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I’m Giving All My Worries To God Because He Cares For Me

I’m Giving All My Worries To God Because He Cares For Me

For I know the plans I have for you,” declares the Lord, “plans to prosper you and not to harm you, plans to give you hope and a future.” – Jeremiah 29:11

I used to think I could handle whatever came my way. Now I know I can but not alone. I need God in my life to keep me on the right path.

My soul is so tired of trying to cope with everything.

I feel like so much is being taken away from me and so little given back.

There’s no one to fill my empty heart up but I know God can do it.

Do I care too much about things? Do I need to learn when to let go, when I’ve got to the point that it’s enough of trying to fight for things?

Is it a weakness if I turn away from people, from things, from challenges? Or is it glorious strength that I am yet to discover?

Why do I need to keep everything under control? Isn’t life with God meant to be out of our control?

I’m still going to do what I know is good and right but I’m letting God lead me on the path He sees right for me.

I’m so tired of trying hard to keep everything in my life functioning.

I’m so tired of giving my best to the wrong people who drain my energy, leaving me desperate.

I give so much and I’m left with so little, my faith weak and my mind preoccupied.

I can’t stand spending every lonely night wondering about everything I might have done wrong.

I can no longer create scenarios of what my life might have looked like had I chosen a different road to follow.

No more reevaluating every single decision I’ve ever made just to be left even more uncertain about how my life should look.

Yes, I know I need to work on myself and I will continue to do so but I need God to guide me toward what’s best for me.

I’m depending on Him because I’m done depending on the wrong people who only let me down.

I’m done trying to make my life work without God in it.

I know that He can take care of me. I know I need Him in my life.

I know God is the only one who can decide what kind of future is right for me because I sure can’t.

I’m so afraid of tomorrow and of everything that it can bring.

Every little thought about what the future brings me is driving me insane, pushing my anxiety out of the roof.

I know I don’t need to live with so much anxiety. I know peace is something I can reach only if I give all my problems to Him.

I’m taking all of the burdens off my chest and giving them to God, trusting He will know what to do with them. I have faith that everything will be all right.

I’m gonna stop constantly wishing for something else. I’m gonna stop searching for something more.

I’m going to let His will be and I’ll decide to let Him carve my path.

My strength will come from choosing to allow the destiny God has decided for me to come true.

I will believe in it and hope for it without forcing any more difficulties on myself.

My power will come from accepting my weaknesses and realizing that only God can turn my soft spots into rocks that make me firmer.

I will trust God to strengthen me. I will trust God to uphold me. I will trust God to make me everything I need to be.

Everything that I don’t understand, everything that I can’t handle and everything that’s simply too much for me to get through, I will give to God.

I know that there will still be many troubles in my life.

I know that there will always be new struggles to overcome but leaving my life in God’s hands leaves me secure and safe.

There’s no more agonizing over every little detail going wrong in my life.

I’m giving my problems to God because He loves me and will take care of me.