don’t let her! This is when she’s at her most delicate and vulnerable. This is when she is a complete mess, but this is when she needs your love, guidance and patience the most.

All you need to do is just be there. When she tells you to leave – stay. When she tells you she wants to be alone – be there more than ever.

And when she is on the verge of breaking things up – kiss her with such love and passion that she will be able to feel life coming back into her body and soul. Make her feel your love and presence.

She will never forget those moments. She will never forget how you helped her regain her sanity.

She will never be able to tell you how much she values your love and effort, even when she was at her absolute worst. You are her anchor, and you are all she needs to feel alive again.

This is what love is. Words are necessary, but actions are what gets her through the day.

Knowing that she has all that in you is what will get her through anything. You are her strength when she is at her weakest.

Don’t ever let her down. Don’t ever make her regret trusting you with so much of herself.

Don’t gamble away the love that she feels from you. If you keep being her anchor, she will never stop being your girl.