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Nerdy Girl: 10 Reasons Geeky Girls Make The Best Girlfriends!

Nerdy Girl: 10 Reasons Geeky Girls Make The Best Girlfriends!

If you’ve seen any of Hollywood’s big features (mostly romcoms), you’ve probably seen a nerd girl as the main protagonist’s clumsy, strange best friend.

But eventually that invisible friend turns into a social butterfly! She makes everyone see that she was the catch all along. And finally, the attention is on her.

And this is a story of all the nerdy girls around the world. The girls who get a bad reputation for their intelligence, ambition, love of comic books and Star Wars. (But honestly, who isn’t a Star Wars fan nowadays?)

Being a ‘nerd’ used to be a derogatory term. It described a person who was incredibly smart and driven and painted them in a bad light. Simply due to their smarts.

But today, being nerdy has finally become associated with a more positive note. It has fought its way to being among the most desirable traits. And rightfully so.

Nerdy girls are SO much more than just high school valedictorians and lovers of sci-fi and video games. It’s not true that they despise makeup and are a far cry from the all-American dream girl.

Guess what? They’re not all tomboys! Some of them actually care about their appearance without it making them a Kim Kardashian lookalike. Putting them all into the same bunch is a huge mistake and here’s why:

  • Just because they care about their education and use WordPress on a weekly basis does not mean they still don’t like to go out! They love having fun and socializing with friends. Stop stereotyping!
  • They might be super into Harry Potter and discuss it during their monthly book club meetings but it doesn’t mean they don’t have a variety of other interests!
  • Thinking that they won’t date a guy who’s not super smart is a grave mistake. They don’t judge! If they like someone, they’ll always give it a shot.
  • Being the smartest person in the world isn’t the most important thing in the world for them (contrary to popular belief).

Relationship with a nerdy girl – things to keep in mind

Firstly, dating this girl doesn’t differ from dating any other chick. Nerdy girls are everywhere, you just don’t know it! Not all of them wear glasses and carry books everywhere they go.

And they most certainly do not all look the same. Some of the hottest girls you’ll ever meet are hidden nerds!

You may think that nerdy things are all they’re interested in talking about but you would be DEAD wrong. They might be world-class experts in math and science but they also like makeup, clothes and girly stuff!

Sure, they could potentially be the next Einstein but that doesn’t make them intimidating! This is why you won’t find this girl that easily. They don’t like throwing their wit in people’s faces.

Most of them are humble and considerate. So don’t hesitate to approach a nerdy girl. She could be all you ever wanted and more.

Nerd girl problems are real! These ladies always have to fight prejudice and prove people wrong. They are not here to make you see how amazing they are.

They are not here to help you with your work assignment either. Just because they’re smart does not mean they are obliged to help you.

They have enough on their plate already. They don’t need you to make life additionally difficult. You may not know this but with a big brain comes an even bigger responsibility!

One to their parents who expect only great things from them and one to themselves. And they don’t want to disappoint anyone.

Keeping their folks happy and proud while remaining true to themselves is tough work. They are always juggling their own wishes with the opinions of family and friends.

Everybody expects so much from them, so all they need from you is to make life fun and enjoyable. Don’t take advantage of them and their kindness. It won’t sit well with them.

How NOT to treat a nerdy girl

– It’s okay to ask for help at times (but nothing too major) if you’re close to them. But requesting their ‘services’ on a regular basis is a big no-no. There is a difference between asking a friend for help and taking advantage of them.

– If you didn’t look twice at them during the entire duration of high school, you do not have the right to suddenly become attached to them now. Just because they’ve suddenly become hot doesn’t give you the right to finally want them. Loyalty, please!

– Don’t make them your backup plan. They are not your plan B in case all else fails. They are a number one option and a priority. If you can’t see that, maybe it’s time to reconsider dating them. They deserve someone who will love them for all of them. Not just for their wits and their perfectly shaped bottom.

– Don’t talk badly about them behind their back and pretend to be their best friend when you’re with them. They know what you talk about when they’re not there. They just have enough class to not pay attention to your petty BS.

– Don’t pretend to be a comic book fanatic just to impress them. Don’t pretend to like sci-fi if you really don’t. It’s insulting to them. Be true to yourself because that is the best way to win their heart.

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1. Her spectrum of interests is wide and ever-expanding

This is awesome because it means always having something to talk about. There are so many things she’s familiar with and she can offer you useful feedback on pretty much anything!

Chances are, she’s going to get you interested in so many things outside your comfort zone and her drive will inevitably rub off on you!

Also, getting a gift for a nerdy girl is a breeze! Since she likes so many different things, you won’t have a problem picking out something she’ll like! For the first time ever, shopping for a girl won’t be a total hassle.

The only problem you’ll encounter is having too many options.

And that is just a few things about her that will blow you away. If you want to see more ways she’ll astound you, go ask her out. You’ll never want to leave her side.

2. She is very passionate about the things she likes (hint: if she likes you, you’re golden!)

Getting to see a person be passionately invested in something they hold dear is priceless. So if you end up winning over a nerdy girl, appreciate her drive and dedication—it’s rare to find something so pure.

If your intention is to mock her love of nerdy things and video games, perhaps she’s not your girl after all.

They won’t suddenly become less geeky just because you think they should. They are always true to themselves and don’t apologize for it, ever. Either join them in their geeky quest or leave them alone. They’re too precious to be used and made fun of.

If a geeky chick likes you, she’s going to be all in. No reservations, no games and no petty crap. You’ll be a lucky dude if this girl wants you in her life, so don’t gamble her away. You may never get another chance.

3. She works hard and tirelessly on perfecting her craft

She’s not all about comic books and playing video games. There is a huge ambition inside her and a desire to always improve. She knows you can never stop learning and that’s why she takes any opportunity to learn something new.

One day, all of her hard work and studying is going to pay off. And the best thing about it is that she’ll know it was all her. She deserves everything she gets because she works her ass off to get it. And that is the best reward.

While some of her peers are out there partying and getting wasted for nights on end, she works and she studies. She is playing the long game. And one day, she is going to have something to fall back on.

And all of her peers will come asking her for help. Funny how the tables always turn.

4. She defies all stereotypes and creates her own path

Nerdy girls don’t need you to put them all in one box. Just because they’re geeky, it doesn’t make them all alike. Quite the contrary! Their personalities greatly differ and shine individually.

You have introverted nerdy girls who like books, Star Wars and going to the library. You have extroverted nerds who are intelligent and total bookworms but also enjoy partying and expanding their horizons!

And then you have a mix of both of these. And you wanted to put them all in one box, huh?

Hopefully, you see how mistaken you’d be. Their smarts don’t define them. Not all of them, that is. There is a whole unknown side of them to be explored… Just keep an open mind and you’ll be positively surprised at what you will uncover.

5. She has a whole variety of fun facts – ask her anything and you’ll see!

You’ll be talking about the most random stuff and she’ll blow your mind with a totally unexpected fun fact about it that you did NOT see coming! I

t could be an old building not far from your neighborhood and she’ll tell you that it was actually built on an old Indian burial ground in the 19th century.

You could be talking about your favorite drink that you love a bit too much (thinking it’s bad for your health) and she’ll surprise you with a little-known fact that it has recently been discovered to actually benefit your well-being!

And you’ll be like, ”Damn, girl… you sure know your shit!”

She’s fun to be around, that’s for sure. So don’t hesitate to ask her out and go do it ASAP. If you don’t, be sure that somebody else will!

6. She looks up to people who have greatly contributed to society (not just celebs)

There’s nothing wrong with idealizing Kim K. and seeing her as a role model. I’m just saying there are people out there that have done much more in their lifetime and who have impacted society with more than just their wardrobe (or lack thereof).

She looks up to various scientists and artists who have all contributed to their own respective areas. She respects activists who stand up for things and rights that not many people are brave enough to fight for.

She doesn’t have a problem with actors and singers and their loyal fan bases. She just aims a little higher, while respecting everyone and their choices.

7. She doesn’t equal her worth with how many followers she has on social media

While most people are obsessed with Snapchat, Instagram and Twitter, she couldn’t care less. She may be on social media but it’s not at the top of her priority list.

She will check in every now and again but it doesn’t really make a difference to her.

She could have thousands of followers or just ten, it’s all the same to her. Social media is not the basis upon which one’s worth is measured and she doesn’t see it as such.

It’s a fun way to waste a few spare minutes of her day but that’s about it! And she’ll probably make you see this, too.

So if you want to spend time with a girl who values what actually matters and doesn’t care about trivial stuff, she’s your girl! She’ll open your eyes to more than you ever thought possible.

8. She’s completely honest and candid about everything

If you need an honest opinion on a controversial topic, she’s your girl. If you want to know if you should break up with your toxic boyfriend, she’ll tell you how it is.

And if you’re not sure about your new pants… she’ll tell you they make your butt look huge.

And isn’t that what we all strive for? Complete honesty and transparency? Without those, what do we really have?

She is going to be the most loyal and honest friend and/or girlfriend you’ll ever have! Instead of judging her honesty, value it!

Not many people will tell you the harsh truth. She will. Girls like her are hard to come by and they are real gems. So treat them as such and know their worth.

9. She respects your time by never being late

She will never make you wait for her because she knows the value of time. She respects everybody enough and she would never purposely be late and waste your time like that. She knows everybody’s got things going on, so she makes sure to respect that.

If she says she’s five minutes away, she means it! It’s not five minutes that actually mean an hour. And if for some reason she knows she’ll be late, you’ll be notified.

She will never let you waste your time waiting for her because she has her priorities straight and she’s true to her word.

10. She never lets herself be bored and always has something to do

The imagination of a geeky girl is beyond what you can understand! She will never let herself be bored because there are too many options out there! There are books to read, activities to engage in and friends to catch up with. How could she possibly ever be bored?

And for her, a relaxing morning walk with her dog, with music blasting through her AirPods, is the perfect way to start the day. She doesn’t always need to be doing something extreme.

It’s the little things like that which make her feel most at ease. She appreciates the tranquility of early mornings and the magic of sunsets.

Go find a girl exactly like this. She will make you see what life is really all about and teach you a thing or two while she’s at it. Dating a geeky girl will be an eye-opening experience you never knew you needed.

In conclusion

Dating a nerdy girl is really like dating anyone else out there but with a few more interests! She can make you laugh with her hysterical jokes and leave you in awe with her incredible intelligence.

She will broaden your horizons and make you see she’s not all about strange comic book editions and watching Star Wars on a loop.

She likes playing with makeup and looking nice for her man but she also doesn’t obsess over her appearance too much. She is just the right mix of caring enough but not letting it affect her.

She will never judge any of your choices but she might nudge you in the right direction. If you need her help, she’ll be there but she’ll never let anyone use her. And trust me, she’ll know if that’s the case.

All she really wants is to find a nice guy who will treat her with respect and love all of her interests and quirks. Just like any other girl!

And if you think she won’t like you if you’re not Einstein, you’re wrong. Her mind is open and her heart is pure. Be nice to her and she’ll be your dream girl.

Hopefully, this will open your eyes to how incredible, kind and open-minded geeky chicks are! Dating this kind of girl is like winning the lottery. You’ll never know until you try, so give it a shot. She’s more than worth it!