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If You Love Her, Stop Breaking Her

If You Love Her, Stop Breaking Her

Perhaps you’re not doing it on purpose. Perhaps you’re just oblivious to the things you do to her.

Perhaps nobody ever cared to teach you how you treat a girl properly. Perhaps that’s not what you want to do, but you are… breaking her.

With your actions, with all the things you do and choose not to do, you’re breaking her heart piece by piece.

You break her little by little each time when you choose others over her.

When you show her that others come before her all the time, when you put other people’s feelings in front of hers, when you rush to save others but leave her heart unattended, that’s what hurts like the sharpest dagger stabbed right in her heart.

You break her little by little each time you ignore her.

Each time you leave her on read, each time her messages get no answer, each time you’re with your friends or out and you don’t pick up the phone when she calls you, be it on purpose or accidentally, you make her feel like she’s not that important to you.

You break her little by little each time you neglect her.

See, when you don’t take care of her, when you ignore her feelings, when her love and her caring for you goes unnoticed, when you don’t reciprocate what she gives you, when you don’t listen when she’s talking to you, her soul wilts slowly.

You break her little by little each time you make her question her worth.

When you don’t notice how pretty she’s dressed up just for you, when you tell her she doesn’t know what she’s talking about, when you yawn at something she’s trying to tell you with fire in her eyes, when you make her feel like she’s only flaws and mistakes, you tear her confidence completely down.

You break her little by little each time you refuse to commit to her.

Still texting other girls and sliding in their DM’s isn’t commitment. Seeing other people while you’re ‘with’ her isn’t commitment.

Going away and coming back is not commitment. Having active profile on various dating sites isn’t commitment.

Holding her hand in front of everyone and telling her that she’s the only one for you and then acting accordingly is commitment.

Not having a back up plan is commitment. Promising her a future is commitment. Everything else is just excuses.

You break her little by little by little when you say you love her but do nothing to prove it.

When all she gets are words followed by zero actions, when you only talk about your feelings towards her but show her none of them, when you say how you love her and how you couldn’t imagine your life without her and then you constantly leave her alone and prove to her everything the opposite of what you said, you just make a mess in her head that’s really hard to fix.

If you love her, stop breaking her heart.

Don’t make her leave when all she wants to do is stay.

She wants to be next to you. She wants you to be happy together. There is nothing in her life she desires more than to love you and be loved by you.

God, this girl isn’t asking for much. She isn’t asking for stars. She’s just asking you to treat her like a girl in love deserves to be treated.

Don’t push her away with your actions. She wants to stay. But she won’t stay unless you stop breaking her heart.

Don’t break her because she will never be able to love again.

She’s had enough. She’s been through hell already. She’s been broken so many times before and despite it all, she decided to trust you.

She decided to try with you, to give you a shot. She refused to cage her heart or build walls up. Please, don’t show her she made a mistake.

If you love her, love her right. Stop breaking her heart.

  1. James says:

    Funny thing is my ex sent me this to read and to a t this is how she behaved to me. Facebook always came first I could be talking to her and she wouldn’t hear a word I said. Tried to start conflicts with me and her FB friends. Would not come to bed at night would stay up and Facebook then want me to come back to bed in the morning after I had dressed for work
    Defended other people’s actions and crucified mine. Confided to her my deepest secrets and was stabbed in the back with them
    This isn’t just how some guys treat women this is also how some women treat men.