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Let Him Go And Keep Yourself

Let Him Go And Keep Yourself

It’s hard, but you’ll have to do it. You’ll have to let him go.

I know that the pain of missing someone is sometimes harder than holding onto someone and getting hurt all over again. You’ll have to do it anyway.

There’s no point in holding onto things that keep hurting you. Things that destroy us are not love.

Therefore, you have to let it go to save the only person you can save – yourself.

You have to protect your heart. What you’re missing isn’t him, it’s just your memories of the good days and how it used to be.

The moment we start to think about how things used to be is often the moment we unintentionally admit our defeat.

Reminiscing on the old days is one of the proofs that something in the relationship isn’t right.

We change, and as we get older, we’re less naive. It’s easier to spot toxic patterns when you’re sober from infatuation.

Why would you hold on to someone who’s not worth it – someone who doesn’t appreciate you or understand you?

Why would you hold onto something you know deep inside your heart is not the right thing for you?

Sometimes we’re scared to admit that what we once called love isn’t love after all.

We risked all that we are and ended up losing ourselves for something that wasn’t even real.

It’s time for you to put the thing into perspective. Things that happened to you are not curses. They are not tragedies.

Everything bad that happens to us is a learning experience. If we don’t like where we are, we can move on from it. That includes him.

Progress is never a result of a perfect life. It’s the result of failures, pain, and our willingness to learn from them.

Things that happened to you are pushes in another direction. A better direction.

Every so often, life puts an obstacle before us, just to remind where we’re going.

Look around. Is that what you want? Endless thinking about what would happen if you for once stood up for yourself?

Give yourself a chance. You’re a strong woman, even if that’s not how you think of yourself now.

Letting go is an act of courage. That hope you feel inside yourself that won’t let you let go – save it for yourself.

Stop compromising your worth. Let the doubt go. Trust your gut. Decide to listen to yourself and see what happens.

Admitting the truth to ourselves is always the hardest thing. You have to admit you’re the only person that can save you. And guess what? That means you’re going to make it.

The same passion and determination that made you fight for your relationship will now transform you into the best version of yourself. Just let yourself be who you are.

Open your eyes and see that you’re enough. Avoiding pain and unpleasant emotions isn’t courage; facing them is.

Growing isn’t comfortable because it’s new. It’s something you’re yet to explore. It’s not safe. It’s saying no to fear and stepping into something that will better you.

Stop looking for things you need in all the wrong places when you can find it all in yourself. You’re the one you need.

When you find yourself, that’s when the right person will come. You can’t be completed when you’re lost, and you can’t complete others when there’s no you.

When standing proudly in who you are, that’s when the right person can see you.

Keep yourself, for that’s the most precious thing you have. You’re irreplaceable, unique, and good enough as you are.

Not in a million years will there ever be someone like you. Do the world a favor and treasure yourself.

Make sure nothing stands in your way. What’s keeping you from having what you want is letting go.

Letting go of him. Letting go of expectation. Letting go of doubt.

What brings you closer is deciding the only thing you’re going to fight for is you. Because you deserve nothing less.

Struggles and pain are wake-up calls. Start now, make the best of it, and please:

Let him go; keep yourself.” (Shrijan Shreyaans)