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It Takes A Real Man To Love A Broken Woman

It Takes A Real Man To Love A Broken Woman

To her, love seems like a game of power and she’s the one who hands it over. Because love to her is something worth living and fighting for.

Love is something she’s ready to lose herself in without even skipping a beat. It terrifies her to death but she’d do it any day and anytime.

You can see the fear in her eyes and hear the tremble in her voice but the strength of her love and the heat of her passion is what knocks you off of your feet. You can see that she’s scared to the bone and she goes for it anyway.

Love her for the fact that she’s standing while she’s falling apart inside. For the fact that she gets up every morning, facing the sunshine, while fighting with the darkness in her. And for being the harbor you can seek safety in.

To her, sweet words are just a weapon to lure someone in, only to break them. To her, love is as sweet as it is terrifying.

And every time someone promises her love, she nods in agreement but deep down the doubt is tearing her apart, warning her of another break that’s to come.

Hugs are just there to ease the pain and to make it harder for her once you’re gone. Because you ought to leave. Everyone else did, why wouldn’t you?

Love her for facing her fears every single day while she’s loving you. Love her for tumbling her walls down to show you that she trusts you.

Love her for the fact that she’s the fiercest and gentlest heart there is. Not the broken one but the beautiful one. Because she is so much more than just broken.

To her, the idea of not loving you is way more painful than the idea of you walking away. Because she knows the pain of not being loved.

She knows how it hurts when you give everything and get so little in return. She knows how it hurts to be neglected and how it hurts to be lied to.

So she will never, ever play with your trust. She will never leave you in the dark if she can be the light. She will never leave you in the cold if she can be the flame.

Love her for bringing color to your black and white life and warmth to the freezing caves of your mind. For putting a smile on your face and having a laugh so contagious that you’re left wondering if sadness even exists next to her.

To her, brokenness is something she hides away with a smile. It’s not because she’s embarrassed, it’s because she’s afraid it’ll seem too much to you.

She’s afraid that you will see the woman she once was. The woman who let others take away her worth and her smile.

The woman who trusted everyone would keep her heart safe, just like she kept theirs.

She’s afraid that you will run away because you can’t fix her. But the thing is, there is no point in fixing something that doesn’t need to be fixed.

Love her for the amazing mosaic of all the battles and victories she’s had. Love her for all of the pain she endured with that smile that would put the sun to shame.

Love her for the fact that broken looks good on her.

To her, every day is the last one, so she holds nothing back. Because waiting for the people who never came is what killed her in the end.

Hoping in vain is what destroyed her. And giving her heart is what broke her.

But you see, she lives every day one day at a time. She gives herself completely every second of the day.

When pain pins her down, she whispers, “We got this.” When fear tries to hold her back, she whispers, “One more time.

And when memories come hunting her, she screams, “Not today.” Being broken is part of her and if you leave her for it, you’re not the real man she deserves.

Love her for her. Breathe with her, cry with her. Wait for the sunrise next to her and appreciate every second you get to spend with her.

Admire her and watch her in awe. And if you’re not ready to do it, let her go.

To her, being set free is better than being locked in a gilded cage with no love. If you’re not ready to love all of her, let her go.