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5 Zodiac Signs That Like It Rough In Bed

5 Zodiac Signs That Like It Rough In Bed


If you have any fantasies that you want to try out, the best way to go is to do it with an Aries.

They like to lead and be in charge, especially in the bedroom, so if you want to get on with them, prepare for a wild night of rough sex with them as the main actor.

Of course, you won’t regret it, not even a bit because when an Aries leads, you have to be prepared for a wild ride.

They are also very competitive, so if you try to reclaim power, you will get resistance and you’ll probably fail.


When talking about freaky, you will definitely talk about Sags. They are ready to do some outrageous things, things you are even afraid to mention.

They are also daredevils and they are not really afraid of anything. This leaves them open and excited to try new, freaky and strange things.

In bed, they like to explore things and put their satisfaction first.

Imagine putting those two components together. Although they like to be rough in the bedroom, don’t be surprised if they fail sometimes.

But failure is not their fault according to them, it’s you because you’re not trying hard enough, so they get bored.


Usually, in life, they are caretakers and they watch out for others more than for themself but when night falls they reveal a totally different version of themself.

They become a complete freak between the sheets.

They are open to new things but only if you discuss them first. Surprises are not their thing.

You can use sex toys and spanking if you want to get kinky and rough with a Virgo but lay off the dirty talk until a Virgo trusts you completely.

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They are so open and they enjoy it. They don’t like slow courtship and romance is not necessarily relevant if you ask them.

They like to cut right to the chase and make it last and be as wild as possible.

But don’t get fooled, as the facts that they like to do their business right away and it makes them happy don’t have to mean they don’t get attached.

They do but they just like rough sex, too.


Capricorns are really surprising in this way. During the day, they are all organized and aspire to achieve the greatest goals.

They are even a bit uptight and traditional but when it comes to sex, they become a completely different person.

It’s like a wild sex beast that’s been crouching inside them is unleashed and they go crazy.

They will do things to you that you never imagined existed, let alone knew how to do.

Rough sex will definitely happen for Capricorn if the foreplay is long and good enough.

So, with them, the key to mind-blowing sex and an orgasm is in long and kinky foreplay.

They are no strangers to foreplay but they also enjoy sex games and a toy here and there. Just keep them interested and you can’t go wrong.

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