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Leo And Pisces Compatibility In Romantic Love, Sex And Friendship

Leo And Pisces Compatibility In Romantic Love, Sex And Friendship

It doesn’t matter whether you believe in your horoscope or not, when you find someone you think might be your soulmate, it is natural that you want to know what the stars have prepared for you.

Are you two a compatible love match or is your relationship doomed to fail right from the start? Well, read on and find out!

Before telling you more regarding Leo and Pisces compatibility, firstly you have to know some basic characteristics of these two zodiac signs.

The following personality traits are common for both female and male Leos and Pisces.

Leo’s Personality Traits

Leo (who was named after the lion) is a fire sign, ruled by the sun. 

Crave attention

When you think of the people with their sun sign in Leo, the first thing that probably goes through your mind is how they enjoy being the center of attention and how they are ready to do almost anything just to get under the spotlight.

Every Leo loves it when all eyes are directed toward them because that makes them feel important and powerful.

This is the star sign who doesn’t mind speaking in public and being onstage. In fact, they are flirts, which enchants everyone around them. 

They don’t actually care whether people love or hate them, as long as they have a formed opinion about them. In fact, the only thing Leos can’t stand is being ignored. 


Another personality trait common for everyone belonging to this sign is their stubbornness.

A Leo always knows what they want and they don’t plan on giving up until they get it. 

For them, there is no such thing as a mission impossible. They couldn’t care less about obstacles along the way, as long as they consider their final goal to be worthy of all the fight and effort. 

Besides, this zodiac thinks they are always right. They don’t give a damn about the arguments you’re giving them; their opinion is always the only one that matters. 

Knowing this, it is clear why these people are hard to compromise with.

They rarely want to take your viewpoints into consideration because they are convinced they know best. 

Natural leaders

A Leo is born a natural leader. Leos are royalty of the zodiac, the same way the lion is the king of the jungle. 

Even in high school, they were the most popular athletes and cheerleaders and this continued throughout their entire life. 

In fact, these people have a tendency to choose companions who are ready to follow their lead for their friends and lovers.

They’re dominant and can’t function with anyone who might represent a threat to their alpha position

Wherever they go, they want to be obeyed and listened to. However, the funny thing is that others really do see them as authority figures and allow them to lead them. 


Among all the zodiacs, Leo is one of the most possessive and jealous ones.

And this doesn’t only apply to their romantic relationships; it is the same with friendship and family relationships as well.

What is theirs is theirs and they don’t plan on sharing anyone’s love with other people. 

However, Leo’s jealousy is not always a matter of emotions. In fact, their ego couldn’t stand losing someone they care for and that fear makes them so possessive.

Nevertheless, a Leo will rarely admit how jealous they actually are because for them, this confession equals humiliation.

Instead, they would rather be passive-aggressive and play different sneaky mind games until the other person realizes what the problem is.

Seek approval

Even though this is probably the last thing you would think about this zodiac, the truth is that Leos don’t function without other people admiring them.

In fact, everything they do, they do it in order to get approval and praise. 

No matter what happens, this is the sign that is always trying to be the good guy in the story. 


On the other hand, Leos are some of the most loyal star signs in the entire horoscope.

These are the people who will stand by your side through thick and thin, which makes them awesome friends and romantic partners.

Remember: when you’re involved with a Leo, you can be sure that they’ll never turn their back on you and abandon you.

This is a person who will defend you against the entire world, as if their life depends on it. 

This is a person who will stand by you through the hard times and most importantly, someone who won’t give up on you, even when everyone else, including yourself, does. 

When it comes to romantic relationships, they are also known to be faithful.

If you’re dating a Leo, you can sleep peacefully because they’re not interested in any love affairs outside their relationship. In fact, they won’t even flirt with other people while they’re taken. 


You know that harsh friend who can’t help but spill the truth, no matter how painful it might be?

The brutal one who always has the courage to speak up and say the things everyone else is secretly thinking about?

Well, they probably belong to this zodiac. For a Leo, honesty is non-negotiable and it is a matter of integrity. 

This is the person who will tell you the truth, even when lying benefits them better, the one who will force you to face reality, instead of allowing you to run away from it. 


Ironically, besides being so stubborn when it comes to their goals, Leos are also quite lazy, especially when they’re not interested in something.

Yes, they love money but they’re not as hardworking as people think.

In fact, Leos are champions of procrastinating. They’re the ones who will always do their chores and tasks at the last minute but will somehow manage to successfully finish them on time. 

However, despite their laziness, Leos are actually pretty efficient. Somehow, they manage to find their own way to deal with problems.


According to this zodiac, nobody is prettier or smarter than them. They’re the center of the universe and everything they do is simply perfect. 

Yes, you might call Leos egocentric. They don’t respond to critics well and spend an entire lifetime convinced they’re better than everyone else. 

This doesn’t have anything to do with money, appearance or social status; every Leo you run into will consider you to be less worthy than them and think of themselves as God-given. 


One of the most important characteristics of a Leo man and woman is their pride, so be careful about insulting them in any way.

Trust me, a Leo could be crazy over you but if they made a decision to kick you out of their life, their emotions won’t help you.

Leos have the strength to break their own heart. They always stick to their choices and wouldn’t allow someone to treat them like a fool, even if that means losing them forever. 

Leo compatibility with other signs

Leo has the strongest love compatibility with the following signs: Aries, Sagittarius, Gemini and Libra.

On the other hand, they don’t get along well with Virgos, Scorpio, Taurus, Aquarius or Capricorn. 

Pisces’ Personality Traits

Pisces is a water sign, ruled by both Neptune and Jupiter. 


Wherever you leave a Pisces, they will get along perfectly fine. They’re easily adaptable and always find their own way to be comfortable in all possible situations.

It is not that they don’t have a personality of their own but sometimes, they definitely imitate the ones next to them.

This is exactly why Pisces has so many different friends; no matter what, they always find common ground with everyone surrounding them. 


Contrary to Leo, Pisces don’t have a desire to be the dominant ones. However, people tend to like them and enjoy their company. 

Pisces are some of the biggest social butterflies of the entire zodiac. They have plenty of friends and literally everyone enjoys hanging out with them. 


When a Pisces offers you commitment, be certain that they mean it. They are devoted and fully dedicated to the ones they care for. 


Pisces are some of the biggest empaths in the world. They are extra sensitive to other people’s problems, engage in charity work and aren’t able to stay immune to other people’s suffering. 

When you’re involved with a Pisces in any way possible, know that from that moment on, your problems become theirs as well.

This is the person who will literally feel every emotion your heart experiences; they will cry with you and be happy for you. 

Before a Pisces makes any moves, they think about how their actions would make them feel, if they were on the other side of the coin.

This is the sign which puts the most effort into walking a mile in someone else’s shoes. 


This is the most artistic star sign of the entire zodiac. Pisces are usually extremely talented and use different forms of art to express their feelings. 


Another characteristic common of all Pisces is their complete and utter indifference toward the opinions of others. They couldn’t care less about the way others see them and always stand out. 

Putting Pisces in a box is mission impossible. They will never change their attitudes or habits to please others because they don’t feel like they have a duty to fit imaginary social standards. 

A Pisces is unique and the last thing they want is to blend in with the masses.

They have their own thing and they stick to it, without being bothered with conventions or social norms. 

This is exactly why a Pisces is often called a weirdo. They’re simply different and don’t have any intention of changing themselves for the sake of others. 


This is the star sign that never stands firmly on the ground. In fact, all they do is daydream about situations that are unlikely to happen and idealize the people they care about. 

A Pisces is someone who loses touch with reality easily. They have unrealistic expectations in life and usually expect a fairy tale, which causes them many problems. 


Ironically, besides being an empath with a kind and loving heart, the truth is that a Pisces is emotionally closed and guarded, which often makes others see them as unavailable.

A Pisces needs a lot of time before clearing up space for you in their life and heart. 

They have a hard time verbalizing their feelings and give their best to be seen as heartless and cold.

They don’t expose their vulnerabilities that easily and you need to put in a lot of effort for a Pisces to let you completely in.  

Pisces compatibility with other horoscope signs


Pisces tend to have great relationships with Cancer, Scorpio, Sagittarius and Capricorn but their soulmates are usually those with the sun sign in Aquarius or Taurus.

On the other hand, Pisces is not compatible with Gemini, Virgo or Libra.

Leo And Pisces’ Compatibility In Romantic Relationships

Out of all the combinations among the zodiac signs, a Leo-Pisces relationship is, according to many astrologers, the most interesting love match.

These two horoscope signs represent the opposites of fire and water and therefore, everything regarding them is challenging and intriguing. 

Their personalities and temperaments have a lot of differences but opposites attract, right? However, the real question is if they can last. 

Cons of a Pisces-Leo relationship

At first glance, these two horoscope signs could never work out together and any type of love affair between them is doomed to fail right from the start.

After all, Leo’s aggressiveness cannot match well with Pisces’ peaceful nature. Leo’s spotlight ambitions cannot be in sync with Pisces’ desire for privacy and calmness. 

Leo is adventurous and loves taking risks and experimenting. On the other hand, Pisces is usually considered to be conformist and old-fashioned. 

While Pisces is looking for comfort and routine, Leos enjoy trying new things every day. 

While Leo is an independent, self-sufficient type, Pisces is more family-oriented. Leo is impulsive and does everything with great passion, while Pisces prefers thinking things through before making a final call.

Ironically, the one personality trait common for both of these horoscope signs grows them apart and it is their desire to be in charge.

Even though at first, Leo appears to be much more dominant, the truth is that Pisces doesn’t like being ruled or told what to do either. 

The truth is that Pisces and Leo show their emotions in two completely different ways, which might bring about a lot of confusion, especially at the beginning of their relationship, when they still don’t know one another so well. 

Leo is passionate and is always ready to fight for what they believe in and most importantly, for what they love.

They don’t have any trouble expressing their true emotions, while Pisces acts differently when they’re in love. 

Being an emotionally closed person but also a water sign, Pisces’ temperament is much more passive.

They usually expect a fairy tale and sometimes even back out at the first sign of imperfection. 

But this certainly doesn’t mean they don’t love the person next to them; they just show it in a different way. 

Also, Pisces is a mutable sign, which means they are adapters of the zodiac.

These people are open to change and are way more flexible than others. 

On the other hand, Leo is a fixed sign. It means that they love having a predetermined plan instead of going with the flow. 

And the list of their differences can go on forever. 

Pros of a Pisces-Leo relationship

However, according to astrologers, not everything is so negative and pessimistic.

Despite all of their incompatibilities, there are a lot of things that connect this couple and sometimes, they even make it a zodiac match made in heaven.

Actually, in most cases, their differences attract them to each other in the first place.

If they play their cards right, this relationship can simply be the best because they complement each other. 

Leo brings the necessary excitement to a water sign’s life, while Pisces brings Leo down to earth and gives them the calmness they never knew they needed.

Even though this is difficult to achieve when it comes to these two, when it does happen, everything fits and is in a perfect balance. 

Yes, this is a challenging love match. Nevertheless, it gives both of the people involved an opportunity to learn something new about themselves, to test their tolerance and their ability to change and adapt for the sake of love. 

For this relationship to work, both Pisces and Leo have to put in their maximum effort. 

Before anything, Leo has to learn how to control their temperament. They need to find a way to calm down their aggressive nature and to stop being so dominant. 

On the other hand, Pisces needs to work on their confidence and emotional strength if they want to match their partner.

Also, they have to become more open about their inner struggles and feelings, unless they want a Leo to feel emotionally neglected and left out. 

However, the most important thing that bonds these two zodiac signs is their desire for commitment.

Despite all of their other characteristics, both Leo and Pisces are faithful and devoted when in a romantic relationship. 

They both believe in love and see it as the most powerful force in the world.

Despite all of their differences, they think that love is omnipotent and that it can help them overcome all problems and obstacles.

All of this being said, it is clear that maintaining a Leo-Pisces relationship is hard work and anything but easy. However, all the effort you put into it is worthy.

Yes, rare couples of this combination succeed. However, the ones who do and manage to find the beauty in this unusual romance have the huge potential of it being long-lasting.

Leo And Pisces Compatibility In Sex

There is no doubt about one thing–when it comes to sex between these two zodiacs, Leo is definitely the dominant one.

Most Leos have an incredibly high sexual urge and they enjoy experimenting in the bedroom.

They are extremely passionate and always up for new things. Leo wants to be the best at literally everything and that includes bedroom activities as well. 

When you want to satisfy a Leo in bed and have a steamy sex life, you need to praise them all the time.

This is the sign who is turned on by admiration and who only gets better when they see positive feedback. 

This is exactly why Leos try hard to please their sexual partner because they would see their dissatisfaction as their personal defeat. 

In some cases, Pisces cannot admire Leo’s sexual capacities because of their passion under the sheets.

Pisces love taking things slowly and enjoy kisses and cuddling more than actual penetration itself, while Leo likes things to be as rough as possible. 

However, these two can successfully overcome all of this mostly because neither is selfish and they both look for their partner’s needs as well.

As soon as Pisces realizes that Leo is not only in this for sex and that they’re there fortenderness, they know it doesn’t mean they don’t love them enough. 

Therefore, when they fall in love with each other, Leo will try to be more romantic in the bedroom while Pisces will engage in roleplaying from time to time and do their best to turn at least some of the Leo’s fantasies into reality. 

A Leo Man And Pisces Woman

A long-term relationship or even marriage between a Leo man and a Pisces woman is more likely to succeed than vice versa.

For example, a Pisces woman enjoys being a stay-at-home mom and doesn’t mind allowing her boyfriend or husband to take the lead, as long as she feels respected and appreciated. 

A Leo Woman And Pisces Man

However, things are quite different when it comes to a Leo woman and a Pisces man.

The fire sign Leo wants to be the dominant one but this position soon hurts a Pisces man’s ego and ends up pushing their relationship downhill. 

It is difficult for a Pisces to feel man enough next to an alpha female like Leo.

Pisces feels threatened and endangered next to her, which causes a lot of resentment, arguments and toxic behavior. 

Leo And Pisces Friendship

The field in which Pisces and Leo are the least compatible in is, without a doubt, friendship. First and foremost, Leos are usually outgoing, while Pisces is an introvert.

While Leo would prefer spending time traveling with their best friend, meeting new people, clubbing and exploring the world, Pisces would always choose a quiet coffee shop as their favorite meetup place.

Of course, this isn’t a problem when a real friendship is in question but it definitely represents an obstacle for these two people to even become friends. 

Another thing that stands in the way of this friendship is Leo’s selfishness.

They’re always in the middle of some drama and they constantly go on and on about the things that are going on in their life, without giving Pisces a chance to share something about themselves. 

This works like a charm in the beginning, especially when you know that Pisces are empaths and great listeners.

However, after a while, they get tired of being a counselor to the other person, without getting anything in return. 

Nevertheless, none of this means that Leos don’t care about their Pisces friends because that couldn’t be further from the truth.

You see, their selfish nature is a part of who they are and they usually display it without being aware of that. 

The moment they meet a Pisces, they get the urge to protect their pure soul and that is exactly what they keep on doing.

Even though things don’t appear that way at first, Leo would do anything for the sake of their friends.