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How To Attract A Woman Who Is Not Interested: 11 Proven Techniques

How To Attract A Woman Who Is Not Interested: 11 Proven Techniques

To be honest, all women like to play hard to get sometimes. They know that pretending they’re not interested in a man only makes them more attractive.

Now, the question is, how does one attract a woman who is not interested (or who is pretending that she isn’t interested)?

Of course, you can’t control someone’s feelings, but you can do something that will make them change and fall in love with you right away.

The point is that you shouldn’t try hard, but you should try smarter. If you are too pushy, you’ll only scare her away.

Be patient and go step by step.

A woman might pretend that she isn’t interested in you just to see how much you’re actually interested in her, and how willing you are to get her attention and win her over.

If you want some expert relationship advice on how to make a girl who is not interested in you fall in love with you, keep reading these great tips below.

1. Body language

As I’m sure you already know, body language counts for a lot.

If you approach a girl with the attitude of some guy who is not sure why he approached her in the first place, there is no chance you will achieve anything with that girl.

This also relates to a girl that might actually like you, so imagine what chances you’ll have with one that is not interested at all.

Body language and self-confidence play a major role in the game of love.

Even before you start an actual conversation with a woman you are attracted to, she will be able to tell if you like her or not if you use your body language in the right way.

It’ll also help you show that you are a confident man.

This means you should sit as close to her as possible, touch her whenever you can, and do it so discreetly that she doesn’t think of you as some kind of a creep, but instead you send good chills down her spine.

How do you achieve that?

Well, don’t touch her inappropriately, but instead, wait for the right moment and move the hair from her face for example, or help her put on her jacket.

Think of small details that will make her think of you as caring and gentle.

What you definitely should not do is be aggressive – meaning that if you try to touch her and she pulls back, then you should back off instantly.

That’ll send her the message that your goal is to make her feel comfortable around you, not freaked out.

One more important thing will come out of that – she won’t be able to friendzone you, ‘cause she’ll know you are not there to be just her friend.

Also, pay attention to your posture.

Straight shoulders and back, body facing towards her – all those are signs to her that you want to be there with her and amaze her.

Men are known to be hunters and enjoy the chase, so you need to let her know that you are paying attention only to her – you don’t want her to think she is just another girl on your list.

If you are talking to her but looking around the room, she might think you are looking for the way out, which will not get you anywhere.

Remember, showing confident body language is the best way to attract a beautiful woman.

2. Eye contact

Facial expressions and eye contact are other forms of body language that you need to pay attention to.

Imagine a situation where she is observing you. You are looking at your phone, at the doors, at the people across the bar. What does she think of you at that moment?

By acting this way, you are giving her the impression that you are bored, and that you can’t wait for the conversation with her to be done.

She will think you are rude and even worse, you will make her think of herself as boring and uninteresting.

The worst thing you can do is kill her confidence.

Eye contact is known to be the number one tool when it comes to flirting, so keeping eye contact will definitely let her know that you are into her.

Of course, this doesn’t mean you should stare at her and make her feel uncomfortable – instead look directly into her eyes for a few seconds, then look away and make eye contact again.

Make sure she knows you are listening to her, and make her feel wanted.

3. Boost your self-confidence

As already stated, men are hunters and enjoy the feeling of the chase. In order to achieve your goal with a girl you are attracted to and to ‘catch her’, you must feel confident in yourself from the start.

You cannot expect her to like you if you do not like you.

So, if you don’t feel comfortable in your clothes, you think your hairstyle is desperate, or you’ve gained a few extra kilos, do something about it.

Throw away the awful sweater you got as a present for the holidays and buy yourself a shirt that you like and that fits you perfectly; make an appointment at the hairdresser, feel good in your skin.

That way even if she rejects you, you won’t feel that you are not good enough, just that she has a different taste.

Still, trust me, the chances are way lower that she will reject you if you are self-confident and talk to her like there is no chance she’ll reject you.

You need to learn to calm down when you’re feeling nervous in front of the girl you like.

Don’t make any small hand movements while talking. You have to know that fidgeting is never hot.

4. Play it cool

During the flirting game, DO NOT act desperate. Women hate that. Of course, you can show that you are interested and that you care in some way, but keep your feet on the ground.

Do not behave like a maniac waiting for his next victim and who will do anything to get them.

You like her, she knows it, but do not cross the line so that she thinks you only approached her because you could not get any other girl.

If you are going to crazy lengths to keep her by your side, it will reek of desperation, and desperation is not attractive. Trust me, she will RUN the minute she thinks of you in that way.

5. Keep busy

In other words, have a life. OK, now that you already have let her know that you like her and that you are interested, don’t overwhelm her with your emotions.

Trying to win her over by annoying her will only drive her away from you. At this point, you should let her think a little bit about you, to decide whether or not she wants to see you again.

In other words, keep your normal life going. Go to work, have dinners with your friends, or hit the gym – whatever you do in your own life. Show her that you are fully enjoying life.

Don’t get me wrong – do not disappear on her. Send some messages here and there, let her know you’re thinking of her, but don’t try to push her or pressure her into making decisions.

6. Don’t chase her

9 am – message, 11 am – message, 1 pm – missed call, and so on and so on…Don’t be this person.

After you have sent one message, if she doesn’t answer, do not send another until she does, or else she’ll think you are stalking her.

Women have a tendency to become more interested if they feel that they are the ones making the decisions.

So, let her answer your message, or even send one first. That way not only will she feel in charge, but you will also have a better insight into her attitude towards you.

You know what they say – not getting an answer is an answer. Also, don’t always appear everywhere she goes.

That way she may get the feeling of being controlled, which none of us (especially, young women), like.

7. Accept her as she is

This is something that should not even be an issue because after all, you are the one trying to get her to become interested in you.

What needs to be clear is that you are sure she accepts you – relationships are two-sided, so don’t forget about yourself.

You must realize that she is not some kind of a meal where you get to choose what you like and what you don’t.

You must be ready to accept her with her flaws and manners because she has them for sure – she is human after all.

Every woman loves to feel appreciated and respected. With that in mind, do not tell her something she does is wrong only because you would not do it that way.

She already had those kinds of guys in her life, so if your goal is to win her over, find a way to deal with her flaws – her full personality, not just the parts you like or think she should have.

8. Be a good listener

There is no better way of showing someone that you like them and want them than listening to them. Details are everything.

Always listen to what she has to say, you should not allow her to catch you just pretending you are.

Okay, it is a fact that women might talk a lot sometimes, but still, if she cares and is passionate about something, you need to be supportive and have the courtesy to at least listen to her.

And by listening, I do not mean to be quiet while she talks, but to hear her out, answer her questions, help her resolve her doubts.

Remember, the most attractive man is the one who is compassionate and kind. After all, you are the one she wants to tell her story to, so don’t make her regret that.

In this way, you will be able to discover what she likes, doesn’t like, what she fears, and many other details that will eventually help you to win her heart.

You have to listen to her to find out some things that will help you to win her heart. If she talks about her previous relationship and breakup, listen carefully, and don’t make the same mistakes her ex did.

She might casually mention that she likes some band, and as a surprise, you can take her to their concert sometime.

She will know that you listened to her and that’ll make her fall for you even if it was not her intention in the beginning.

9. Make her laugh

When you ask a woman about her ideal man, one of the first things she will mention will definitely be his ability to make her laugh.

She wants to feel good around you, and what better way of feeling relaxed is there than laughing and feeling careless in the moment?

If you can achieve this, you have a great chance because it’s known that humor is the key to a woman’s heart.

You have to create a fun and positive vibe between you two.

Before she falls in love with you, you need to become her friend. Being a good friend is a way to attract a woman and it almost always leads to a relationship.

10. Compliment her

Feeling attractive and desired is a very good feeling – every woman will confirm that. In your mission of winning the woman you want, making her feel that way will be a great advantage for you.

Even though women are more emotional than men, they still love to feel wanted in a raw sensual sense.

Do more than just tell her that you are attracted to her, but also pay attention to the details.

Tell her how beautiful she is without makeup. Compliments will always bring a smile to her face and it’ll surely make her day.

11. Win over her friends first

It is no secret that for a woman, her friends’ opinions mean a lot – sometimes maybe even more than they should.

So, if you want to win over an attractive woman that is not interested in you, make sure her friends like you. Otherwise, I am sorry to inform you, you don’t stand much of a chance.

This is not the case if she likes you and is interested from the very beginning, but here we are talking about a woman who is not interested in you from the start.

That’s why her friends may have a key role in presenting you as a nice guy she might actually like if she gives you a chance.

In the very beginning, she might not know anything about you, so a nice word from them can be of high value in giving you a chance.

To wrap up

Are you still wondering how to attract a woman who is not interested? Let’s sum it all up and make it more clear, then, because it’s not an easy task.

You should work on winning over her heart instead of wasting your time looking for signs that she is not interested in you or sending her dirty talk messages when it’s too early.

You shouldn’t despair if a girl you like isn’t interested in you. There are many ways to change that and make her fall madly in love with you.

The biggest advice I can give is that you should never give up on a woman you like. Maybe it’ll be hard to find a way to her heart, but you will. You’ll win her over. You just have to be patient and wait.

There are two ways to find out how a woman feels about you. The first one (and the easier one) is to figure out a way to win over her friends.

If you succeed in establishing trust with her besties, you’ll find out things from her dating life. And those things will help you to attract her.

The other way is to become her friend. Get her trust, show her that you understand her, and she’ll definitely want to be more than friends with you in no time.

If she says “it’s not you, it’s me”, then trust her. Maybe she’s just not ready for a relationship.

Maybe she was hurt in the past and she is still healing from it. Be there for her as a friend and she’ll appreciate you even more.

Maybe you aren’t meant to be together right now, not everyone knows what the future will bring. The most important thing is that you gave your best and that you tried.

You will have no regrets and if she isn’t the one for you, don’t be too bummed out. A woman will come along sooner than you can even imagine.