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Is He My Soulmate? 13 Ultimate Signs You’ve Found The One

Is He My Soulmate? 13 Ultimate Signs You’ve Found The One

“Is he my soulmate?” Now, how many times have you asked yourself whether he’s your true love or just another fleeting romance?

How many times have you asked yourself whether you’ll ever meet your soulmate, and if you do, how will you recognize him?

A soulmate is a person with whom you connect deeply, who accepts and loves all of your quirks and flaws, and who constantly pushes you and helps you become the best version of yourself.

You see, a soulmate is not all about a perfect match like many people tend to believe these days.

I dare say that it is more about an “imperfect match” because meeting your soulmate doesn’t mean that they will act perfectly and fulfill all of your wishes and dreams about meeting the one.

It means going through tough times with them, constantly fighting for each other, and being determined to spend the rest of your life with them because you can’t imagine it otherwise.

Now, how can you be sure that you’ve found the one?

Is love real? How can you know that they are the One for you? The truth is that you know you’ve found your soulmate when you don’t have the answer to the question why you actually like/love him—you just know that you do.

Also, there are some ultimate signs to tell if the guy you are dating is indeed your soulmate and the one, so keep reading!


His presence is soothing and feels like home

Whenever you’re together, you feel like the time suddenly stops, and you’re in nirvana.

His presence always soothes you no matter how stressed out you might be because of your job or other things that you have to face during the day.

Even though your lives are not perfect, you still feel like you’re living in a fairy tale because he’s everything you’ve ever wanted and everything you’ll ever need.

Lying in his arms feels like home, and nothing and no one will ever be able to replace that because you are indeed true soulmates.

You might be opposites, but you complete each other

You might have different preferences, different hobbies, and different jobs but you still complete each other.

You respect each other’s differences and make an effort to understand them better instead of being solely judgmental.

You complete each other on every level possible, and it is evident from the way you treat each other on a daily basis.

Also, you see your opposite sides as a blessing and not a curse because they bring something new to your relationship and teach you different ways.

You appreciate them with all of your heart, and you make an effort to celebrate them.

You feel it in your gut

How many times have you heard someone saying: “I feel it in my gut?” No matter how cliché it sounded, it is actually true.

When you feel something in your gut it means you’re feeling it in your soul. And your soul would definitely not lie to you, right?

So, if you hear that little voice inside your head telling you that he is the one, you can be sure that he really is—no matter how much you were suspicious of it.

Always listen first to your inner voice, and believe what you hear and feel before asking yourself that famous question: “Is he my soulmate?”

He’s changed you for the better

Before meeting him, you always had the feeling that you’re missing something, and you didn’t feel complete.

But, now you feel like he’s somehow magically changed you for the better and you feel like he’s the secret ingredient you’ve been missing all this time.

You feel more confident, more determined to make all of your dreams come true, and more motivated to live every day like it’s your last day on Earth.

You feel this way because when you’re with your soulmate, you become a complete person which positively affects everything you do and everything you want to achieve.

You feel like you’ve finally discovered your true self. And that’s how you know that you are not only romantic partners, you are true soulmates.

You feel like you’ve known him for years

When you first saw him, you felt like you’d seen him before.

This is similar to what is known as ‘love at first sight’, and it is one of the ultimate soulmate signs that you’ve met the one!

Now, the question is why people feel like they’ve known someone for years when the truth is that they’ve just met them for the first time?

It is because your soul recognizes them as a part of you because you belong together, and that is why you feel like you’ve actually known him for years.

You haven’t, but your soul has waited for him for years, and now when he’s here, your soul is letting you know that he is the one for you.

You showed him your worst self

He has seen you at your best and at your worst, and your relationship didn’t collapse. As a matter of fact, it is stronger than ever.

Do you feel like you’ve always had problems showing your true self to others out of fear that they might not understand you or because you don’t feel comfortable enough to open up to them?

But, with him it is a different story. You showed him your worst self without any hesitation because it just seemed natural to do so.

It means you weren’t and you aren’t afraid of being who you really are and showing your true colors to him because you’re not afraid of anything.

You subconsciously know that he is your soulmate, and you act in accordance with that.

You challenge each other

Your relationship is far from perfect, and that is what makes it so unique and breathtaking.

You challenge each other on a daily basis because you like the idea of constantly moving and challenging your relationship.

You like the idea of challenging each other because you know that it is the only way to improve yourself.

Soulmates do all of this because they like the sensations of diversity which bring them closer together.

Challenge is like fuel to you, and it helps you maintain a stable and healthy relationship.

You have an intense chemistry

The chemistry you two share with each other is so intense that it is almost tangible.

It is seen in the way you talk with each other, the way you touch each other, and the way you love each other.

Also, other people confirm this as well by constantly telling you how cute you look together and that you’re such an inspiring couple.

And don’t think that they tell you this only to flatter you.

They compliment you as a couple because they see that spark in your eyes when you look at each other, and you radiate happiness.

They see that you’re born for each other.

You feel comfortable being yourself around him

When you don’t feel that comfortable with a guy you’re spending time with, it is a huge red flag that something’s not right.

It means that your relationship is fake, and it is far from something more than just a casual dating.

But, if you feel at ease and free to be who you really are when you’re with him, it means that your relationship is genuine and much more than that.

You feel comfortable being yourself around him because you are soulmates, and you deeply understand each other’s fears, wishes, and cravings.

You feel like one.

You’re best friends

You’re not only a couple in a long-term relationship, you are also best friends as well.

You can’t imagine your life without him (and vice versa) because your souls belong together.

He is your brother, father, cousin, best friend, and lover in one.

You can share your pain and happy moments with him. You can cry and laugh together. You can act foolishly around each other.

You can also fight with each other, and at the end of the day, you will still be inseparable because no matter what happens, your souls will always find a way to reunite.

You can feel his silent thoughts and pain

You can be miles away from each other, and you’ll still feel his pain.

You will hear his thoughts like he’s there next to you, whispering them into your ear.

Only soulmates are capable of this because they have a special connection with each other that borders on the supernatural.

You share the same life goals

Do you share the same life goals even though you’re quite opposite by character?

You know that you’ve met your soulmate when you two have the same future life goals, and the only difference is that you have different ways of fulfilling them.

You dream the same dream, but you have different tactics and strategies when it comes to working on them to make them reality.

Sharing the same life goals meaning being on the same spiritual wavelength and aiming at the same spot regarding your future.

It means having one soul in two bodies.

You know how to apologize

Many people think that meeting your soulmate means finally having a perfect relationship where you never fight, never contradict each other, and never do anything wrong.

But, the truth is that meeting your soulmate means meeting someone with whom you’ll make lots of mistakes, but you will always know how to apologize to each other.

If you always choose to apologize instead of giving each other the passive aggressive treatment, then you know you’ve found the one.

You apologize to each other for being imperfect, and that is what makes you perfect!