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If You Loved The Wrong Person This Much, Imagine How Much You Would Love The Right One

If You Loved The Wrong Person This Much, Imagine How Much You Would Love The Right One

I know you are full of love and compassion. You know what real love is all about. You know how to love and how to give yourself completely to someone.

But, sadly, you’ve been giving yourself to all the wrong people. You kept attracting the wrong guys . They used your love and they hurt you in more than one way.

There was this one guy, standing out from everyone else. You thought he was different and special.

Actually, he tried very hard to convince you of that. He told you everything you needed to hear and he made sure to get under your skin.

Soon, this man had become the center of your universe. Everything you did, you did to please him, to make him happy.

He had become the sole purpose of your existence. You gave him your entire self — your body and your soul.

But he never returned any of this. The only thing he gave you was his half love. He never truly committed to you but he expected for you to commit to him.

He was jealous and you assumed that this was the only way he knew how to express his love. But little did you know that he was actually just a selfish, controlling egomaniac.

Little did he know that he was toxic and wrong for you.

Despite everything, you kept giving this man all of your love. You kept justifying him, no matter how badly he treated you.

You were constantly looking for excuses for him, because you wanted to believe in his love. You wanted proof that everything you invested in this relationship was not in vain — that he loved you back the same way you loved him.

But, most of all, you wanted to believe that he was the one for you. You wanted to think that he was your forever person , your soulmate, despite all the signs showing you otherwise.

And after years of pain, you two have split. He walked away from you, like you never existed, and he never looked back.

He wasn’t there for you to help you pick yourself up again, he left you alone in your misery and in your suffering.

You went through a lot in this relationship but you went through even more after he left you. It took you a long time before you realized that this man never loved you for real, that you were just a toy to him.

Of course, that was quite painful for both your ego and your heart but what was even harder to accept was the fact that this guy was never right for you.

You wanted for the two of you to be destined and meant to be but the harsh truth was that he wasn’t your Mr. Right — he was your Mr. Wrong.

And you are pretty much OK now. You think you’ve gotten over him almost completely. You have even accepted the fact that he is not your other half or your soulmate.

But you are positive you could never love anyone with the same intensity you loved him.

And I am here to tell you that you couldn’t be more wrong.

You may think you know what love is but I am here to tell you there will come a man who will show you how it feels to be loved.

And when that man finally comes, you will love him more than anyone before.

If you could support the person who never supported you back, imagine how much you would love someone who would also have your back in everything.

If you could put so much effort into a relationship with someone who never even tried to match it, imagine how much you would love someone who would try to make the relationship work the same way you do.

If you could trust the guy who you knew wasn’t trustworthy that much, imagine how much you would trust someone who would fight to gain your trust.

If you could give yourself completely to someone who never appreciated you, imagine how much you could give to someone who would see your true worth.

If you could love a man who never truly loved you back this much, imagine how much you would love someone who loves you back .

If you loved the wrong person this much, imagine how much you would love the right one.