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If I Need To Dim My Light Because Of You, I’m Better Off Without You

If I Need To Dim My Light Because Of You, I’m Better Off Without You

Have you ever felt like you need to tone yourself down to make sure your partner doesn’t feel uncomfortable.

Dress more accordingly, wear less makeup, not mention your accomplishments?

Heck, not even show how happy you are?! That is seriously wrong.

What does it say about you and what does it say about him?

It certainly says you’re holding back your true potential – and because of who?

A man who’s not ready to face his own BS. And that is the whole truth.

It’s sad, because there’s a difference between being sympathetic and understanding someone is not feeling their best, and a man who is pulling you down because of his unresolved issues.

So, I’m here to tell you to

Be proud of who you are

Never let anyone, let alone your significant other, decide how you’re going to act, talk, dress, love, think.

He should encourage you to be the best version of yourself and cheer you on, not suffocate you.

There’s 7.8 billion people on this planet and you happen to be one of them – completely unique, with your own set of skills, your own reasoning, aspirations, and all the little things that make you – you.

You have every right to be yourself all the time. And he should be happy to have found you among all the others.

Everyone is different and everyone is valuable. You are valuable. And solely for that reason you should be proud.

You are the reason he should up his game, not feel insecure

Why would a man feel threatened by you? Because he feels like he’s not good enough on his own.

He obviously doesn’t appreciate himself in the first place.

And it’s true that everyone has their insecurities, but the question is how willing is he to commute them into their strengths?

Everyone can better themselves if they want to and it takes determination and courage to do so. Instead of feeling paranoid he could learn from you.

Admitting the problem is the first step.

You deserve to be with a man who inspires you

A healthy man understands his own abilities and limits.

And he feels fine about them because he knows everyone has a different purpose in life.

An inspiring man in your life wants to see you happy and successful, while making sure he supports you throughout your life path.

He has his own ambitions and life goals that always include you. That’s the kind of man you want to spend your life with.

A supportive and loving man who will understand you and help you grow and be your truest self.

Confidence is silent, insecurities are loud

You’ve probably heard this quote many times, but what does it really mean?

Have you ever encountered someone who always has a better story to tell? If you climbed the hill, they climbed the mountain.

If you met Ariana, they met Mariah. And so on.

Or someone who constantly has a passive-aggressive kind of behavior around you?

There’s a good chance those people and the people who are jealous of other people’s achievements are the same people.

There’s no need to boast if you’re confident in what you know and do. Everything has its time and place.

And there’s no need to downplay other people’s emotions and achievements.

That includes your significant other especially.

However, you should speak about the things you’re proud of with confidence and he should make damn sure he’s proud of you too.

Don’t be afraid to say goodbye to a man who doesn’t appreciate you

It’s sad to think that anyone we feel close to, or even just an acquaintance, could feel threatened by us.

And it hurts like hell when it’s your partner.

You can try to explain that you have no ill intentions, but sometimes that’s just not enough. And when it’s not enough – it’s time to leave.

You shouldn’t put up with a man who’s not willing to work on himself because that means he will never change.

Life is too short to waste on playing small when you have so much to give.

And if your light is bothering him – good. It’s a reminder he has been in the dark for too long.

After all, you can’t tell the sun to stop shining.

And why should you when you can just enjoy its blessings?