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Understanding The Love Of The Rare INTJ Woman

Understanding The Love Of The Rare INTJ Woman

Rare and beautiful. Like a flower or a myth that you never thought to be true until you encountered her.

She is like this unbelievable mix of femininity and pure intelligence, poured into one body, that keeps on surprising you.

She is nothing like you have ever seen before: the INTJ woman.

Understanding her and the way she loves you is like wanting to discover something new, because everything you have known about women and dating will be completely turned upside-down.

One thing is sure: you will never again be bored. She will open your mind to the greater things in life and the way you looked at love will forever change.

She is the one who will make picnics in your backyard while reading philosophical novels. She is the kind of girl who will talk to you about conspiracy theories, believing that you know just as much as she does.

There is no way your mind won’t be expanded after you meet her, because there are no taboos with her.

You might lose her sometimes but she will come back! She will get lost inside her head and she can be lost for hours.

Sometimes, you will feel like you are not important to her but don’t let yourself feel insulted. That is just her independence screaming for a little alone time.

But be prepared to never be needed. She is the one who wants you to make her a cup of tea when she is sick, but believe me, she could do it herself.

She will never get into a state of needing you, because she knows how amazing life is even without a man.

But her love for you is strong, she loves you with all her heart and you will see it in every single look on her face and every time she touches you.

Pay attention to her eyes! You will see that spark of joy every single time you walk toward her, every time you hold and kiss her.

Sometimes, her work will get in the way. She is a goal-driven overachiever who doesn’t know how to slow down, so you’ll have to keep up.

Because of that, there will be times when she will be clueless and absent-minded. She won’t see the flowers you bought her or that you wanted to talk to her badly.

But please do not mistake that for an insult. She does not intend to hurt you! Ever! If she is with you, she loves you more than anything in the world – —although not more than her dreams.

The thing that you should never fear when you are in a relationship with an INTJ woman is her cheating on you.

She respects herself (and you of course) too much to ever cheat or even look at another man, because that is nothing more than disgraceful.

With that said, you should not even try to lie to her if you cheated, because she will see it in you right away and the last thing you will see from her is her back, while she is leaving.

If you decide to disrespect her or if you think that she is ‘too much’ for you, know that you will forever wonder what would have happened if you had loved her the way she deserved.

No other woman will be as amazing as she is and no other woman will be able to fill up that hole in your heart, left there to forever remind you of her.

Loving an INTJ woman will be the best and worst decision of your life.

You will never be able to fully understand the way she loves you, because not many can teach you about her, she is too rare for that.

But once you figure out that her touch is filled with care and every one of her words is like music to your ears, you will know that love has never been this weird and lovely at the same time.

Love her. Love her like you have never seen such a gem.

Appreciate her being in your life, because her brutal honesty and dark sarcasm won’t be things you’ll find anywhere else.

And remember: don’t play with her. She is better at those games than you will ever be.