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I’m Done Being The Only One Trying

I’m Done Being The Only One Trying

This time I quit! I quit on you and everything that you represent.

I am tired of being the one who cares more. I am tired of being the one who loves more. And most of all I am tired of you not making any effort.

I am sick and tired of words that mean one thing and actions that mean totally the opposite.

I am tired of you being dishonest and not able to make a decision.

I figured out that your indecision is a decision. And I don’t want to live like that. I don’t want to be the one who will fight for your attention.

I don’t want to be the one who needs to tell you that I feel bad and that I need a hug and a kiss. I want you to see that by yourself.

Because love is more than just saying ‘I love you’.

It is recognizing that something is not right and being able to help that person. And darling, I never got that from you.

I was always the one who did all the work in our relationship. All the way from planning dates to organizing travels, it was all on me.

You just turned up when everything was finished and you treated me like it was part of the work.

You never realized that love is a two-way street and you will never will. I was the only one trying to make all this work out.

And I am tired of repeating the same things, fighting the same battles and playing exhausting games.

I don’t need that in my life and that’s why I decided to let you go.

So, in case you didn’t realize yet—today I am letting you go. Once you’ve lost me, you will probably realize what kind of woman you had next to you.

This time, I quit on you. I am moving on. I want to find my happiness with someone else. With someone whom I won’t have to leave so he could realize how perfect I am.

I don’t want to wait for you anymore because by doing that I am doing harm to myself.

If you wanted me, you could have had me. But you decided to blow this chance as well.  

And I don’t have any second chances for you. You had a lot of them and you blew every single one.

I am a woman in love who would do anything for you but I am not a fool. So, please stop making one out of me.

You don’t have any right to treat me that way. The only thing you can do now is to get far away from me and from all that we had.

You need to know that I gave up on you not because I don’t love you or because I don’t need you but because instead of fighting for me, you decided to let me go.

And that is tearing my heart.

You are not a man who is worth my love and even if you think you are, I don’t need you to complete me.

I just need the one who will accept me completely. And I know that that one will come. Maybe not today or tomorrow but he will come.

And when he does I will finally meet my second half. I will finally be with the man who accepts me with all my pros and cons and who is ready to die for me.

I know that we will also have some bumps in the road throughout our relationship but at least I’ll know that I’m not the only one trying!