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If You’re Confused About Who Your Real Friends Are, Read This

If You’re Confused About Who Your Real Friends Are, Read This

Having real friends, people who understand you and support you, is the greatest treasure you could ever have. I read once that it is better to have one friend who understands your tears than a lot of friends who only know your smile.

We live in a world where people have hundreds of friends on social networks but not a single real friend who is going to be there for you when things get hard.

And it gets hard at some point, so we need to have the right people with us when that happens. So, you must know, all of those people who you have on Facebook, so you can like each other’s pictures and stuff, are not your real friends.

They are not the people who you are going to talk to about your love situation or problems at home.

Your friends are the ones with whom you spend your time with—real time, not the ones who liked your picture on Facebook.

It doesn’t matter if that friend lives across the country, as long as they are the person you are going to call when something important happens to you.

Friends are the ones you can always call, no matter what. I have three best friends and two of them lived in different countries at some point and that made no difference.

They knew everything that was going on in my life and I knew everything about them. We shared with each other things that were important to us.

So distance means nothing when the people are right. If your friend lives far away and that is an issue in your friendship then you should let that go.

What is really important in friendship is trust and support, not partying together. There are a lot of friendships that are based on partying together or people who are friends because they have known each other for a long time.

They may not even like each other so much but they need to have someone to drink coffee with. And it is not supposed to be that way.

Friends are there to make our life more beautiful and happy. Why should anyone be friends with someone who they don’t like?

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If you are spending your time with someone who annoys you, then think about this: you could have friends who have the same interests as you and you could have so much fun but you are stuck with some people just because. It is better to be alone for a while rather than in bad company.

People who are jealous of you, of your happiness or your clothes, are not the people you want to spend time with because they will be mean to you the moment they have a chance.

A real friend will not be jealous of your happiness, they will be happy for you. There is a saying that if you want to have a friend, you must be a friend; we always need to remember this.

Be proud of your friends’ success, share their happiness. Speak well about them in the company of other people. That is what real friends do. Sometimes you will disagree about something with your friends and that is completely normal.

You need to respect other people’s opinions and hear them out. If your friend is treating you like you are wrong all the time and they are right, then they are disrespecting you.

They don’t value your opinion, they only care about being right. Why would you want a person like that in your life?

Friends do not talk about you behind your back or smile if you fail. A friend is the one who helps you get up and move on even though you had a fight yesterday. They are the family we get to choose. So choose well.