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8 Telltale Signs That He Wants To Be With You

8 Telltale Signs That He Wants To Be With You

Every woman’s dream is to find out if a man she likes wants to be with her.

It would be so great to enter a man’s head and check what he thinks of you but that is unfortunately impossible.

But worry no more because here are some sure signs that he really wants to be with you and not just hook up with you.

He often calls

If you guys have just met and he is constantly calling you, it means that he wants something more than just being friends.

He is into you and he wants to spend more time with you.

In case he can’t see you, he will use his phone to just hear your voice and ask you about your day.

But if you see that he is calling you only between 2 and 5 a.m. you can be pretty sure that he just wants to listen to you talking dirty so he can get turned on.

If he does this it means that you are just a fun girl to him but nothing more than that. So open your eyes wide and scan him no matter what he does because it can help you see what his real intentions are.

You are a special person in his life

In fact, there is no other special girl in his life but you.

He constantly talks about you and things that you like or he is trying to do things that you like so you can have more in common.

He will do things that you will feel special about and he won’t have any problem in showing the world that he is in love with you.

This is one of the ultimate signs he has strong feelings for you and that he is not interested in any other woman.

He wants to know more about you

A guy who is not into you will never waste his time showing interest in your hobbies.

But the one who is truly into you will want to know what your hobbies are or what kind of music you like to listen to.

He will want to know as much about you as possible but he will want you to ask him questions too.

That will show him that you are interested in him and that he made the right decision by choosing you to be his romantic partner.

He wants you to meet his friends

If he suggests that he wants you to meet his friends it is a sure sign that he wants to be with you.

He doesn’t only want to hook up with you but he wants something more serious than that.

He thinks that you are real girlfriend material and he doesn’t mind going the extra mile for you.

If he does this you can consider yourself happy because he seems like a keeper.

He is shy in front of you

Maybe you don’t think this is a good sign but it actually is because it means he finds your opinion important.

Guys who only want to hook up act cocky and uptight. But a guy who really likes you (or a guy who is scared of how much he likes you) will be shy at the beginning and he will need some time to relax.

So, don’t be too harsh on him and be the one who will lead the conversation at the beginning.

Once he starts feeling good in his skin, he will reciprocate with the same things.

He shares his secrets with you

If a guy shares something special with you it means that he really wants to be with you.

He thinks that you are a person he can believe in and the one he can rely on.

So, he won’t hesitate to call you when he has problems or when he simply feels down.

He likes to be in your presence and he thinks that a talk with you will make him feel better.

He never ignores you

When a fuckboy gets what he wants from you, he will just disappear and he will ignore you when he sees you in public.

But with a good guy, things are different.

He will never ignore you because he knows how bad he would feel like if someone did that to him.

He will always be there to listen to you and he will be the one who will reach out his hand to you whenever you get into trouble.

A man like this is definitely a keeper.

He impresses you

A guy who likes you and who wants to be with you will try to impress you.

He will do crazy things just to make you smile and he won’t have any problem telling others that he likes you.

He will talk about the things he is good at and he will want you to try some of them with him.

Don’t confuse this behavior for showing off because a guy like this never does that.

He is just mentioning things that he is good at here and there and he is not pushy about it.

In the end, he is just trying to find a way to your heart.