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This Is How You Date An INFP Woman

This Is How You Date An INFP Woman

In the world of the Myers Briggs personality types, an INFP woman really stands out with her passionate soul and her mind that is completely open to creativity and to all the beauty in this world.

She knows how to express herself and she’s ready to take your heart by storm. But how do you date a woman like her? She’s wild and you can’t keep her interested like every other girl.

She’s special. She has unique traits that can make it a bit difficult to date her but she’s worth it—believe me.

You might find her imagination and emotions confusing at times but she’s very lovable. To make it easier for you, I’ll give you some tips and tricks on dating an INFP woman:

Be loyal

man lying in woman lap

This one is kind of obvious but most people forget how important it is to be loyal to your partner.

An INFP woman simply doesn’t want a partner who will cheat on her when an occasion comes up.

She doesn’t want to fight for his heart, because she knows that she’s way better than that and she deserves someone loyal.

If you go and run off into the hands of another woman, be sure that you will break her heart and she will be miserable for a very long time.

Share her values

man holding woman for hand and talking to her

The people in the life of an INFP woman have to share her values. She will respect yours fully, until the point where you question the things she stands for.

An INFP woman chooses her romantic partner carefully, because she looks for a partner with the same or similar values in life and love.

It’s all because of the fact that she wants emotional and mental intimacy in a relationship. Physical intimacy isn’t that important to her.

Put effort into making her happy

man kissing smiling woman on the beach

When you obtain her heart, don’t just stop putting effort into making her happy but rather step up your game because this is the right time to show her that you really do care a lot about her.

Effort doesn’t kill and that’s the rule she lives by. If she sees that you have stopped putting effort into the relationship she will leave you and it doesn’t matter how much it will hurt her.

Don’t take advantage of her

couple in love standing in nature

Your happiness will mean the world to her and that’s why she’ll do anything needed in order to keep you completely happy and satisfied.

But do not take advantage of her kind personality and her loving nature.

Make sure to balance things out; if she does something wonderful for you, do something in return to show her that you appreciate her.

Give her space

smiling woman reading a book

An INFP woman really does need her alone time in order to function properly, so don’t make a scene if she can’t be with you 24/7.

She needs her time for creative expression, to paint, to write or to simply read a book in silence.

It doesn’t mean that she doesn’t love you but rather that you have to take a step back and not be so overly attached.

She’ll come back to you once her batteries are charged, believe me.

Be empathetic

man comforting woman on the bed

Maybe it’s not in your nature to be really empathetic but in order to date an INFP woman it’s crucial.

She is used to being a healer of emotional wounds in other people which makes her vulnerable to the slightest change in your mood and she knows how to read your emotions very well.

That’s why you have to to care of how you’re treating her and how you’re behaving toward her on bad days. Just be aware that she has gone through a lot and try to understand her position.

Don’t just judge her but sit down and have a meaningful conversation. She will be forever thankful.

Show her that you love her all the time

couple in love hugging outdoor

Verbally. Physically. In every single way known to humankind—show her that you love her. She probably needs a lot of reassurance from you but that isn’t a bad thing at all.

Talk to her, express your feelings, show her that you care. If you come home with a little dandelion flower to gift to her, she will be filled with joy. Little things really do mean a lot.

This Is How You Date An INFP Woman