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INTJ Woman: 10 Traits and How To Date One

INTJ Woman: 10 Traits and How To Date One

INTJ women are THE rarest personality type in the Myers-Briggs personalities. They are the so-called ‘unicorns’—you don’t believe that they exist until you encounter one.

The INTJ woman is the rarest and most astonishing woman out there.

If you are in a relationship with one, you will have to put up a fight about everything you thought about women before you met her!

To make it a bit easier for all of us, we will list down the traits of these women, to get to know them a bit better, and also some tips and tricks on dating this type of woman.

Traits of an INTJ woman

beautiful woman smiling

She’s your so-called female brother—she gets along with the guys, but she also knows how to show her femininity.

We already know that all women out there are very unique and you need to spend a lot of time in getting to know them, but because of the complexity of this type of woman, we will help you a bit with this by first listing down the traits of the INTJ woman:

Imaginative and strategic mind

business woman smiling in office

INTJ women are very creative in ways where they don’t use it for art or something similar, but rather to cover every angle of planning a certain project.

She can also see a problem from every little perspective and find the best solution for it.

Always on the hunt for knowledge

young woman reading a book

She knows that knowledge is power and that’s everything she wants in life—to know things.

She is probably a bookworm, always trying to figure out something new.

She has many fields of interest and she knows so much about so many topics. She’s like a human encyclopedia.


young woman thinking

Although she is a very logical person, she likes to look at everything with an open mind.

She loves the different ways people look at certain situations so she tries to look at everything from different points of view.

But she will consider something as valid as long as it’s followed by logic.


woman working on laptop

If she wants something in her life, she will get it sooner or later! Nothing can stand in her way.

The INTJ woman is very determined to have everything she desires in her life, because she knows that nothing is impossible if she works hard.


business woman walking

The fact that she is highly capable and doesn’t fall into the hands of tradition makes her also highly independent.

She knows that the best way to succeed in her life is to stand on her own two feet and that the best person to lean on in life is herself.

Very self-confident

beautiful woman standing in sunlight

She knows how much she’s worth and she embraces it!

Because of the amount of rationality she has, she knows that there is nothing she needs to fear as long as she is determined to achieve her goals.


woman with long blond hair posing

In relation to the trait above, an INTJ woman can be pretty arrogant from time to time.

She thinks that she knows best and she doesn’t let anyone tell her what to do, even though sometimes it’s for her own good.

If she thinks that you’re intellectually inferior, she might not even want to talk to you.

Brutally honest

young woman talking to man

She says what she thinks without considering anyone’s feelings.

But you need to consider the fact that she might be just giving you constructive feedback and you need to learn how to accept it.

At the end of the day, she looks at feedback as a gift, no matter how hurt you might be.

Clueless in romance

man kissing a smiling woman

Sometimes it might even seem like she’s cold-hearted, but she is simply overly analytical and if she has ever gone through any kind of abuse, she will doubt romance and love until the end of her days.

She’s all about rationality and that’s why she sometimes forgets about feelings and how strong they are.


beautiful woman looking away

INTJ women have complete confidence in their thought processes and they think that they are always right.

Logical thinking is always the right path and it’s by definition correct—at least in theory.

How to date an INTJ woman?

couple sitting on swingset

Now that we have listed down all the good and bad traits of an INTJ woman, you might find it hard to love her now that you know she sees emotions as something very irrational.

But let me tell you this: It’s not as hard as it seems! And to show you, I’m giving you all the little tips and tricks on dating an INTJ woman!

Get to know yourself

handsome man looking at mirror

After being in a relationship with an INTJ woman, you start to notice that she knows herself very well!

She knows how to handle her own emotions without a problem and she also knows what to do to make herself evolve and be a better version of herself from day to day.

So, to impress her and to keep up with her, you need to get to know yourself better.

Before you overreact to something she said to you, make sure to know what exactly made you feel that way and be really introspective.

She will never cheat on you

woman hugging man by the lake

So don’t you dare cheat on her! If she’s in a relationship with you it means that you’re very important to her and there are many reasons why she doesn’t need to cheat on you.

If she wanted to be with another guy, she would be with him, not you. She does expect the same loyalty from you, too.

It’s hard to buy them gifts

man surprising a woman

Because of the fact that INTJ women are extremely picky, you can’t satisfy her with the usual gifts like flowers or jewelry.

Instead, buy her something useful, like a book she would read or if you’re at a loss, simply ask her what she wants. It’s much better than buying her something she won’t use.

Appreciate her alone time

young woman looking at lake

She loves her alone time, more than anyone you will ever meet.

The INTJ woman simply doesn’t want distractions and she wants to be alone to recharge.

Don’t be a burden by calling her all the time. She will run away from you as fast as she can!

Don’t get fooled by her poker face

couple talking in the living room

Don’t be fooled—she does have emotions. Sometimes even stronger ones than the average person.

But she doesn’t want them to be visible so she hides them behind her poker face, or even behind a smile.

She doesn’t want to be a burden to anyone, so she deals with everything by herself.

But if she does want to talk to you about her problems, make sure to be a hundred percent in the moment, because she will know if you space out and she won’t want to talk to you about anything else for a long time.

INTJ Woman 10 Traits and How To Date One


Tuesday 24th of April 2018

I'm an INTJ woman, I just sent this my partner in the hope it helps him understand me more. Spot on. Thankyou.


Thursday 8th of March 2018

I’m a INTJ woman and, wow, this was so accurate!